Everleigh Parish Council – Minutes 4th September 2017


  Minutes of the Annual meeting of the Parish Council held

at Collingbourne Ducis School on Monday 4 September 2017

 Chairman:      Cllr D Bottomley

Present:           Cllr K Wheeler-Mallows, Cllr J Jones,

In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Parish Clerk) and Wilts Cllr I Blair-Pilling

  1. Cllr E Hudson, Cllr M Burton, Cllr T Symonds PCSO M Downham and PC L Wileman.


  1. Disclosure of Interest. None declared.


  1. Co-Option. No applications for co-option have been received.  The Chairman agreed to mention

this again in his next View from Everleigh column in the Courier.  Action: Cllr Bottomley.


  1. Minutes of the Previous Meeting. The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 10 July

       2017 were signed by the Chairman as a true record.


  1. Matters Arising.
    • Note that are not on the agenda


  1. General Public. No questions asked.


  1. Wilts Constabulary. Although the monthly report from PCSO Downham was not received before the meeting a summary of the report is as follows:

Current Priorities: Drug taking, Anti Social Behaviour, and Criminal damage taking place at the recreation ground in Ludgershall; and off road motorbikes on Salisbury Plain. This NTG Priority  was agreed at the latest NTG meeting.  Due to various lower level crimes, it was felt that this would be a good Priority for a period of 3 months across the summer for Crime Prevention Work to take place.  Relevant Serials:  There have been no crime reports for Everleigh.


  1. County Councillor. Wilts Cllr Blair-Pilling reported on the following:

The new senior management structure of the County Council; the September Highways update, which has a number of important items that should be brought to the attention and considered by Parish Councils, in particular the funding and maintenance responsibilities for Play Areas; signage for working on the highway;  Parish Steward Provision and schedules; weed control;  winter maintenance and waste collected by a Town or Parish Council without an agreement with Wiltshire Council; Waste Management Briefing Note 330 – a consultation on the development of a new waste management strategy for Wiltshire (4 Sep – 14 Nov); and the following refurbishment programme of Wiltshire’s household recycling centres:


The Chairman thanked Wilts Cllr Blair-Pilling for his report.


  1. None that has not been previously circulated.


  1. To consider applications as received from Wilts Council.


  • 17/05381/FUL: Cllr Bottomley briefed Cllrs that the application to demolish existing outbuildings and construct a new detached garage workshop for storage and restoration of classic cars at Longacres had been refused.


  • 7/07311/REM: Application for Reserved Matters/Modifications: Proposed agricultural workers dwelling (Reserved matters application pursuant of outline permission 15/01060/OUT relating to access, appearance, scale, layout and landscaping at Pigleaze Farm.  Having considered the application Cllrs RESOLVED to give its full support to this application.


  • 17/07835/TPO: To fell Fir tree at Yew Tree Cottage, Everleigh.  Having considered this application Cllrs RESOLVED to give its full support to this application.


  • 17/07644/FUL: To replace existing side extension with proposed two storey side extension and single storey side extension at Lower House Farm. Having considered this application Cllrs RESOLVED to give its full support to this application.



  • Grass Cutting. Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that Mr J Bowen has cut the grass four times this season and he anticipates that it will need two more cuts.  Action:  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.   


  • Play Area Development Projects. Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that future projects are on hold for the time being.   Action:  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.


  • Streetscene Minor Works. Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that the Parish Steward Scheme continues to work well, with the next visit due on Thu 14 Sep.  He has some tasks for the Parish Steward     and asked that Cllrs and others notify him of any tasks they think could be carried out by the Parish Steward.  Action: Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.


  • RoSPA Annual Inspection. Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that all the recommendations from the 2016 RoSPA report have been actioned and the play area is ready for the 2017 inspection which was to be conducted sometime in September.  Action: Cllr Wheeler-Mallows and Clerk.




    • The Clerk presented a bank reconciliation and current liquidity statement as follows:
      • Balance at Lloyds TSB CA (statement date 1 Aug 17) £6310.38
      • Reconciled Balance as at 4 Sep 17 £5717.69

Members noted the statements but had no comment at this time.

