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A View from Everleigh – March 2021


Denis Bottomley (CD 852731) writes:

Covid-19 continues to dominate the headlines, with the situation constantly evolving.  Village Area Co-ordinators remain in place and alert to the needs of parishioners as required in the face of an uncertain future.  Key Covid-19 information is posted on the village web site at

On Sunday morning,16th May, we intend to walk the parish boundary to commemorate the ancient ceremony of Beating the Bounds of Everleigh Parish.  This is an 8 mile hike and is an enjoyable way to promote both community spirit and fitness. Clearly, this event is subject to the prevailing Covid-19 situation.

A national census takes place Sunday 21st March.  The census is a survey that takes place every 10 years and covers all people and households in England and Wales. All kinds of organisations, from local authorities to charities, use the information to help provide the services we all need, including transport, education and healthcare. A letter will be sent to all households from the Office of National Statistics in early March. The letter will include an access code to complete the census online. A paper copy option is also available.

As notified previously, Wilts Council have agreed speed limit changes on Marlborough Road (MR) in Everleigh as follows:

•           MR South:  From the A342 up to and including Coombe Cottages – Reduce to 40 mph.

•           MR North:  From Coombe Cottages northwards – remains 50mph, and extend this zone

         to the KK tank crossing.

Wilts Council have approved Traffic Regulation Orders and have issued a works order to implement change.  We are hopeful that implementation may be completed in the Spring.

Right of Way (RoW) 6 is a route running south west from the village playground on to the Plain.  It is a restricted byeway and as such it may be used as a footpath and a bridleway and is also open to non motorised vehicles including horse drawn vehicles and push bikes . At this time of year the track becomes very muddy and consequently we are examining options to improve the situation, in conjunction with the Wilts Council RoW officer who visited the site on Tuesday 9th February.

The village playground has been closed since last March due to the Covid-19 situation. We intend to reopen it this Spring and are currently looking at the control measures necessary to achieve this.

Wiltshire Council have a clear procedure for reporting infrastructure faults or issues, such as an inoperative streetlight, fallen trees, pot holes or blocked drains/gullies. There are several reporting options: by phone 0300 456 0105; on line at; or use the MyWilts app on a smart phone. Any resident may report any fault direct; please do not think that this is the sole preserve of the Parish Council. However, if residents need Parish Council support on infrastructure issues then please contact Cllr Kim Wheeler-Mallows Tel: 01264 850303.

Finally, the next Parish Council meeting will take place on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 at 7pm.  This meeting will be held remotely via Zoom, due to the Covid-19 situation. Everyone is welcome to attend. Instructions for joining this meeting will be available from the Parish Council clerk, Mr Phil Gill, at

Guidance on Census Field Operation for Police forces and for Trading Standards

The Office for National Statistics will shortly be carrying out the Census 2021 across England and Wales. Census Day is Sunday 21st March. After this day, in your authority, census officers will be:

knocking on doors following up non-responders  

helping the public with queries  

From 22nd March 2021 our field census officers will be working across England and Wales. We have recruited around 29000 members of staff to carry out home visits.  

All our officers will be carrying official identification cards. The card will have a photograph and the officer’s name. The officers will work through the day to make contact with residents but will not call before 09:00 or after 20:00. 


Any member of the public concerned that the person on their doorstep is not a census officer can call the number on the critical workers letter that the officer can show them. 

Census officers will never ask for any money or bank details at any point during the conversation with respondents. 

Our staff in the field are classed as key workers. The law allows that where there is a lockdown people can leave their home for work if they cannot work from home. As their role cannot be carried out by working from home, they are allowed to carry out the duties of their role. 

The health and safety of the public and the census field force is of the utmost importance to us. Field force routines in Census 2021 have been planned with the health and safety of both the public and field staff front and centre. All our officers will work in a socially distanced way; they will all be wearing PPE and they will not enter anyone’s home. 

The Office for National Statistics has several important studies and surveys continuing alongside the census (more details here). It is, therefore, possible that an address will be visited by staff working on other surveys too.  

