Consultation on proposed closure of Everleigh Household Recycling Centre

Just discovered this little document on the Wiltshire Council Website – 

Briefing Note 358 Consultation on proposed closure of Everleigh household recycling centre.pdf

It seems that Wiltshire Council are proposing to close Everleigh HRC, which would result in revenue budget savings of £100,000 per annum and avoid additional costs incurred by keeping the facility open.A public consultation will therefore begin on 11 June 2018 and will run for a 12 week period. The closing date for all consultation submissions will be 3 September 2018.

You can access the Survey here : and there is further information on Everleigh HRC here

PDF – Everleigh HRC information 2018

I’m sure Everleigh Parish Council will be along shortly with further information.

I know that Wiltshire Council and LandMarc did a big PR drive last year to raise awareness of fly tipping on the Plain –

” Commenting on Landmarc’s support for the campaign, Steve Utley, managing director of Landmarc, said: “As part of our role to support the MOD Defence training estate, we manage huge areas of some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes, which includes Salisbury Plain.

“The Plain is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and it is our duty to protect and preserve it for generations to come, but over recent years, we have been facing a significant challenge with fly-tipping. This is not only an eye-sore and environmentally-damaging, but is costing the tax payer money over £29,000 last year alone.”

I wonder how much that £29k would increase if Everleigh Recycling Centre was closed ? There are some interesting figures here, which is a summary of fly-tipping incidents in England, by local authority from Dept. Environment, Food and Rural Affairs which lists boith the type of fly tipping and the associated costs and the costs of any action(s) taken.

Simon, Webmaster – Everleigh Village Website