DEVS 2011 and 2012 – Important Meeting Thu 13 Oct 2011

Dear All,
For those who have read their October copy of the Courier will know that a meeting is planned for next week to address this year’s and, more importantly, next year’s DEVS. For those who haven’t, please read articles on pages 16 and 25 of the Courier.

The meeting is in the CD Village Hall at 8pm on Thu 13 Oct.

The meeting is important as it concerns the future of DEVSs and is an opportunity for all Stallholders as well as the Committee and anyone else who is interested, to decide on the future of the Village Show.

The purpose of the meeting is:

Receive stallholders’ views and comments on DEVS 2011
Consider ideas for DEVS 2012 (Find out what people want: Donkey Derby again? Military Band(s)? Dog Show? New Stalls? New Sideshows? Different theme? Different type of show?)
Find a new Chairman – review chairman’s tasks and spread responsibilities
Fix date for DEVS 2012 (schools return on Mon 3 Sep 12)

This meeting is not limited to recipients of this email but friends, neighbours and anyone else who is interested in keeping DEVS going and contributing is most welcome to attend and should be encouraged to do so.

I look forward to seeing you next Thursday,

Robert East

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