Possible disruption to waste collection services

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Service: Waste Management
Date prepared: 3 March 2022
Contact: martin.litherland@wiltshire.gov.uk

Service: Waste Management
Date prepared: 3 March 2022
Contact: martin.litherland@wiltshire.gov.uk

We wanted to update you on possible disruption to our waste services from 7 March, as a
result of planned industrial action by some workers by Hills Municipal Collections.

At this stage, GMB Union has confirmed that industrial action will take place from 7 March
for two weeks. Although the previous planned industrial action planned for 28 February was
suspended, Hills have now received confirmation from the GMB union that the latest pay
offer has been rejected and that the industrial action will now take place from 7 March, and
we are planning for that eventuality with the contractor. The number of union members who
are likely to strike has been reduced following UNISON members accepting the pay deal.

The industrial action is out of our control and in the meantime, we are working with Hills
Municipal Collections to mitigate disruption as quickly as possible.
We are advising residents to put their bins out on their collection day by 7am and should
they not be collected for any reason then we will arrange to collect them the following day
where possible.

This is a fluid situation, but our main aim is to ensure that if for any reason our schedule
slips, that we get back on track as soon as possible.

Despite this possible disruption caused by this, we are very pleased to say that our new
waste round collections, which began on 28 February, have gone incredibly smoothly so far
with very few issues reported. This gives us confidence that should any timings slip then we
will catch up quickly.

If there are any significant disruptions to services we are asking residents to visit the
council’s waste pages for updates Waste and recycling service changes – FAQs – Wiltshire
Council or to keep an eye on our Twitter feed – https://twitter.com/wiltscouncil.

If you’re made aware of anyone not sure when their collection day is, please point them in
the direction of the Waste collection calendar – Wiltshire Council.
Many thanks for your support, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in