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Neighbourhood Bulletins from the Police Community Beat Officer and Wiltshire Police

Festive Tips from Wiltshire Police – 22/12/2015

This is a message sent via Wiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging. This information has been sent on behalf of Wiltshire Police
(Please do not reply directly to this email, please use the Reply button at the bottom of this message)
Message sent by
Sarah Young (Police, PC – Cyber crime prevention officer, Wiltshire Police)

Good morning everyone,

With the festive season now in full swing and preparations reaching the final stages for the big day, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.

Christmas is a time to celebrate and have fun. But for some it can provide opportunity to take advantage of those who are vulnerable and susceptible to crime. 

For a safe run up to Christmas and the New Year and to avoid becoming a victim of crime follow some of these tips;

At a cashpoint / ATM
If you see someone suspicious hanging around cancel the transaction and use another cashpoint. Consider reporting it.
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Wiltshire Police : Have You Received A Scam Call About Advertising In A Wiltshire Police Magazine?

Message sent by
Lisa Ottaviano (Police, Communications Officer, Wiltshire)

Wiltshire Police has recently been informed about a telephone scam where the caller claims to be from the Wiltshire Police Corporate Communications team and is offering advertisement in an internal magazine called ‘The Beat’. The caller promotes this as a great business opportunity with a cost of £195 for half a page.

THIS IS A SCAM. The call is not from the Wiltshire Police Corporate Communications Team and the internal magazine referred to as ‘The Beat’ does not exist.

If you receive a call from a person claiming to be from Wiltshire Police Corporate Communications team, wanting to talk to you about paid advertising, take as much basic details as possible and contact Wiltshire Police via 101. Ensure that you do not give any personal details, including bank account information or pin numbers, to the caller.

If you have been a victim of this scam, please contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 immediately.

Wiltshire Police : Beware bogus fish sellers!

Message sent by
Mark Jones (Police, Media Officer, Wiltshire)

Operation Arwen is a National Trading Standards Operation targeting the selling of fish door to door by salesmen from the North of England.

Customers find themselves forced into buying a vast amount of fresh fish.  The volumes and the price charged are never discussed.

The victims are often told to enter their card PINs without checking the amount charged.  It is only later that the amounts paid are discovered to be excessive. Continue reading Wiltshire Police : Beware bogus fish sellers!

Wiltshire Police launches its Rural Crime prevention booklet

Message sent by
Katrina Fleet (Police, Communications Officer, Wiltshire)

Wiltshire Police has launched its rural crime prevention booklet. 94% of Wiltshire is classed as rural areas so there is some great information inside that could be relevant to you.

The booklet gives advice on the following topics:

  • Farmhouse and outbuilding security
  • Vehicles, machinery and boundaries
  • Fuel tank and heating oil security
  • Livestock and horse identification and protection
  • Protection of wild animals, poaching and hare coursing

The majority of the photos from the booklet were supplied by members of the public through a photo competition Wiltshire Police held earlier in the year. Please have a read and remember if you see any suspicious activity to ring it in on 101.

Download a copy here (PDF) Rural_watch_booklet_cs6

Neighbourhood Watch Update 10th March 2015

Tidworth, Ludgershall and Rural Update 3rd – 10th March 2015

There has been another report of persons taking a suspicious interest in military installations in the area.
Please let us know about any further incidents, with descriptions of persons and vehicles where possible.

Between 10.00 and 11.00am on Thursday 5th, theft, a Kangoo drill was stolen from a building site.
Between 11.00am and 11.30pm on Thursday 5th, Wylie Road, theft, a pedal cycle was stolen from the communal stairs of a block of flats. It was a Carrera Vulcan, colour silver, with red writing.
Between 27th February and 5.00pm on Thursday 5th March, Bishops Close, criminal damage, offenders damaged the lock on a garage door, no entry gained.
At 6.00pm on Sunday 8th, Pennings Road, commercial premises burglary, two males entered a store; while one distracted staff, the other stole cash from the safe.

Between 5.00pm on Friday 6th and 8.00am on Saturday 7th, Deweys Lane Rec, criminal damage, offenders lit fires on tables leaving scorch marks, and left litter in the form of alcohol containers.

At 10.00pm on Saturday 7th, near the A342, possible hare coursers were seen on the training area.

At 2.30pm Thursday 5th, at a local farm field, criminal damage, offenders in a Subaru Legacy, colour green, drove through fences and across fields, possible hare coursers.

Between 14th February and 6.00pm on Thursday 5th March, theft, heating oil was stolen from a domestic dwelling tank.

If you have any information regarding these or any other incidents, please contact  Wiltshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or e-mail us, your Neighbourhood Policing Team
You can follow your local officer on twitter at wiltspolicetb

Neighbourhood Bulletin : Coordinated response to keep Wiltshire moving

Coordinated response to keep Wiltshire moving

Emergency services, health agencies and local authorities are coordinating their work and resources to keep Wiltshire moving during the current spate adverse weather conditions.

Partners are liaising on a regular basis to make sure public services continue as normal despite difficulties on roads in the county.

Police, ambulance and fire services are operating normally and responding to callouts.

Key main roads are being kept open and are passable with care. But there are roads and pavements that are not regularly treated with salt as a matter of course and people are urged to exercise extreme care
where they can see this is the case.

Health and council services are operating well. Particular attention is being paid to looking after older people and those who may be vulnerable in these conditions.

The councils continue to work hard to keep strategic main roads clear by using snowploughs. Some salting is also taking place.

The councils are also working to bolster supplies of salt to increase reserves.

People can check both Wiltshire and Swindon council websites for details of which roads the authorities are concentrating on keeping clear during the bad weather.

Swindon and Wiltshire councils have said they will help emergency services to reach any location if access is asked for.

Wiltshire Police will continue to issue traffic incident advice for the public and the media on its website

Weather update
More severe weather is likely tonight and over the weekend – and this will include freezing ice conditions as road temperatures drop. This will lead to hazardous conditions on roads and pavements, particularly
where they have not been treated.

Snow levels on Salisbury Plain could lead to flood alerts next week if the snow melts quickly. There could be more water on roads during the day and dangerous ice forming in freezing conditions.

How people can help
* People are urged only to travel if their journey is essential.

* If you do have to travel, exercise extreme care on the roads and pavements because of the hazardous weather conditions. Drive appropriately to the weather conditions.

* You can help to keep road traffic levels down – which in turn helps emergency and other key service providers keep moving.

* Please only call 999 when it is a real emergency.

* If you are using public transport, make sure you check with the service operator (plane, train, bus, coach) before setting out on your journey. Where possible access websites for information updates.

* If possible, try to make alternative arrangements with your employer to work from home during the bad weather.

* Look out for your neighbours – check those around you are keeping well, especially older people and those with disabilities.

* Enjoy the snow responsibly. Make sure you wrap up warm in appropriate clothing. Keep an eye on those you are responsible for to make sure they are also wearing the right clothes.

* Wear good strong footwear – and be aware of the icy conditions.

* If you are playing with snowballs, do so responsibly. If you are sledging, make sure you check the route you will use is safe and free of any potentially dangerous objects.

Neighbourhood Bulletin – Email Identity Scan

I have copied below another type of scam which also leaves you open to identity fraud if you enter your personal details as requested.

As far as emails are concerned, if you don’t recognise the sender, it is best
to delete them unread, and never open attachments from an unknown source.

PC Mark Randle 962
CBM Tidworth Rural

Phone:0845 4087000 extension 744 817/8


Microsoft Identity Scam – example email

Microsoft(r) Award Team/Claims Office
> Microsoft Corporation
#1 Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052.

Dear lucky winner,
This is to inform you that your email has won a consulation prize of the Microsoft Corporation EMAIL DRAW Today.

Your email has won you 590,983 Pounds Sterling in cash.

To claim your prize, please contact your fiduciary agent Barr.Williams Brown Esq
with your Batch #:409978E and Reference No:FL/668530092 and contact him via email/phone Immediately within 24hrs. with the information below;

Barr.Williams Brown
Microsoft Promotion Award Team
Head Winning Claims Dept.
Tel; +44-701-115-1309
Fax: +44-7006-062-478

CERTIFICATE OF PRIZE CLAIM(Receipt Official Notification Letter)
1.Full Name:…………..
3.Marital Status:………………
4.Occupation :…………..`

Our special thanks and gratitude to Bill Gates and his associates.

We wish you the best of luck.Thank you for being part of our promotional award program and commemorative Anniversary Draws.

Nancy Sanch Leiva
Promo Manager.