If you have any questions about the 2021 census work being carried out in your authority, please phone the Partnership Team on 01329 447434. More information is also available at, or you can email 


Denis Bottomley (CD 852731) writes:

Covid-19 continues to dominate the headlines, with the situation constantly evolving.  Village Area Co-ordinators remain in place and alert to the needs of parishioners as required in the face of an uncertain future.  Key Covid-19 information is posted on the village web site at

Wilts Council have advised against litter picks due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as this is not an essential activity.  Consequently, we have taken an early decision now to cancel our litter pick planned for Saturday 6th March. The situation will be reviewed again later in the Spring. Our Autumn litter pick remains scheduled for Saturday 23rd October.

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Census 2021 – Your questions answered

Hi Town and Parish Clerks, please find this PDF which answers a lot of common questions for your parishioners in regard to the Census.

My request is that you forward this to your mailing lists, and ideally post it to your websites and share via your social media as well. 

Many of you are doing that already, and it is fantastic to see the materials and messaging across City, town and village social media and websites, however there are gaps, and there are town councils that are still not sharing any materials about the Census. 

The Census drives decisions at national & local government levels , the higher our participation in Wiltshire, the better represented we are in terms of decisions about investment in our county. 

Thank you for all of your help and participation. 

Jonny Corbett

Census Engagement Manager| Wiltshire

Office for National Statistics

Everleigh Parish Council – 5th January 2021 Meeting Minutes



Chairman:     Cllr D Bottomley

Present:           Cllr K Wheeler-Mallows, Cllr P Evans, Cllr H Waight and Cllr A Earle.

In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Parish Clerk), Wilts Cllr I Blair-Pilling, Wilts Cllr C Williams and Mr T Martin (Potential Co-Optee) and one Member of the Public.

1.         Explanation and Welcome.  The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained that on 4th April 2020 the Government introduced The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 which allows local councils to meet remotely.  These regulations apply to meetings held before 7th May 2021. A copy of the Regulations is available from the Clerk. The Chairman also highlighted that an Everleigh Parish Council protocol for the conduct of remote meetings was issued on 1st May 2020 and summarized the key points from this protocol.

2.         Apologies:       None

3.         Disclosure of Interest.  None declared.

4.         Co-option.  The Clerk reported that an expression of interest to join the Parish Council had been received from Mr T Martin after the Agenda had been issued and after he had been resident in Everleigh since mid December. As a result, Cllrs RESOLVED to defer consideration of any application until the next PC meeting.  However, the Chairman invited Mr T Martin to introduce himself.                                       Action:  Clerk

5.         Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 27 October 2020. 

5.1       Previous Minutes.  The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

27 October 2020 were agreed and Cllrs RESOLVED that the minutes were to be signed by the Chairman as a true record as soon as possible after the meeting. 

Action:  Chairman & Clerk

5.2       Matters Arising.

Item 11.4 The Street Notice Board has been repaired for which the Chairman congratulated Cllr Earle, and Parish Walk Leaflets have been posted on the notice boards.  Item closed.

6.         General Public.  No questions asked.               

7.         Wilts Council Cllr Report.  Wilts Cllr Blair-Pilling reported the following: due to the upsurge in COVID -19 cases and the latest restrictions Wilts Council has moved out of recovery mode and back into response mode.  He encouraged all Cllrs to join the Wilts Council live half-hour COVID-19 Public Update which is scheduled for Wednesday 6 January at 7pm. 

Cllrs noted the report and asked a number of questions for clarity. 

8.         Police Report.  PC Dugan reported the following by email: 

8.1       October.

            8.1.1    Vehicle Offences – Everleigh and Netheravon – 3 reports.

            8.1.2    Burglary – Non-Dwelling Everleigh and Netheravon – report.

            8.1.3    Public Order – Everleigh and Netheravon – 1 report.

8.2       November:

8.2.1    Throughout the area crime rates in October 2020 have been compared to that of last year’s rates in 2019 and results are as follows;

Overall crime down 16%

Violent Crime down 19%

Violence with injury down 52%

Burglary down 45%

8.2.2 Violence against the person – Everleigh – 1 Report.

            8.3       December. 

8.3.1    Assault/Violence against the person. There have been 15 reported assaults for the month of December. These incidents can be domestic violence or offences outside of the home. Due to the nature of the incidents- individual details will not be shared.

Cllrs noted the report

9.         Correspondence.  None that has not been previously circulated.

10.       Forecast of Events. Having considered the draft forecast of events previously circulated on 18 December 2020 Cllrs RESOLVED to adopt the forecast of events as drafted.

11.       Planning. 

11.1 No applications received.

12.       Property. 

12.1 Grass Cutting.  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that the invoice for the 2020 cutting season has been paid.  He has yet to confirm the grass cutting contract for the 2021 cutting season; however, he anticipates that the costs will be similar to 2020.                                                                                                                 Action.  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.

12.2    Play Area.  The play area remains closed, but is secure.   Cllr Bottomley reported that based on information he had gathered from a number of sources he intended to draft a plan to implement the safe reopening of the play area.  To this end he volunteered to conduct a risk assessment and present a draft reopening plan at the March PC meeting with a view to opening the play area in the Spring or on call, with due regard to the COVID-19 situation.                                                                                  Action:  Cllr Bottomley.

12.3   Streetscene Minor WorksLiaison with the Parish Steward continues and

all identified works have been reported via the My Wilts App.

                                                                                    Action: Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.

12.4   Bench Seat.  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that gravel had been laid out around the tree and that he was to start construction of the bench in the near future.

                                                                                    Action:  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.

12.5   Lower Everleigh Bus Shelter.  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that the Lower

Everleigh Bus Shelter was in a poor state of repair and needs to be repaired or removed and

that the local residents appear to be ambivalent regarding repair or removal.  After

discussion Cllrs RESOLVED that the bus shelter should not be removed at this time

and Cllr Wheeler- Mallows was to investigate and report back at the next PC meeting.              Action:  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.

12.6 Defibrillator.  Cllr Earle reported that the village defibrillator by The Street noticeboard is in working order and monthly checks are being conducted and reported.

13.       Finance.

13.1    The Clerk presented a bank reconciliation and current liquidity statement as follows:

            13.1.1   Balance at Lloyds CA (statement date 1 Dec 20) £5,321.35

13.1.2   Reconciled Balance as at 4 Jan 20 £4353.30

Cllrs noted the statements, but had no comment at this time.

13.2     Authorise the following payments and those cheques issued since last meeting.

13.2.1 686 A Earle (Cork Sheet 30 Oct 20) £43.49 (VAT £7.25)

13.2.2 687 P Gill (Lexis Nexis 4 Nov 20) £60.00

13.2.3 DD ICO Registration (30 Oct 20) £35.00

13.2,4 BACS J Bowen (Grass Cutting 26 Nov 20) £545.00

13.2.5 688 P Gill (Print Cartridges 15 Dec 20) £22.99 (VAT £3.83)

13.2.6 689 P Gill (Clerk’s Salary & Expense Jan- Mar 20 – 21 Dec 20) £320.06

13.2.7 690 HMRC (Clerk’s PAYE Jan-Mar 21 – 21 dec 20) £80.00.

Cllrs RESOLVED to authorise the payments and cheques.

13.3     Receipts. Nil.

13.4     Bank Signatories.  Having considered the number of Cllrs required to be bank accounts signatories Cllrs RESOLVED that Cllrs Bottomley, Wheeler-Mallows, Cllr P Evans and H Waight were to be the bank signatories. Action:  Clerk

13.5.    FY 21/22.  Having considered in some depth the draft budget presented by Cllr Bottomley and the Clerk Cllrs RESOLVED to accept the budget as presented and as a result further RESOLVED to set the precept for FY 21-22 at £3688.71.  This is an increase of 1.83% (£0.73) for Band D.   Action: Clerk

13.6     Future Projects. Following on from the discussions at item 13.5 Cllrs RESOLVED that there was a requirement to develop a more formal process to identify future projects and their timelines and that this is to be an agenda item at the March Meeting.                                              Action:  Clerk

14.     Lower Everleigh Broadband Build.  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that the build was on going. Wilts Council have indicated that improved broadband for Lower Everleigh should be in place by the end of March this year. Cllrs RESOLVED that this item need not appear on the agenda of the next meeting.                                 

                                                                                   Action:  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows & Clerk

  15.     Village Events.

15.1 Litter Pick Sat 6 Mar 21.  Cllr Bottomley reported that at present the litter pick is to take place in its usual format as planned subject to the then current COVID-19 situation.

                                                                                                Action:  Cllr Bottomley

16.     Marlborough Road Speed Limit.  Cllr Bottomley recapped on the background to this item and reported no change to his last report in that he anticipates that implementation can be completed within the current financial year.  However, he is due to attend a CATG meeting on 11th January after which he will circulate an update by email.   Action: Cllr Bottomley.

17.       Right of Way (RoW) 6.  Cllr Earle reported that a number of villagers had commented to him on the deteriorating condition of RoW 6 at the top of the StreetCllr Bottomley reported that he had confirmed that RoW 6 is a Restricted Byway and as such horses are allowed to use it.  Having considered the condition of the RoW 6 Cllrs RESOLVED that Cllr Earle was to contact the Wilts Council RoW officer (Alex Howson) to find out what could be done to protect the RoW and once he had done so Cllrs were to meet on site to discuss the situation.                                                    Action:  Cllr Earle

18.   Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 7.00 pm on Tuesday 2 March 2021.

Meeting closed at 8.25pm

Signed:                                                                                     date:



Everleigh Parish Council – 5th Jan 2021 Agenda


Dear Sir/Madam

I hereby give you notice that the next Meeting of the above named Parish Council will be held remotely (VIA ZOOM) on 5 January 2021 at 7.00pm.

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving upon the business to be transacted at the meeting as set out hereunder. Councillors should join the meeting at least 5 minutes before the meeting is due to start.

Members of the Public or Press who wish to attend this meeting should use the following Meeting ID and Passcode to join the meeting: – Meeting ID: 868 7338 5360: Passcode: 4quhjA.  Moreover, it would be appreciated if attendees could notify the Clerk at at least 48 hours before the meeting.

Members of the Public who wish to ask questions regarding items on the agenda are to notify the Clerk in writing at at least 48 hours before the meeting. 

Dated this 29th Day of December 2021.

Signed:             Philip Gill



  1.  Explanation.  To explain why the meeting is being held remotely and protocols for the meeting.
  • To Record any Apologies for Absence.
  • Declaration of Interest in Items on the Agenda and Granting of Dispensations To receive any Declarations of Interest on any agenda item to be discussed and to consider dispensation requests.
  • Co-option.  To consider co-option applications as received.
  •  Minutes of Previous Meetings. 
    • To confirm and signthe minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 27 October 2020.
    •  Matters Arising.
  • General Public.  To take questions.
  • County Cllr Report.  To consider report from County Cllr
  • Police Report.  To consider report.
  • .   To consider as received.
  1. Forecast of Events.  To consider the Village Forecast of Events for 2021.  Lead: Cllr Bottomley.
  1. PlanningTo considerthe Planning Applications as received from Wiltshire County.


12.  Property.  To receive a report and consider any necessary action

12.1 Grass Cutting.  To receive update and to consider contract for cutting season 2021. Lead: Cllr    Wheeler-Mallows.

12.2 Play Area.  To receive update. Lead: Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.

             12.3 Street Scene Minor Works.  To receive update. Lead: Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.

12.4 Bench Seat.  To consider the construction of a bench seat in Everleigh Centre.  Lead:  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows

13. Finance:

13.1 To receive Current Liquidity statement and bank reconciliation. 

13.2 To authorise cheques for payment and those cheques issued since last meeting.

13.2.1 686 A Earle (Cork Sheet 30 Oct 20) £43.49 (VAT £7.25)

13.2.2 687 P Gill (Lexis Nexis 4 Nov 20) £60.00

13.2.3 DD ICO Registration (30 Oct 20) £35.00

13.2,4 BACS J Bowen (Grass Cutting 26 Nov 20) £545.00

13.2.5 688 P Gill (Print Cartridges 15 Dec 20) £22.99 (VAT £3.83)

13.2.6 689 P Gill (Clerk’s Salary & Expense Jan- Mar 20 – 21 Dec 20) £320.06

13.2.7 690 HMRC (Clerk’s PAYE Jan-Mar 21 – 21 dec 20) £80.00  

13.3 To note receipts.

13.4 Bank Signatories.  To confirm bank accounts signatories.

13.5. FY 21/22.  To consider draft budget and set Precept for FY 21/22.  Lead:  Cllr Bottomley

14. Lower Everleigh Broadband Build.  To receive update. Lead: Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.

15. Village Events.

15.1 Litter Pick Sat 6 Mar 21.  To confirm date and to consider outline plan for the Litter Pick

event. Lead: Cllr Bottomley.

