Everleigh Parish Council – Annual Meeting Minutes 8th May 2017



 Minutes of the Annual meeting of the Parish Council held

at Collingbourne Ducis School on Monday 8th May 2017


Chairman:     Cllr D Bottomley

Present:           Cllr E Hudson, Cllr K Wheeler-Mallows, and Cllr M Burton.

In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Parish Clerk)

  1. Election of Officers:


1.1.      Chairman:  Those Cllrs present having signed their Declarations of Acceptance of Office and there being no other nominations Cllr Bottomley was proposed.

Members RESOLVED to elect Cllr Bottomley as Chairman who then signed the Acceptance of Office.  


1.2.      Vice Chairman:  There being no other nominations Cllr Wheeler-Mallows was proposed.

Members RESOLVED to elect Cllr Wheeler-Mallows as Vice Chairman.


  1. Apologies: Cllr T Symonds and Cllr J Jones.


  1. Disclosure of Interest. Cllr M Burton declared an interest in item 9.1 planning application 17/02960/FUL.


  1. Allocation of Appointments.


4.1.      Planning Committee:


4.1.1    Members.  Cllrs Bottomley, Cllrs Jones, Wheeler-Mallows and Cllr

Burton to be Members of the Planning Committee.


4.1.2    Chairman.  Cllr Bottomley to be Chairman of the Planning Committee.


4.2.      Property Committee:


4.2.1    Members.  Cllrs Wheeler-Mallows, Symonds and Hudson to be Members of the Property Committee.


4.2.2    Chairman.  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows to be Chairman of the Property Committee.


4.3       Cllr Bottomley to be the Representative to Tidworth Area Board.

4.4       Cllr Bottomley to be the Representative to Tidworth Community Area Partnership.

4.5       Cllr Bottomley to be the Representative to The Courier magazine.

4.6       Cllr Bottomley to be in charge of the grass cutting of Playground.

4.7       Cllr Wheeler-Mallows to be the Representative to NHW Scheme.

4.8       Cllr Wheeler-Mallows to be the Representative to the Wiltshire County Streetcene.

Members RESOLVED to allocate the appointments at items 4.1-4.8 above.


  1. General Public. No questions asked.


  1. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 13th March 2017. The minutes of the Parish council Meeting held on 13th March 2017 signed by the Chairman as a true record.




  1. Matters Arising.


7.1       Item 12.4.  Auto Enrolment.  Cllr Hudson confirmed that everything is now up to date and the Parish Clerk has elected not to enrol.  The next important dates are 1 Oct 17 when a compliance report is to be submitted and mid 2020 when a 3 year review of the scheme is to be conducted.


7.2       Item 12.5.  Santander Account.  Cllr Bottomley has been to the local Santander Branch and closed the account with the funds to be transferred to the Council’s Lloyds Bank current account.


7.3       Item 14.  Tidworth Community Awards.  Cllr Bottomley  reported that the Council had nominated ex Cllr S Matton and ex Wilts Cllr C Howard both of whom were given awards.  Item closed


 7.4      Item 15.  Forecast of Events.  Cllr Bottomley issued the 5th draft.


  1. Correspondence. None that has been previously circulated.


  1. Planning.


9.1  17/02060/FUL.  Removal of existing rear lean-to extension & erection of a single storey rear extension at The Old Stables, Everleigh.  Having previously considered this   application the Members RESOLVED that that this planning application was not contentious, in keeping with the local environment and therefore supported it.

                                                                                                            Action: Clerk


  1. Property.


  •   Grass Cutting.  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that J Bowen has cut the grass twice as per the contract.  Members agreed that in July Cllr Wheeler-Mallows was to review the number of cuts required for the remainder of the cutting season.

Action:  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.

  • Play Area Development Project. Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that there had been a very successful work party on Saturday 22nd April 2017 and that the only outstanding task was for him mend the post on the far gate.  He also reported that Goal Posts had been purchased and erected.

Action:  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.

  • Streetscene Minor Works. Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that the Parish Steward had been given a list of priorities and agreed that he would add the cleaning of road signs to that list.                                                          Action Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.


  1. Finance.


  • The Clerk presented a bank reconciliation and current liquidity statement as follows:
    • Balance at Lloyds TSB CA (statement date 1 Apr 17) £2623.57
    • Balance at Lloyds TSB BIAA (statement date 1 Apr 17) £0.00
    • Balance at Santander (statement date 5 May 17 £1,967.34
    • Combined Balance at 1 May 17 £33
    • Reconciled Balance as at 8 May 17 £7540.34

Members noted the statements but had no comment at this time.


  • Having reviewed the effectiveness of the internal audit in line with the guidance set out in the “Practitioners’ Guide” and the subsequent report submitted by the Internal Auditor the Members RESOLVED that the internal audit was effective and to accept the Internal Auditor’s report and  Section 4 of the Annual Return.


  • Having considered the Annual Governance Statement for year ended 31st March 2017 Members RESOLVED to approve the statement.
  • Having considered the Accounting Statements to 31st March 2017 Members RESOLVED to approve the Accounts and to congratulate the Clerk in his keeping of the accounts.


  • Having reviewed the risk assessment and insurance levels for FY 17/18 and agreed that they were appropriate Member RESOLVED that they were appropriate.


  • Having considered appointing an Internal Auditor for FY 17/18 Members RESOLVED to appoint Mr D Beaton.


  • Authorise cheques for payment and those cheques issued since last meeting or presented for payment.

11.7.1  563 E Hudson (NetWorld Sports goalposts 21 Mar 17) £125.93 (VAT                      £20.99)

11.7.2  564 Collingbourne Ducis PC (Correction of accounting error at RV 22)                     £255.00

11.7.3  565  WALC (Annual Subs 1 Apr 17) £84.55 (VAT £14.09)

11.7.4  566  Courier ( Flyer printing 1 Apr 17) £20.72 (VAT 2.57)

11.7.5  567  E Hudson (Paint Items 10 Apr 17) £20.32

11.7.6  569  Roses Ltd (Fireworks 14 Apr 17)  £600.00 (VAT £100.00)

11.7.7  571 D Bottomley (Print Cartridges 15 Apr 17) £44-00 (VAT TBC)

11.7.8  572 P Gill (Clerk’s Salary & Expenses 8 May 17) £297.65

11.7.9  573 HMRC (Clerk’s PAYE 8 May 17) £74.40


  • Note payments Received

11.8.1  Mr &Mrs Cann £255.00 (Received in error at RV 22)

11.8.2  VAT Reclaim – £642.64

11.8.3  Precept – £3448.01

                        Members noted receipt of the payments.


  • Having considered the list of authorised Bank Signatories Members RESOLVED that Cllrs Bottomley, Hudson, Jones, Wheeler-Mallows and Symonds be the authorised Bank Signatories.


  • Having reviewed the previously circulated Standing Orders Members RESOLVED that the Standing Orders remained appropriate.


  • Having reviewed the previously circulated Financial Regulations Members RESOLVED that the Financial Regulations were appropriate.


  • Section 137 Expenditure: Limit for 2016/2017.  Members noted that The Department for Communities    and Local Government has confirmed that the appropriate sum for parish councils for the purposes           of section 137(4)(a) of the Local Government Act 1972 (“the 1972”) for 2017 -2018 is £7.57.  This is the amount that results from increasing the amount for 2016-17 (£7.42) by 2% – the percentage increase in the retail index between September 2015 and September 2016, in accordance with Schedule 12B to the 1972 Act.


  • Everleigh 13 Right Of Way Footpath. Having considered the condition of Everleigh 13 Right Of Way Footpath and the action required to reinstate it, to include the purchase of a new stile, Cllrs RESOLVED to authorise the cost of the reinstatement at a cost not to exceed £150.0.00 ex VAT.                               Action Cllr Symonds


  1. Village Events.


12.1     Walk the Parish Boundary Sat 13 May.  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that all was in hand and the flyer, risk assessment and route map were distributed to Cllrs.  Cllrs Wheeler-Mallows and Bottomley agreed to conduct a final route confirmation recce by NLT Fri 12 May.                              Action:  Cllrs Wheeler- Mallows & Bottomley.



12.2     Church Fete/Tea Party Sat 17 Jun. Cllr Bottomley confirmed that the event was to be village led with Cllrs supporting the event as villagers and not Cllrs. The lead for this event is Mr & Mrs Robert East.


12.3     Summer Party Sat 15 Jul.  Cllr Bottomley tabled a draft planning check list, draft flyer and a draft management plan.  After discussion Members RESOLVED to accept the planning check list and the flyer.                                        Action: Cllr Bottomley


  1. Trees Junction West View/The Street. Cllr Bottomley informed Cllrs that  the Wilts Council Tree and Woodland Officer,  Mr Richard Murphy, had  looked at the trees in question and had reported by email that the trees did not present an imminent danger to people or properties and the threat posed by the trees is long term; therefore Wilts  Council were not able to act further. The trees remain the responsibility of the person or organisation who owns the land upon which the trees are growing and as such they owe a duty of care to their neighbours and others who may be affected by the trees.  Cllrs RESOLVED to take no further action at this time.


  1. Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 7.00 pm on Monday 10th July 2017 at Collingbourne Ducis School.


Meeting closed at 9.05pm



Signed:                                                                                     date: