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Everleigh Parish Council 8th Jan 2019 – Minutes


 Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held

at Collingbourne Ducis School on 8 January 2019

Chairman:      Cllr D Bottomley

Present:           Cllr M Burton, Cllr J Jones, Cllr K Wheeler-Mallows, and Cllr A Earle

In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Parish Clerk)

  1. Apologies.  Cllr T Symonds Cllr E Hudson and Wilts Cllr I Blair-Pilling
  • Disclosure of Interest.  None declared.
  • Minutes of the Previous Meeting.  The minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 23rd October 2018 after one minor amendment were signed by the Chairman as a true record.
  • Matters Arising.  
    •  Item 4.1 Footpath Strimming.  This was added to the list of tasks for the Play Ground Works Party on Sat 13 Apr 19.
  • General Public.  No questions asked.
  • Wilts Constabulary.  PCSO George sent a report by email a summary of which follows: 

Ludgershall & Ludgershall Rural Report – December 2018

Target Patrols December 2018

On 9th November additional patrols commenced in the Tidworth/Ludgershall area following incidents of violence and concerns around drug use. To date 102 patrols/actions have taken place. The patrol continues at this time.

Local Crimes


Ludgershall.  11/12/2018 16:12- Unknown suspect(s) have entered the location via a kitchen window. An untidy search has been carried out and an Ipad has been stolen.  A jewellery box was also found on the floor.


Tidworth Tesco.  18/12/2018. –  Unknown suspects have gone into the store and taken dolls amounting to the price of £270. The suspects have put them into the trolley, covered them with cardboard and walked out of the store without making any attempt to pay.  The suspects put the items into their vehicle and drove away

Ludgershall.  12/12/2018 – Unknown suspect(S) have smashed the reporting persons husbands works van window with an unknown object and stolen his site radio TVO £140

Ludgershall.  12/12/2018 08:44 –  Unknown person has smashed driver’s side small window and taken a number  of items. , Sat Nav Garmin, E Pod and headphones TVO £150.00 plus the I Pod


Ludgershall.  10/12/2018 10:28 -Unknown suspect(s) have caused damage to a large window at the front of the restaurant; this has caused a huge crack to appear.

Ludgershall.  12/12/2018 08:44-  Unknown suspect has smashed driver side window of vehicle by unknown means then unlocked the door. No signs of search.  No items stolen.


Everleigh.  16/12/2018 10:53 Fencing on farm land has been cut and vehicle driven across land. Suspects reported to have been hare coursing.

The Chairman thanked PCSO George for his report.

  • County Councillor.  Due to the absence of Wilts Cllr Blair-Piling no report was offered. 
  • Correspondence.  None that has not been previously circulated.
  • Planning.  To consider application as received from Wilts Council.

9.1 None received.

  1. Property. 
    1. Grass Cutting.  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that Mr J Bowen has agreed to cut the grass 6 times in 2019 at a cost of £75.00 per cut.   After discussion Cllrs RESOLVED to authorise Cllr Wheeler -Mallows to approve a further two cuts if required.    Action:  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.
    1. Play Area.  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that other than remedial action that is to be carried out by a Works Party on Sat 13 Apr 19 the rest of the play area is in good order.                                                                                                                           Action:  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.
    1. Streetscene Minor Works.  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that the village was in good order generally.  He had however raised the issue of mud running off the MOD land onto the road at lower Everleigh with Wilts Council and that he will monitor the response.  He further reported that two of the Winter Road Salt Bins had been replenished and that the third would be replenished in the very near future.                                                                                              Action: Cllrs Wheeler-Mallows.
    1. Village Gates.  Cllr Earle reported that the roses had been purchased under budget, planted and were showing signs of growth.
    1. Defibrillator.  Cllr Wheeler- Mallows reported that Mr M Goldsmithhad taken down and tested the defibrillators the results of which showed that two new Paddles were required and that some damage had occurred due the intense sunlight and high temperatures experienced during last summer.  After discussion Cllrs resolved that Cllr Wheeler- Mallows was to purchase two new Paddles at a cost not to exceed £80.00 + VAT and to find a new location for the Defibrillator or to construct a cover  that would  protect the defibrillator in its current location.   

