Everleigh Household Recycling Centre – 8th Jan 2016 and the mystical survey

You may have heard the rumours circulating on Social Media that Wiltshire Council was running a survey at Everleigh Household Recycling Centre on Friday 8th Jan 2016 between 10-12pm.

When we got there at 11:40, traffic was queuing out of the gate and shortly before 12 the gates were shut for a while before two cars drove off (obviously the survey people, which does beg the question, two cars for  two people –  what is wrong with car sharing or parking outside the facility to allow more cars on site?)

Now it seems there is very limited availability/visibility of this survey (as in I can’t find it on line & I’ve not seen a paper copy) but here are the questions that were being asked apparently

Wiltshire Council Household Recycling Survey 1 Wiltshire Council Household Recycling Survey - Part 2

If you have not raised your concerns, it is worth dropping an email or making a call to wasteandrecycling@wiltshire.gov.uk or ring 0300 456 0102as well as voicing your concerns to your local Parish Council.

It would be worth sending a copy of your email/comments to Cllr Toby Sturgis, Wiltshire Council cabinet member for Strategic Planning, Property, Waste and Strategic Housing toby.sturgis@wiltshire.gov.uk

Hope this helps


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