(c) 2008 MicrosoftContact Us|Terms of Use|Trademarks|Privacy Statement



Neighbourhood Bulletin – Postal/E-Mail Scam

Following my report on the poor soul (quite literally now) who received a letter saying they had won the Spanish Lottery (despite never entering it) then proceeded to send various large sums of money to release the funds, convert it to sterling, pay customs clearance, courier fees etc etc to the tune of £21,000 and has just had another request for £8000 which thankfully has not been paid, I have a couple of variations to warn you about.

The first is similar to the above but initial contact is made via email rather than snail mail and will be loosely based around some lottery win or promotion. There are two of these going around at the moment, but the end result will be the same, so forward them to me for collating.

The second, is in letter form, although I am sure it will also appear on email soon, but will be from some well meaning yet secretive investment consultant/banker/adviser stating he is handling an account for a deceased person(same surname as you) who has an estate of 30 million US dollars and whose only next of kin was killed in the same accident that sadly claimed his client, and not wanting the Government to benefit from the funds, will use his insider knowledge to allow you to be sole beneficiary if you contact him( in strictest confidence of course), after which the usual commisions, release fees, customs fees demands will start, so my advice is the same, do not get involved.

If you have any doubts about any offers you get either by email or letter, I am more than willing to have a look and offer suitable advice. I would rather prevent a crime than have to investigate one so call or email on the usual numbers and I will do what I can to help.

Remember IF IT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE well you should know the rest by now!!!!

PC Mark Randle 962
CBM Tidworth Rural
Phone:0845 4087000 extension 744 817/8

Neighbourhood Bulletin – Collingbourne Kingston Burglary

On the afternoon Wednesday 3rd December 2008, a burglary occurred at a dwelling in Collingbourne Kingston.Car keys were located within the house, and as well as other property, the car, a high value 4×4 was stolen off the drive.
The good news is that the vehicle was spotted, and followed by Hampshire to Luton, where 6 people were arrested and are currently in custody.
Although this is a great result, part of my job is to prevent these offences occurring in the first place so I am getting on my soap box again to give you a few tips to prevent yourselves becoming a victim.
Modern cars can only be stolen in one of two ways, with the keys, or towed away. Long gone are the days where you can “hotwire” a car, so thieves have had to adapt their techniques to acquire keys to vehicles they want to steal.

Whilst burglary to obtain car keys is on the increase, very often, no one has to actually break into your house because a recent survey has shown that most people leave their car keys a few feet from their front door on a hall table or wall hook, and most are visible from the letterbox enabling the bad guys (or gals) to simply fish them through the letterbox!

Go and check where you keys and spares are right now…………………………scary isn’t it?

Anyway simple precautions like using a key safe or hiding your spare keys will prevent this opportunist theft. When you are actually driving the car, if you have to stop anywhere and get out, turn off the engine and take the keys with you. It takes a thief seconds to jump in and disappear with your pride and joy,preferably without causing injury to you, and if it gets burnt out or shipped abroad (the latter would have been the fate of the 4×4 above had Hampshire not been on the ball) the insurance will not pay out as you have not taken reasonable care.Remember the recent case of the Porsche driver who left the keys in his car whilst he paid for fuel? Despite taking the case to the ombudsman he lost his appeal and is £70,000 out of pocket! I doubt he would have left that much cash unattended so why should it be different with a car?
If you do have a special or high value car, it may be worthwhile having a tracking device fitted.This will not only reduce your insurance premium, but dramatically improves the chances of recovering the vehicle should it be stolen. There are several systems available, but all rely on a transmitter being hidden in the vehicle, and this is remotely activated when the car is stolen, which sends a signal to suitably equipped police cars, helicopters and ports.

Finally, when you park your vehicle, always ensure valuables like sat navs, lap tops and DVD players are removed as well as things that look like they may contain valuables e.g., I had a lady leave a rucksack in her car which only contained spare nappies, but the thief didn’t know this until he (or she) had broken the car window scattering glass shards over the interior . The resulting inconvenience of waiting for the window to be repaired, cleaning all the glass and drying out the car after the overnight storm far overshadowed the extra journey into the house with the bag.
If anyone has any specific queries re car crime, I am happy to give advice either by email or on the usual numbers. Thanks,

PC Mark Randle 962
CBM Tidworth Rural
hone:0845 4087000 extension 744 817/8