  • Authorise cheques for payment and those cheques issued since last meeting or presented for payments:
    • 581 K Wheeler-Mallows (Summer Pty Coconuts 15 Jul 17) £14.00
    • 582 J Jones (Summer Party Prizes 13 Jul 17) £23.72 (VAT £2.95)
    • 583 D Bottomley ( Gas Cylinder & Gas 13 Jul 17) £75.98 (VAT 8.38)
    • 584 D Bottomley (lawn Mower Fuel 4 Aug 17) £20.96 (VAT 3.49)
    • 585 P Gill (Clerk’s Sal & Exps Jul-Sep 17 – 4 Aug 17) £297.65
    • 586 HMRC  (Clerk’s PAYE 4 Aug 17)  £74.40
    • 587 T Symonds (Fencing 31 Aug 17) £130.80 (VAT £21.80)
    • 588 The Courier ( Flyer Printing 1 Sep 17) £5.18
    • 589 K Wheeler-Mallows ( 31 Aug 17) £3.94 (VAT £0.66)


  • To Note payments received.
    • £191.00 – Summer Party income.

Members noted receipt of the payments.


  1. Village Events.


  • Summer Party Sat 15 Jul. Cllr Bottomley reported that the Summer Party had gone well with a good attendance and the Hog Roast proving to be successful.  There was some discussion regarding next year’s party in that consideration might be given to linking to a national event.  This matter will be considered further in 2018.  Action: Cllr Bottomley.


  • Harvest Festival Sat 7 Oct at 11am. Cllr Bottomley tabled the draft order of service and informed Cllrs that he would source the Readers that were required.  He informed Cllrs that the condition of the Church Organ is an issue and that other options were being considered including having no music.  He further informed Cllrs that Mrs S Matton was leading on the decoration of the church and that the confirmed event flyer was ready for printing.  Action: Cllr Bottomley.


  • Bonfire Night Sat 4 Nov at 6.30pm.


  • Cllr Jones reported that everything was in hand less the purchase of the catering items discussed at the last meeting. She then tabled a number of options that met the Councils intent and after discussion Members RESOLVED to authorise Cllr Jones to purchase 1 x hot water tray, 1 x “Burco” style water boiler and 2 x insulated  Dispensers at a cost not to exceed £200.00 + VAT.  Action: Cllr Jones.


  • It was confirmed that a Temporary Event Notice had been applied for at a cost of £21.00. Action: Cllr Jones.


  • Carol Service & Mince Pies Sat 9 Dec. Cllr Bottomley went through the latest draft Planning Check List and Management Plan prepared by Cllr Hudson, confirming the allocation of tasks and responsibilities which, after discussion, were agreed by Cllrs.  It was also confirmed that a Temporary Event Notice had been applied for at a cost of £21.00.            Action: Cllr Hudson


  1. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Cllr Bottomley reported that he had done some research into how the requirements of the GDPR impacted on the Council and this work is ongoing.  One of the requirements is to have a formally appointed Data Protection Officer (DPO) which after discussion Cllrs RESOLVED to appoint Cllr Bottomley as the DPO and that he was to seek training opportunities to support this role.  Action: Cllr Bottomley


  1. Local Government Act (LGA) 1972 S14 & S101.  The Clerk reminded Cllrs that as the Parish Council is a Corporate Body (LGA 1972 Sect 14) and as such no one Cllr including the Chairman can act without the prior authority of the Parish Council as to do so would mean that they were acting outside of their statutory powers e. Ultra Vires.  The LGA 1972 Sect 101 allows the Parish Council  to delegate a wide range of powers to the Clerk to act on behalf of the Parish Council and which the Parish Council has done in para 37 of the Parish Council’s Standing Orders.  Cllrs then asked the Clerk a number of questions regarding the interpretation of the Local Government Act (LGA) 1972 S14 & S101 which the Clerk answered.  However, Cllrs agreed that this item should be placed on the agenda for the next meeting in order that all Cllrs had an opportunity to be briefed by the Clerk and to ask questions of the Clerk.         Action: Clerk


  1. Complaints Procedure. Having considered reviewing the complaints procedures in light of alleged dog barking in West View 29-30 July 2017, Cllrs agreed to defer this item to the next meeting in order that all Cllrs  were made fully aware of the contents of item 15 above before confirming the complaints procedure.  Action: Clerk


  1. Village Emergency Plan. After discussion of the latest draft of the Village Emergency Plan and in the light of GDPR, Cllrs agreed to defer this item to the next meeting.

Action: Cllr Bottomley and Clerk


  1. Everleigh 13 Right of Way. Cllr Bottomley reported in the absence of Cllr Symonds that the equipment was on its way and that the task would be complete by the end of September 2017.  However, the issue of the disused offshoot to the footpath which Wilts Cllr Blair-Pilling agreed to investigate with the relevant Officer at Wilts Council remains live.       Action Cllr Symonds & Wilts Cllr Blair-Pilling.


  1. Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 7.00 pm on Monday 30th October 2017 at Collingbourne Ducis School.


The meeting closed at 9.00pm



Signed:                                                                                     date: