Everleigh Recycling Centre Closed but legal advice being sought

Following on from the closure of Everleigh ousehold Recycling Centre on Tuesday 6th November, the Gazette & Herald reports

Everleigh recycling centre closed on Tuesday after cabinet members ruled that it is the least used service in the county and so could not justify running and maintenance costs.

Despite 1300 residents objecting to its closure, the council said low visitor numbers and £100k annual running costs meant it must shut. During consultation the Pewsey Community Area Partnership sought legal advice and now, following its conclusion, is set to investigate how the council came to the decision to close the recycling centre.

Colin Gale, of the Pewsey Community Area Partnership, said: “PCAP, Pewsey Parish Council and the Campaign to Protect Rural England remain deeply concerned at the decision taken by Cabinet on October 9 to close Everleigh HRC and the announcement at the end of last week that this will take place on November 6.

“PCAP sought legal advice after the consultation about Everleigh began in June this year, and for legal reasons, were subsequently advised to defer further consideration of this matter until the Council’s decision was known, at which point both the consultation and decision making processes could be examined further.

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