Salisbury Plain Training Area – July 2011



Fly tipping on Salisbury Plain cost a Westbury builder nearly £2,500!

See Western Daily press and the Warminster Journal for details.


1 – 17 July sees exercises by the 1 LANCS battle group, a squadron of armoured engineers and a 3 YORKS armoured infantry company equipped with Warrior.  Royal Netherlands Marine Corps Mortar and Anti Tank Companies mounted in BV 206 light tracked vehicles will conduct live firing in the first week of July with 120mm mortars and Gill Strike anti tank missiles.


18 – 22 July sees three Land Warfare Centre armoured exercises SABRES THRUST, BADGERS STRESS and FINAL STRIKE moving across the Plain over four days.  At the same time the largest Royal School of Artillery exercise of the year CROSSED CANNONS will deploy into the Centre and East as the culmination of four courses live firing with 105mm L118 Light Guns and 155mm AS90.


23 July to 24 August.  Germany based 20 Armoured Brigade conduct their pre-Afghanistan exercise (PASHTUN DAWN) with 6100 troops and 300+ armoured vehicles plus jets, transport aircraft and helicopters. Convoys in excess of 80 vehicles may cause delays on tank crossings.


In the interests of public safety permissory use of the Military Lands for recreational purposes is suspended from 24 July to 22 August 2011.  The public are requested to avoid areas where troops are training and to keep to rights of way on the Plain.   There will be no access to Larkhill Artillery Ranges and permissive stone tracks in the Copehill Down area (Tilshead, Chitterne & Shrewton triangle) will be closed to the public.

Firing Noise. Firing is closely managed to ensure that legal noise limits are not exceeded and disturbance is minimised.  Although some may find the noise intrusive, it is well below legal limits.


Late Firing on Larkhill & Westdown Ranges: 5th, 7th, 12th, 14th, 19th, 21st, 26th, 28th, 30th.

AS90 Firing from Salisbury Plain East: 19th July.

AS90 Firing from Salisbury Plain West &

Tilshead, Chitterne, Shrewton triangle 21st July.


Complaints about Firing Noise should be made to (01980) 620819.

Military Flying. Helicopters, Hercules (C130) and fast jets may be active at any time.  Fox Covert & Everleigh Dropping Zones will be active throughout.


Complaints about low flying should be made to 0207 218 6020 or e-mail



Access to Salisbury Plain is regulated by Salisbury Plain Military Lands and Bulford, Larkhill and Imber Range Byelaws.  This Newsletter is published up to 6 weeks before the event and urgent training bids may come in subsequently.  Always comply with local signs and flags.


Access timings can be found on the SPTA Walks Line:  (01980) 67 4763.


Bulford Ranges. Public rights of way through Bulford Ranges are closed when red flags are flying.  No firing is planned for: 9th to 31st July Inclusive.


Larkhill Ranges. Public rights of way through Larkhill Ranges are closed when red flags are flying.  No firing is planned for: 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd July.


Note. In the event of range fires access may be denied to some areas due to the risk of unexploded ordnance “cooking off”.

Imber. Difficult terrain and unexploded military debris makes it hazardous to leave the tarmac roads.  The public are excluded from Imber Ranges except when the roads are opened to reduce journey times across Imber Ranges.  It is planned to open roads through Imber as follows:


1. 27, 28 & 29 August. Bank Holiday Weekend.

2. September 3 – 4. Access to St Giles’ Church to celebrate St Giles’ Day.

3. 12 – 13 November.                        Remembrance Day.

4. 17 December – 2 January 2012. Christmas and New Year break.



  1. Even when the roads are open the village remains out of bounds to the public.
  2. These dates may change if operational training needs dictate.


Upcoming Major Exercises. During the following major exercises access will be restricted on Larkhill Ranges and in the Chitterne – Shrewton – Tilshead Triangle north of the B390.


24 Jul              –          22 Aug            Ex PASHTUN DAWN

26 Sep            –          30 Sep                        Ex LIONSTRIKE

13 Nov            –          27 Nov            Ex WESSEX THUNDER

Offences Causing Most Trouble to Users of SPTA. Currently the greatest problems are:

a.                  Illegal “Off Roading” by 4WD and motor cycles i.e. not on metalled roads or byways, or without Road Tax, MOT or Insurance.  Three motor cycles were seized in April!

b.                  Criminal damage.

c.                  Fly tipping.

d.                  Theft of and from vehicles and theft of metal.

e.                  Poaching (including hare coursing).


What You Can Do to Reduce Crime. Please report suspicious activity to PLAINWATCH (01980 674700). The more information received the better e.g. time, place, vehicle registration, description of individuals and vehicles. If a crime is taking place call 999 and do not challenge the offenders.


Dog Fouling. For those who object to removing faeces, please “Google” Toxicara Canis.

We have no funds for “dog bins”.  In large quantities faeces are hazardous waste but small amounts can be placed in any rubbish bin if “bagged”.  All we ask is that:


a.                  Dog walkers stay away from military training.

b.                  Owners pick up faeces, bag them, take them home and put them in their own bin.


Salisbury Plain Maps. The latest maps of Salisbury Plain are Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 Explorer Series: Salisbury & Stonehenge (Sheet 130) 2009: Warminster & Trowbridge (Sheet 143) 2010.





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