16.  A342 & Marlborough Road Speed Limits.  To receive an update on the Speed Limit Review implementation on Marlborough Road.  Lead: Cllr Bottomley.

17.  Right of Way (RoW) 6.  To consider the condition of the track.  Lead:  Cllr Earle

18. Date of Future Meetings. To confirm the date of next meeting as Tuesday 2 March 2021.

Note:  Members are reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions:  Crime & Disorder, Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and any disability), Freedom of Information, Health & Safety and Human Rights.

Wiltshire News : 23rd December Update

View this email in your browser 23 December 2020 Wiltshire remains in Tier 2: High alert

Following today’s Government announcement (23 December) Wiltshire remains in Tier 2: High alert.

All of the areas around Wiltshire will be in Tiers 3 or 4 from 00.01am on Saturday 26 December (Boxing Day). Please do not travel to these areas.

Keep playing your part by following the Tier 2 restrictions, stay local and shop local to protect our local population. Full list of Tier 2 restrictions The latest Government advice on Christmas

Wiltshire remains in Tier 2 which means you can form a Christmas bubble with two other households on Christmas Day only.

Please remember: You can only be in one Christmas bubble Your Christmas bubble should not include people from more than three households Do not form a Christmas bubble with anyone from a Tier 4 area Stay local and do not travel to higher Tier areas Only see your bubble on Christmas Day. Do not stay overnight. Meet outdoors where possible Ensure indoor spaces get as much fresh air as possible Make space between members of different households wherever you can  Wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds You must not visit another household if you, or anyone in your household, is feeling unwell or self-isolating. Keeping your Christmas bubble as small as possible and keeping celebrations shorter than usual can help stop the spread of Covid-19. Where possible, you should stay local and avoid travelling outside of your local area, meaning your village or town.

We know this news would have come as a big disappointment to many of you who were looking forward to seeing some more family and friends over the Christmas period. However, it’s vital we follow the guidance and continue playing our part to keep the virus under control here in Wiltshire. Hopefully next year we can all have a merrier Christmas. Read more Sadly, Wiltshire COVID-19 cases have risen sharply in the last week, so please keep playing your part to keep each other safe. Christmas and New Year waste and recycling changes Waste and recycling collection dates will change over Christmas and New Year. There will be no collections on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.
There will be catch-up collections on Saturday 2 January and Saturday 9 January 2021.

Garden waste collections will stop for two weeks over this period. The last collections will take place on Thursday 24 December and they will restart on Saturday 9 January 2021.

All collections, including garden waste, return to normal from Monday 11 January 2021.

All household recycling centres will be closed from 1pm on 24 December and all day on 25 and 26 December and 1 January. Other than on these dates, the centres will open as normal on their specified opening days. Please remember to book a slot online before visiting a household recycling centre. Check your collection dates Our services at Christmas

The opening times of our facilities and services will vary over Christmas and New Year.

On Christmas Eve, many council services will be closed. All services and facilities will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Full list of opening times of our hubs and services Our Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub remains in place for those who may need additional support.

You can call the hub on 0300 003 4576 or email 
It’s open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Those who require help with tasks such as picking up food and other essentials, should ask friends or family or order online. If they do not have family, friends or a support network that can help, please contact the Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub and request help. Need some mental health support? Below are all the numbers you’ll need.  North Team – 01249 468500 South Team – 01722432555 West Team – 01249 706611 Emergency Duty Service for out of hours and weekends – 0300 456 0100 (Option 7 then ​1 for Adults) 0300 303 1320 – Avon & Wilts mental health care provider (24/7) 0808 196 3382 – NHS ‘GoodSam’ 01380 724833 – Richmond Fellowship Mon-Fri 24 hours Check the opening times Government grant to help people stay safe, keep warm, and fed this winter

We have been awarded over £1 million from the Government’s £170 million national COVID Winter Grant Scheme, to help ensure as many vulnerable people as possible in the county are warm and fed this winter.

The aim of the scheme is to give vulnerable households peace of mind in the run up to Christmas and over the winter months during the pandemic by helping those who need it to have food on the table and other essentials, such as heat and electric, to ensure they are warm and safe.
People eligible for a grant will be identified by the relevant organisation responsible for distributing the different elements of the grant scheme. Read more Merry Christmas

Finally, we would like to say a huge Merry Christmas to you all from all of us at Wiltshire Council.

2020 has been a very challenging and tough year and we really appreciate all the support and patience that you’ve shown in following the guidance we’ve put out in relation to COVID-19.

Throughout this difficult period it’s been heartwarming to see the whole county come together and make sacrifices, in order to keep one another safe.

Have a lovely Christmas break and we will see you all in 2021. High Alert Tier: Wash hands regularly, wear face coverings and make space Want to change how you receive these emails?
You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list.


Christmas Waste & Recycling Dates

Garden waste collections will stop for two weeks over this period. The last collections will take place on Thursday 24 December and they will restart on Saturday 9 January 2021, for those households that were due a collection on Friday 8 January.

All collections, including garden waste, return to normal from Monday 11 January 2021.

Only Amesbury, Marlborough, Melksham, Purton will be open from 10am-1pm on 24 December. All household recycling centres will be closed from 1pm on 24 December and all day on 25 and 26 December and 1 January. Other than on these dates, the centres will open as normal on their specified opening days. People will need to book a slot online before visiting a household recycling centre.

Bridget Wayman, Wiltshire Council Cabinet Member for Waste, said; “This has been a difficult year for our collection crews who kept working throughout both lockdowns and I would like to thank them for their dedication in keeping the collection service running.

“The Christmas and New Year period is a very busy time for our waste contractors, with lots more waste and recycling to collect than normal. The team will work tirelessly to collect all the recycling and waste generated and to get collections back to their normal schedule by Monday 11 January.

“This Christmas we would like everyone to recycle as much as they can including wrapping paper which scrunches into a ball and doesn’t bounce back*, cardboard packaging, plastic sweet tubs, mince pie foil cases, drink cans, glass bottles and Christmas cards without glitter or plastic decorations can all be recycled. Local charity shops may be happy to receive donations of any unwanted Christmas presents.”

Additional recyclable material such as cans, cardboard and paper can be placed in suitable alternative containers alongside your bin.  Flatten cardboard and wash and squash plastic bottles and cartons and put their lids back on as this will help make more room in your blue-lidded bin. 

It’s really important that people do not place batteries or electrical items into any of their bins as these have caused fires in the collection vehicles and at waste facilities.

People who pay to have their garden waste collected can put their real Christmas tree out alongside their garden waste bin on their first collection day in January so that we can collect it for composting, or they can support local charities by paying a small donation for a charity to collect. This is done via the Just Helping scheme at

For information about local recycling centres, recycling Christmas trees, collection days and advice on how to reduce waste and recycle as much as possible during the festive period visit

*The scrunch test is when you try to squeeze paper into a ball and it doesn’t stay scrunched – this indicates that it contains other materials as well as paper which means we cannot collect it for recycling.

Police Appeal – 2 car collision near Collingbourne Ducis

Wiltshire Police Logo

We’re appealing for witnesses after a man died, and two further people were hospitalised, after a two-car collision near Collingbourne Ducis last night (16/12).

The driver of a Nissan X Trail – a man, from Poole – was taken to Southampton Hospital, with serious, life-threatening injuries, where he sadly died. Our thoughts are with his family, who are being supported by specially-trained officers, at this time.

A passenger in the same car, a 56-year-old man from Salisbury, was also taken to Southampton Hospital, by air ambulance, after suffering a suspected heart attack at the scene. He remains in hospital.

The driver of a Ford Ranger, a man in his 50s, from Salisbury, was taken to Salisbury District Hospital with minor injuries.We’re appealing for anyone who was in the area, especially those who may have dash cam footage, when the collision happened around 6.15pm on the A338 between Collingbourne Ducis and Collingbourne Kingston, to get in touch.

We believe a driver of a HGV was just ahead of the collision, who may be unaware of the incident that unfolded, and could be a key witness to our investigation.

The road was closed while emergency services attended the scene. It remained closed until 4.30am while collision investigators assessed the scene and the road was made safe and clear of debris.

Anyone who may have witnessed the collision, who hasn’t already spoken to police, is asked to call 101 and quote log 218 of yesterday.