Ludgershall & Rural Report April 2017

Hello and welcome to this Community Policing Team report.

Over the last month Wiltshire Police has been running a survey, collecting feedback about the Community Policing Team model. We thank you all for your help in generating this important information, which will help us to ensure that we are providing the high quality of service that the people of Wiltshire and Swindon deserve and expect.

Many of you may have already seen a number of our officers sporting new body worn video cameras. These devices are the latest of investments in technology as Wiltshire Police strives to be innovative in its approach, providing an effective, efficient and quality service. Following our successful pilot earlier in the year, our full rollout is progressing well and already there has been positive feedback.

With the news that a general election has been called, we would like to reassure the public that there will be an appropriate policing plan in place ahead of the vote in June.

Thank you for your continued support to Wiltshire Police.

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Current Priorities

  • Theft from motor vehicles is a local policing priority – There have been 169 actions/patrols since this priority started on 20th Patrols are taking place at all of the local beauty spots that surround Amesbury and Tidworth – Including Druids Lodge, Grovely Wood, Yarnbury Castle, Langford Lakes, Knighton Down, Stonehenge, Woodhenge, Newton Tony, Winterbourne Down., Everleigh, Collingbournes, Enford and Netheravon. Please can we remind you not to leave valuables on show in your vehicles and report any suspicious activity at the sites to the control room.
  • Off-Road Motor Bikes/Vehicles across Salisbury Plain – Regular patrols are conducted by available source’s, we are working closely with the Military and RMP. Fines and tickets have already been given to 3 persons. 58 actions/patrols have taken place since 24th March 2017.

Any Relevant Series for April 2017

There were a further 3 burglaries in the Ludgershall area, an arrest has been and investigations are ongoing.

N/A for your area however there has been the following in Swindon. Crime prevention advice as follows.

Wiltshire Police have experienced some incidents within the Swindon area of burglars utilising vulnerabilities caused by home owners who have installed Pet Doors.

When having a Pet Door Installed: 

  • Serious consideration needs to be given on where to fit a pet door as the security of your home could be compromised. 
  • You will need to consider that a burglar may be able to reach through the door after its fitted and access the main door latch. 
  • Never leave keys, wallets or any valuables where a burglar may be able to reach them through the door hole. 
  • A locking pet door can, of course, lock to add extra security but this is a little counterproductive.  A microchip pet door however would provide additional security as it can only be opened from the outside by your pet’s microchip. 
  • When considering large dog door be aware that although unlikely burglars could climb through it. It is advisable to put a security panel on at night or when going out.

Local Crimes

Ludgershall-3 ASB none involving youths, 3 Dwelling Burglaries, 1 none dwelling burglary, 2 drug offences males to be interviewed, 4 Criminal Damage and 1 RTC.

Netheravon-1 ASB and 1 vehicle offence.

Collingbourne Ducis-1 RTC and 1 Criminal Damage

Collingbourne Kingston-1 Criminal Damage

Everleigh-2 None dwelling burglaries, 1 Animal/Wildlife, 1 Vehicle Offence.

No occurrences have been reported in Fittleton, Enford, Chute and Chute Forest.

This link will allow you to check stats in more detail for your area, and all surrounding areas.

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