Minutes of the Annual meeting of the Everleigh Parish Council 2015


 Minutes of the Annual meeting of the Parish Council held at Collingbourne Ducis School on Monday 11th May 2015

 Chairman:       Cllr S Matton (Retiring Chairman)

Present:          Cllr D Bottomley, Cllr K Wheeler-Mallows, Cllr J Jones, Cllr K Preece and Cllr E Hudson.

In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Parish Clerk)

  1. Election of officers:

1.1.      Chairman: There being no other nominations Cllr Bottomley was proposed.

Members RESOLVED to elect Cllr Bottomley as Chairman who then signed the Acceptance of Office.

1.2.      Vice Chairman: There being no other nominations Cllr Preece was proposed.

Members RESOLVED to elect Cllr Preece as Vice Chairman.


  1. Apologies: Cllr T Symonds


  1. Disclosure of Interest. Declaration of Interest in Items on the Agenda and Granting of Dispensations.   None declared


  1. Allocation of Appointments.

4.1.       Planning Committee:

4.1.1     Members.   Cllrs Matton, Jones and Preece to be Members of the Planning Committee.

4.1.2     Chairman.   Cllr Matton to be Chairman of the Planning Committee.

4.2.       Property Committee:

4.2.1     Members. Cllrs Wheeler-Mallows, Symonds and Hudson to be Members of the Property Committee

4.2.2     Chairman.   Cllr Wheeler-Mallows to be Chairman of the Property Committee.

4.3       Cllr Matton & Jones to form WW1 Commemorative Working Group.

4.4       Cllr Bottomley to be the Representative to Tidworth Area Board.

4.5       Cllr Matton to be the Representative to Tidworth Community Area Partnership.

4.6       Cllrs Matton & Preece to be the Representative to The Courier magazine.

4.7       Cllr Bottomley be the in charge of the grass cutting of Playground.

4.8       Cllr Wheeler-Mallows to be the Representative to NHW Scheme.

4.9       Cllr Wheeler-Mallows to be the Representative to the Wiltshire County Streetcene.

4.10 Cllr Symonds to be the Representative to the Tidworth Time Credits Scheme.

Members RESOLVED to allocate the appointments at items 4.1-4.10 above.


  1. General Public. No questions asked.


  1. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 9th March 2015. The minutes of the Parish council Meeting held on 19th March 2014 signed by the Chairman as a true record.


  1. Matters Arising.

7.1       Item 10.3.   Lawn Mower. A lawn Mower has been purchased at cost of £ 295 inc VAT.

7.2       Item 12.2.1 WW1 Commemorative Stone.   Cllr Wheeler-Mallows confirmed that both the proposed locations were owned by Wiltshire Council.

Item 13. Cllr Matton sent details of the Time Credit Scheme to Cllr Symonds who is requested to look into the gaining of Time Credits for those non-Cllr individuals who have helped out on work parties.                                              Action: Cllr Symonds


  1. Correspondence. None that has not been circulated.


  1. Planning.  

9.1       No planning applications considered.

  1. Property.
    •  Grass Cutting. Cllr Matton reported that J Bowen was content to continue with the contract however Members RESOLVED that a meeting was required to confirm the detail of the verbal contract.

Action: Cllrs Matton & Wheeler-Mallows.

  • Streetscene minor Works. Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that the reported work was getting done within financial constraints. He agreed to follow up on the outstanding works.

Action Cllr Wheeler- Mallows.


  • Playground RoSPA Inspection. Cllr Bottomley briefed Members on the work outstanding from the RoSPA report of Sep 14. He informed Members that the new play equipment was in place and that the next annual RoSPA inspection was due in Sep 15. He then sought Members views on whether to have a full RoSPA inspection now or to have Cllr Wheeler-Mallows conduct an inspection and report back to the Members.

Having considered having a full RoSPA inspection of the new play equipment Members RESOLVED to wait until Sep 15 and that Cllr Wheeler-Mallows was to conduct an inspection and report back to the Members via email by Fri 25 May 15.

Action: Cllr wheeler-Mallows.


  1. Finance.
  • The Clerk presented a bank reconciliation and current liquidity statement as follows:
    • Balance at Lloyds TSB CA (statement date 31 Mar 15) £1162.64
    • Balance at Lloyds TSB BIAA (statement date 31 Mar 15) £51.73
    • Balance at Santander (statement date 1 May 15) £1,953.83
    • Current Balance reflecting items 11.7& 11.8 = £7324.41

Members noted the statements but had no comment at this time.

  • Having reviewed the effectiveness of the internal audit in line with the guidance set out in the “Practitioners’ Guide” and the subsequent report submitted by the Internal Auditor the Members RESOLVED that the internal audit was effective and to accept the Internal Auditor’s report and Section 4 of the Annual Return.            
  • Having considered the Accounting Statements to 31st March 2015 Members RESOLVED to approve the Accounts.
  • Having reviewed the risk assessment and insurance levels for FY 15/16 and agreed that they were appropriate Member RESOLVED that they were appropriate.
  • Having considered the Annual Governance Statement for year ended 31st March 2015 Members RESOLVED to approve the statement.
  • Having considered appointing an Internal Auditor for FY 15/16 Members RESOLVED to appoint Mr D Beaton.
  • Authorise cheques for payment and those cheques issued since last meeting or presented for payment.
    • 477 – D Bottomley £326.38 (£54.40 recoverable VAT). (Reimbursement for fuel 10 Apr 15, Timbercare 6 Apr 15, and Lawn Mower 8 Apr 15.)
    • 478 – Community 1st (Insurance) £624.34. (27 Apr 15)
    • 479 – Community 1st (Summer Party Insurance) £44.10 27 (27 Apr 15
    • 480 – WALC (Annual Subs) £76.21 (VAT 12.70) (15 Apr 15)

Members RESOLVED to authorise the cheques

  • Major Payments Received
    • Precept – £3429.69
    • Precept Grant – £61.60
    • VAT Reclaim – £1647.95

Members noted receipt of the payments

  • Having considered the list of authorised Bank Signatories Members RESOLVED that Cllr Preece be added to the list of signatories on the Santander Account and that Cllr Goldsmith be removed.                                                
  • Having reviewed the previously circulated Standing Orders Members RESOLVED that the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations remained appropriate.
  • Having reviewed the previously circulated Financial Regulations Members RESOLVED that the draft Financial Regulations were appropriate.


    • Covered at item 10.2.


  1. Village Events.
    • Beating of the Bounds 10 May. Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that it was a good event and was thoroughly enjoyed by those who took part. Members agreed that it might become an annual event but no decision was made.
    • Summer Party.  Cllr Bottomley tabled the latest version of the Planning Checklist and Management Plan which after consideration by the Members resulted in some minor amendments and a requirement for a revised Special Events Application to be submitted to the insurer. Members agreed the details of a letter drop for the event and Members RESOLVED that the Planning Checklist and Management Plan form the outline plan for the event.

Action: Cllr Bottomley to submit revised Special Events Application.

  • WWI Commemorations. Cllrs Matton and Jones briefed Members that Wilshire Concrete had agreed to donate a suitable Commemorative Stone for which they are thanked. Members also discussed the estimated costs of the plaque and engraving which come in well under budget. However, transportation and emplacement costs have yet to be confirmed. Cllr Matton agreed to take a photograph of the proposed location, the stone and to pass them to Wilts Cllr Howard with details of the size and material specification in order that he can take the matter forward within Wilts Council.

Action: Cllr Matton and Jones.


  1. Forecast of Events. Cllr Bottomley briefed Members on the 4th draft as at 11 may 15 which Members agreed other than to move the September PC meeting to 14 September.


  1. Everleigh & Ducis Show. Cllr Matton informed Members that the show would not be run this year however there may be a Church Fete instead.


  1. Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 7.00 pm on Monday 6 July 2015 at Collingbourne Ducis School.


Meeting closed at 9.30pm



Signed:                                                                                      date: