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SPTA Newsletter – January 2018

Salisbury Plain Training Area Newsletter – January 2018
This Newsletter can be found at the above link

The DIO runs a Twitter account for news and updates on the Salisbury Plain Training Area using the Twitter hashtag #modontheplain. This account now has over 4250 followers. If you’d like to follow us go to: Continue reading SPTA Newsletter – January 2018

Policing Precept 2018/19

<received via email>

Dear Sir or Madam,

I wanted to inform you about the launch of my consultation on the policing precept for 2018/19. I would be grateful if you could share this and make residents aware of opportunities for consultation. The details are set out below or you can access a video of me outlining the proposals at

The policing precept consultation which launches today (2/1/2018) is looking for the views Continue reading Policing Precept 2018/19

Tackling poaching in Wiltshire – new police operation launched

Wiltshire Police Logo

Today we are launching Operation Artemis in a bid to tackle all aspects of poaching across the county.

The public are encouraged to report all incidents of poaching to help build a better intelligence picture and enable our officers to target offenders through rural operations.

The operation will also aim to advise our rural communities how they can best prevent and disrupt poaching activity on their land.

The operation sits under the nationally recognised poaching operation Project Trespass which aims to coordinate action across England and Wales through prevention, intelligence, enforcement and reassurance.

Rural Crime Officer PC Marc Jackson said: “As part of the rural crime partnership we have listened to the concerns of landowners, farmers, game keepers and agricultural workers within Wiltshire.

“We understand the impact poaching has on their livelihoods and the resulting fear of crime that comes from this.

“We want Operation Artemis to reassure our rural communities that we do take poaching seriously, and anybody found to be committing such offences here will be dealt with robustly. Wiltshire is not a soft touch and we will use the full legislation powers that have been given to us as the police.

“The image of poaching has drastically changed over the years. The idea of poachers just taking one for the pot is no longer the case.

“Many of the groups involved are very organised and travel vast distances, across numerous counties to participate in poaching.

“Often poaching involves vast amounts of money through illegal betting and can be connected to other crimes like burglaries, thefts and can involve intimidation and violence towards landowners and gamekeepers.”

Poaching becomes more frequent when the harvests come down at the end of the summer, peaking in October and December. This year harvests have been early so potential poachers can access the fields earlier than usual meaning we are already seeing an increase in poaching in September.

Poaching can take many forms, from hare coursing, shooting deer at night to using catapults to take pheasants.

Police and Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson said: “Wiltshire is a rural county and those living in isolated locations can be vulnerable to crime types that do not affect urban areas.

“It is important that the Force police rural crime as part of its overall policing.

“Rural crime can have a huge impact on local people and businesses. I welcome this new operation and applaud the ongoing work being done by the Rural Crime Team and the Wiltshire Rural Crime Partnership to help keep Wiltshire safe.”

When reporting incidents, call 101 and quote ‘Operation Artemis’. If a crime is in progress call 999.

Everleigh Household Recycling Centre – Closed 23-27th October 2017

Everleigh Household Recycling Centre will be closed from 23 to 27 October for refurbishment as part of the handover to a new contractor. You can take your waste to the Amesbury HRC during this period.

Wiltshire Council is also consulting on its waste strategy for the next ten years. The consultation started today and runs until November.

The council wants to develop a new waste management strategy in order to shape how we collect and manage household waste and recycling in Wiltshire over the next 10 years. We are undertaking a public consultation in order to ensure that our strategy is representative of Wiltshire residents’ opinions on the future delivery of household waste management services.

The new waste management strategy will need to be financially achievable.  It currently costs the council upwards of £30 million per year to manage all of Wiltshire’s household waste and recycling with each household producing an average of 566 kg of non-recycled waste per year.  It is expensive to treat and dispose of non-recycled waste.  In addition, not all recycling has a value; the council has to pay to collect and recycle some materials.  Any income that is generated from recycling goes towards offsetting a small part of the cost of delivering the service

To have your say on recycling and household collections going forward, you can access the survey in the link below.

Continue reading Everleigh Household Recycling Centre – Closed 23-27th October 2017

Salisbury Plain Training Area – September 2017 Newsletter

Salisbury Plain Training Area Newsletter
September 2017
This Newsletter can be found at the above link

The DIO runs a Twitter account for news and updates on the Salisbury Plain Training Area using the Twitter hashtag #modontheplain. This account now has over 4250 followers. If you’d like to follow us go to:


September 2017 Newsletter Continue reading Salisbury Plain Training Area – September 2017 Newsletter

Waste Contracts update from Wiltshire Council

Service: Waste and Environment                              Further Enquiries to:  Tracy Carter             

Date Prepared:   2 August 2017                                 Direct Line:   01225 713258


Following the decision made by Cabinet in January 2016 to award contracts to Hills Waste Solutions for:

  • Lot 2 (management of nine council owned household recycling centres) and
  • Lot 5 (waste collection including the co-mingled collection of dry recyclables with separate glass)

the council was subject to a legal challenge from FCC Environment. Continue reading Waste Contracts update from Wiltshire Council