Everleigh Recycling Centre – Update on Service

During a recent survey issues were identified with the drainage at Everleigh Household Recycling Centre, and to overcome these it will be necessary to change the layout of the site.

This course of action is essential in order for the site to remain open. It will mean people will be able to recycle a little less than previously, however the site will remain open during its current operating hours.

The site layout will be changed to allow for as many recyclable items to be collected as possible in order to minimise the disruption to residents. The most well used skips such as those for garden waste, wood, metals, small and large electrical items and non-recyclable items will continue to be available on site. From 6 October, residents will not be able to take the following items to the site for recycling: cardboard, plastics, chemicals and oil based paints, batteries and tyres.

Residents are encouraged wherever possible to use their kerbside collection for plastic bottles and cardboard. All items can be recycled at one of the nearest alternative local household recycling centres to Everleigh Marlborough, Devizes and Amesbury.

To fix the issue would be costly and result in the centre having to be closed for an extended period of time. Therefore the revised service has been deemed the preferable option at this time as the site will remain open to use.

In the meantime, Wiltshire Council will work FCC Environment to assess the options available to potentially rectify the drainage issue in the most cost-effective way which causes the least amount of disruption for residents.

Bridget Wayman, Wiltshire Council cabinet member for waste, said: “I’d like to apologise to residents for the inconvenience this will cause. Everleigh is one of our quietest centres in terms of footfall and we hope we have mitigated the impact as much as possible for those who use it. The key thing is that the centre will still be open to use.

“Our aim as a council is to divert as much waste from landfill as possible so I’d urge residents to use their kerbside collection service and other local centres where they can.”

FCC Environment took over the contract to run council-owned household recycling centres from Hills Waste Solutions on 2 October 2017.