                                                                                                Action:  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows

  1. Finance.
    1. The Clerk presented a bank reconciliation and current liquidity statement as follows:
      1. Balance at Lloyds TSB CA (statement 1 Nov 18) £4449.10
      1. Reconciled Balance as at 4 Jan 19  £4218.72

Members noted the statements but had no comment at this time.

  1. Authorise cheques for payment and those issued since last meeting
    1. 632 D Bottomley (Water Boiler 24 Oct 18) £119.98 (VAT 19.99)
    1. 633 J Jones (Bonfire “TEN” 14 Sep 18) £21.00
    1. 634 J Jones Bonfire Catering Eqpt 25 Oct 18) £159.56 (VAT (26.60)
    1. DD (ICO Registration 30 Oct 18) £35.00
    1. 635 A Earle (roses for Village Entrances 23 Nov 18) £245.69 (VAT £14.05)
    1. 636 J Jones (Bonfire Food 2 Nov 18) £77.80 (VAT £3.49)
    1. 637 E Hudson (Carol Service Items 14 Dec 18) £35.31 (VAT £2.16)
    1. 638 P Gill (Clerk’s Salary & Expenses Oct-Dec 18) £303.48
    1. 639  HMRC (Clerk’s PAYE Oct – Dec 18) £ 76.00

Cllrs RESOLVED to authorise the cheques.

  1. Note payments received.
    1. £507.90.
    1. Bank Signatories.  Having considered the Santander Bank signatories Cllrs RESOLVED that Cllrs Bottomley, Jones, Hudson, Symonds and Wheeler- Mallows be the bank signatories.                                                                                                          Action:  Clerk.
  2. Village Events.
  1. Bonfire/Fireworks Night Sat 3 Nov.  Cllr Jones reported that the bonfire and fireworks night had been a roaring success with an attendance of over 150 including some friends from neighbouring villages.  The Chairman thanked Cllr Jones, other Cllrs and village volunteers for their efforts and unstinting goodwill in making the event such a success.  He also drew attention to the wonderful team spirit that was shown during the no notice re-positioning of the marquee.  There then followed a discussion regarding the growth of the event during which it became clear that in order for the event to continue there  may be a need for some more village volunteers to assist the Cllrs with the setting up and dismantling of the Bonfire/Fireworks.  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows agreed to find ways to consult with the villagers in order to gauge the possible level of other volunteers prepared to assist with the event.  As a result Cllrs deferred a decision on the continuation of the event until its May meeting and that the event should continue to have a line in the FY 19/20 budget for the time being. .

                                                                        Action:  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows & Clerk

  1. Remembrance Sunday 11 Nov 18.  Cllr Bottomley reported that the Village had linked up with neighbours from the Collingbournes to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.  Turnout was high, to give thanks and to remember those who served their country during the Great War.
    1. Carol Service and Mince Pies Sat 8 Dec.  Cllr Bottomley reported that the carol service and mince pies event had been an excellent event and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended.  However, the attendance was lower than in previous years.  The Chairman remarked on the superb decoration of the Church by the Ladies of Everleigh, the singing of the carols and the children’s readings. He then thanked Cllr Hudson and all involved for their efforts. 
  1.  Forecast of Events.  Having considered thepreviously circulated draft 2019 Forecast of Events Cllrs RESOLVED to amend the date of the July Council Meeting from Tue 9 Jul to Mon 8 Jul 19. 

                                                                                                                               Action:  Clerk

  1. A342 & Marlborough Road Speed Limits.  Cllr Bottomley briefed Cllrs on the situation to date and tabled a set of papers for consideration by the Cllrs.  After consideration of the papers and an in depth discussion of the way forward Cllrs RESOLVED that Cllr Bottomley was to present a case at the next CATG meeting on Mon 14 Jan 19 to have the speed limits on A342 and Marlborough Road reviewed with the intention of having them reduced from 50 MPH down to 40 MPH and that the Council would be prepared to contribute to the cost of this review if required.             Action:  Cllr Bottomley.
  1. FY 19-20.  Having considered in some depth the draft budget presented by Cllr Bottomley and the Clerk the Cllrs RESOLVED to accept the budget as presented and as a result further RESOLVED to set the precept for FY 19-20 at £3673.86.  This is an increase of 2.17%(£0.83) for Band D properties which is below the Retail Price Index measure for September 2018 (2.3%) which is the figure normally used in accordance with normal Government practice.         Action: Clerk
  1. Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Tuesday 12 March 2019 at 7.00pm in Collingbourne Ducis School.

The meeting closed at 8.30pm

Signed:                                                                                     date:

Name:                                                                                      Chairman

Collingbourne Chute and Everleigh Link Good Neighbour Scheme AGM



TUESDAY 2nd APRIL 2019 at 2 pm

Collingbourne Kingston Village Hall

The Chairman and Trustees of the Collingbournes Chute and Everleigh Link Good Neighbour Scheme invite you to join us at Collingbourne Kingston Village Hall for the Annual General Meeting.

As usual this will be a public meeting open to everyone, so take the opportunity to find out how YOUR Link Scheme is working. Come and meet the Committee and ask any questions you may have – for example how the Scheme is funded, how it is performing and whether we have enough volunteer drivers. Please do come along and join  in the discussion.

Pat Lincoln

Honorary Secretary

Everleigh Parish Council – 8th January 2019 – Agenda

Dear Sir/Madam

I hereby give you notice that the next Meeting of the above named Parish Council will be held in Collingbourne Ducis School on Tuesday 8 January 2019 at 7.00pm.

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving upon the business to be transacted at the meeting as set out hereunder.

The public and press are invited to attend.

 Datedthis 31st day of December 2018.

Signed: Philip Gill


Continue reading Everleigh Parish Council – 8th January 2019 – Agenda

Wiltshire Council Parish Newsletter – December 2018

The latest Parish Newsletter from Wiltshire Council is available here


Parish Newsletter – w/c 10 December 2018

Dedicated team to help rough sleepers ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

A dedicated team who help rough sleepers change their lives around have played a big part in reducing the numbers of people living on Wiltshire’s streets.

The Outreach Workers are part of a wider initiative by Wiltshire Council to work closely with those sleeping on the streets.

Tackling Rough sleeping is a priority for Wiltshire Council which wants to provide appropriate support to improve health and wellbeing.

In the last couple of years there had been an increase in the number of rough sleepers with a range of overlapping and multiple disadvantages, such as addiction, poor physical and mental health and offending histories.

In 2018 the council bid for funds from the national Rough Sleepers Initiative and was granted £312,245 for 2018/19 and £305,491 for 2019/20.

The money has been used to:

  •   recruit a Rough Sleeper Team with five outreach workers, one of whom has a mental health specialism, and a rough sleeper prevention officer
  •   provide eight- bed winter accommodation in Trowbridge which includes overnight support, due to open in December
  •   offer six high level support bed spaces for long-term rough sleepers with complex needs
  •   provide 10 beds at Alabare Place, Salisbury, and 10 winter spaces at Unity House in Chippenham, and eight severe weather provision places
  •   fund 15 private lets for rough sleepers and £10,000 for personal budget requests to help unlock barriers in securing accommodation

Following our recent rough sleeper estimate carried out in November, 22 Rough Sleepers were recorded compared to 31 the same time last year.

Awards ceremony for Healthy Schools Programme ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Twelve schools which have recently achieved Wiltshire Healthy Schools status were recognised at a special event on Thursday 6 December at County Hall.

At the event, schools were presented with a special plaque marking their achievements.

The programme recognises schools that have provided evidence to show how their provision supports the health and wellbeing of their pupils.

Schools can work towards bronze, silver or gold levels to achieve Wiltshire Healthy Schools status. To be recognised they need to meet a range of standards based on local and national priorities.

Currently 91 schools have Wiltshire Healthy Schools at bronze, silver or gold level. A total of 144 schools are taking part to achieve the award.

The multiagency group granting the awards includes Wiltshire Police, school health nurses, school representatives and Wiltshire & Swindon Sports Partnership. The council and agencies support the schools as they work towards the standards.

The local programme supports schools and provides information on key actions that can be taken as well as providing training. The progress of schools is monitored, including the positive impact on the health behaviours of young people.

Further information about our Healthy Schools Programme can be found at

Mid-December deadline for interest in the development of two Gypsy and Traveller sites ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Parties interested in taking over two Gypsy and Traveller sites in Wiltshire to provide much needed redevelopment for residents have until 14 December to put forward expressions of interest.

Dairy House Bridge and Oak Tree Field in Salisbury need major investment to renovate old buildings and amenities and address problems with drainage.

This July Wiltshire Council agreed to an option that reflected the approach taken by other councils, including Somerset, Bucks and Hampshire, to sell the sites to new owners that can invest to improve conditions and take on current residents’ rental arrangements.

The decision taken at cabinet follows extensive consultation with site residents, in a survey and face-to-face meetings.

The expressions of interest will close on 14 December. The informal tender pack will be available from 21 December and the deadline for informal tenders will be 1 February 2019. Only those parties who have submitted an EOI will be allowed to submit a formal tender.

Interested people can contact Colin Scragg of Carter Jonas, email (01225 747268).

Cardboard Christmas Tree Challenge ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Families are getting into the festive spirit this year with Wiltshire Council’s Cardboard Christmas Tree Challenge at children’s centres and libraries across Wiltshire.

The cardboard trees have arrived at the children’s centres and libraries taking part and children and their families will get creative in a bid to create a colourful and unique tree even the elves would be proud of.

All children and their families are welcome to either of the sessions (booking is required for one session and all adults must be accompanied by a child):

  •   Thursday 13 December 10am-11am – The Rise Frogwell Children’s Centre
  •   Saturday 15 December 10am-11am – Trowbridge Library Christmas Hullabaloo (booking required – £1.50 per child)

To book for the Christmas Hullabaloo at Trowbridge Library, contact the library on 01225 716700. There will also be a festive fancy dress competition with a prize for the best home-made outfit and the chance to meet Santa and receive a gift.

The trees will go on display at County Hall in the library, Trowbridge, on 15 December for everyone to enjoy. People can vote for their favourite tree on the council’s Facebook page or by using voting slips at reception.

The winning entry will receive a special prize and a gold certificate. Certificates will also be presented to runners-up.

The winner will be declared on 20 December.

Waste collection days to change over Christmas and new year

Visit our website to view collection days for the festive period and find out about recycling your tree for those subscribed to garden waste collections.

Come and enjoy a magical winter wonderland in Salisbury!

Salisbury’s popular Christmas market and all-weather ice rink winter wonderland experience is now open.

The Christmas market transforms the Guildhall Square with its authentic German market style chalets and festive events. This year there is even more to enjoy with the addition of an all- weather ice rink where skaters can enjoy the real ice whatever the weather.

Both the market and the ice rink are open until Sunday 6 January 2019.

This year’s Christmas offer has been delivered by Wiltshire Council working with Salisbury City Council, Visit Wiltshire and Salisbury BID.

There are 44 Christmas chalets, in both the Guildhall Square and Queen Street, offering a great selection of artisan goods and tasty street food. This year, for the first time, there is also a festive double decker bus bar.

A programme of festive events for all ages is on offer at the rink from a Christmas jumper skating day on 14 December to Skate with Santa sessions from 22 December to Christmas Eve. The rink is also available for private hire and group bookings.

For information and to book online visit

Ice rink themed events

Skate with Santa

  •   Saturday 22 December 2018 10am/11am/3pm/4pm
  •   Sunday 23 December 2018 10am/11am/3pm/4pm
  •   Monday 24 December 2018 10am/11am

80’s DJ Night over 18’s only
 Wednesday 19 December 6pm/7pm

Xmas Party Night over 18’s only
 Wednesday 12 December 6pm/7pm

Wear your Christmas Jumper Day Offer available all day

 Wear your Christmas jumper to skate and save £1 off a mulled wine or bratwurst, Friday 14 December

What’s on ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

If you would like to promote an event in your area to staff and the wider public why not use the events calendaron our website. You can find the link to the calendar on the home page under “What’s on”.
Check what else is on at Wiltshire Music Centre in Bradford on Avon: and City Hall in Salisbury:

Quick links ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Area Board information-
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Roadworks –
Tree wardens for Wiltshire –
What’son in Wiltshire- What’sonatCityHall
A blog for Wiltshire’s arts community-

The latest news from the council is available on the full newslisting pages of the website

SPTA – December 2018 Newsletter

Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) newsletter: December 2018

Salisbury Plain Training Area Newsletter December 2018
This Newsletter can be found at the above link

The DIO runs a Twitter account for news and updates on the Salisbury Plain Training Area using the Twitter hashtag #modontheplain. This account now has over 6000 followers. If you’d like to follow us go to:

December 2018 Newsletter

December will be a quiet month. There are infantry trials taking place between 1-14 December on west and centre of SPTA and 2 reconnaissance courses finishing on 19 December. Firing finishes in the centre on 14 December with all training finished from 21 December when the range closes for the Christmas break and reopens on 7 January 2019.

Please report all concerns to the Complaints Help Desk on 01980 620819 in the first instance.

 There are two recent Defence Infrastructure Organisation blogs that relate to keeping safe whilst legallyusing the Military Lands on Salisbury Plain, please take the time to read them – the links can be found below:

Monthly firing calendar for Dec 2018 (subject to change)

  1. Artillery live firing days from areas 6, 7 and 8 (east of Chitterne): Nil
  2. Artillery live firing days on Salisbury plain (east) (north of Bulford & west of Tidworth): Nil
  3. Late firing days on Larkhill/Westdown danger area (north of Larkhill): 04, 06, 08, 11, 13
  4. Non-firing days on Larkhill/Westdown danger area:
    01, 02, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31
  5. Non-firing days on Bulford fixed firing ranges:
    01, 02, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31

6. Late firing days on Imber ranges, areas 1, 2, 3, 4 (east of Warminster) 01

Note: Live firing in Areas 1,2,3 & 4 on weekend 01 & 02 December. Byelaw Governance Antisocial Behaviour

Parish members are encouraged to report all illegal activity on Salisbury plain to the Wiltshire Police. Ifserious crime is experienced 999 should be dialled, and for all other reports including: illegal off-roading,illegal motor biking, drone use, poaching, hare coursing, petty theft, camping on MoD land, kite flyingplease call 101 and list the call as ‘antisocial behaviour’ and a byelaw violation. Once reported pleaseinform range control on the Plainwatch number: 01980 674700 or email


Access to SPTA is regulated by Salisbury Plain Military Lands, Bulford, Larkhill and Imber Range Byelaws. Always comply with local signs and flags. Rights of way in Range Danger Areas are closed when red flags are flying.
This newsletter is published up to 6 weeks before the event and changes may occur. Access timings for the next week can be found on the SPTA Walks Line: (01980) 674763.

Imber Ranges. The public are excluded at all times, except when the roads are specifically opened. Planned opening dates for 2018 are as follows

Event Open Closed

Christmas 1800hrs Thur 27 Dec 18 0800hrs Wed 02 Jan 19

A leaflet on public access to Imber is available online and should be read in advance of any visit: data/file/435909/Imber A5 Leaflet- final Online version.pdf

Note. Dates may change if operational training needs dictate.

What Can You Do To Reduce Crime On Salisbury Plain?

There has been an increase of thefts from motor vehicles that have been left unattended on the training area. Owners are reminded not to leave valuables in plain sight. If any crime is taking place call 999, (or 101) and do not under any circumstances challenge the offenders.

Health and Safety reminder for ALL Military Training Areas and Ranges:

  • Do not touch or tamper with Military debris.
  • Wash your hands before you eat.
  • Clean your footwear before you enter your car or home. ROAD SAFETY – TANK CROSSINGS During the Autumn and Winter months tank crossings can become muddy from military and agricultural vehicles, and become a significant hazard to drivers. T
  • The MoD do as much as possible to ensure tank crossings are free from mud and debris, but on occasion some affected areas are missed. Headquarters SalisburyPlain Training Area encourage members of the public to report mud on crossings to the enquiries line on 01980674700 or call the Landmarc National Service Centre on 08000223334.



8. Subject to the provisions of these byelaws and when the Military Lands are not being used for themilitary purposes for which they are appropriated, the public may use the Military Lands for
recreational purposes.

This means that members of the public are only permitted to use SalisburyPlain Training Area when the military are not present, and subject to the Byelaws of the area.

Chris Shears
Major (Training Safety Officer) for
Senior Training Safety Officer Salisbury Plain Training Area

Everleigh Recycling Centre Closed but legal advice being sought

Following on from the closure of Everleigh ousehold Recycling Centre on Tuesday 6th November, the Gazette & Herald reports

Everleigh recycling centre closed on Tuesday after cabinet members ruled that it is the least used service in the county and so could not justify running and maintenance costs.

Despite 1300 residents objecting to its closure, the council said low visitor numbers and £100k annual running costs meant it must shut. During consultation the Pewsey Community Area Partnership sought legal advice and now, following its conclusion, is set to investigate how the council came to the decision to close the recycling centre.

Colin Gale, of the Pewsey Community Area Partnership, said: “PCAP, Pewsey Parish Council and the Campaign to Protect Rural England remain deeply concerned at the decision taken by Cabinet on October 9 to close Everleigh HRC and the announcement at the end of last week that this will take place on November 6.

“PCAP sought legal advice after the consultation about Everleigh began in June this year, and for legal reasons, were subsequently advised to defer further consideration of this matter until the Council’s decision was known, at which point both the consultation and decision making processes could be examined further.

Read the full article on the Gazette and Herald website

The Great War in Wiltshire Conference

The Great War in Wiltshire Conference
Saturday December 1st, Tidworth Garrison Theatre, 9.30am – 5pm
Organised by Wiltshire Museum and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation.

Proceeds from the Conference will support Breaking Ground Heritage – created by veterans to assist in the recovery of other veterans and serving personnel using heritage as a pathway. Continue reading The Great War in Wiltshire Conference

Centenary of Armistice Commemoration 1918-2018

Centenary of Armistice



Honouring their memory

You are invited to Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall on 11th November 2018 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the signing of the WW1 armistice.

Programme of activities

13.45:  Laying of wreath, war memorial, Ducis Village Green.

14.00:  Planting of memorial walnut tree, Unveiling of plaque.

Parish Council Chairs.

14.20:  School choir; songs of 1918, (Emma Jeffries).

14.45:  Punch and Judy show, (Alix Booth).

15.10:  Traditional 1918 tea party: tea, squash, cake, biscuits. Sandwiches – corned beef, cucumber, jam, egg, fish paste and cheese.

15.40:  Singalong 1918 style, (Christina Ankin).

16.00:  Anthem of a doomed youth, Wilfred Owen.

Roll of Honour. The fallen from our villages: Parish Council Chairs.

REQUIEM for A SOLDIER: (Christina Ankin).

16.15:  Prayer of commemoration. (Rev Jo Reid).

An exhibition of WW1 artefacts will be on view for the afternoon.