Everleigh Household Recycling Centre – Update from meeting on 21st December 2015

Councillors Denis Bottomley and Kim Wheeler-Mallows represented Everleigh Parish Council at the extraordinary public meeting last Monday evening (21 Dec 15) to debate the recycling centres situation in Wiltshire. Feedback:

Wilts Council need to make budget cuts from FY 16-17 onwards, including on recycle centres.
Wilts Council have tabled a proposal to close the Everleigh Recycle Centre primarily on the basis that it sits at the bottom of the league table of the 11 recycle centres in the county.
Saving: £135K, although £60K of this would be reallocated to the other 10 recycle centres to allow them to be open an extra hour, ie opening at 9am rather than 10am each day 5 days a week.
After presentations and open forum, conclusions:

There was much support from the audience for retention of the Everleigh Recycle Centre.
An increase in fly tipping which may follow the closure of the Everleigh Recycle Centre was a major public concern.

A counter proposal from the floor to keep the Everleigh Recycle Centre open for at least 2 days a week was floated.
No decisions were made.
We await further developments.
Denis Bottomley

Chairman, Everleigh Parish Council

An article was published in the Gazette and Herald regarding the meeting, which is available here and Castledown Radio has interviews with some of the people at the meeting here