Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish – 14th May 2018


Minutes of the Annual meeting of the Parish

held at Collingbourne School on Monday 14th May 2018

Chairman:      Cllr D Bottomley (Chair).

Present:           Cllr K Wheeler-Mallows, Cllr M Burton, Cllr J Jones and Cllr T Symonds

Apologies:       Cllr E Hudson, Wilts Cllr I Blair-Pilling (Wiltshire County Councillor) and PC L Wileman, (Wiltshire Constabulary)

In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Clerk).


  1. Chairman’s Report. The Parish of Everleigh has continued to flourish over the past year, 2017-18.  Parish Councillors work tirelessly to enhance the infrastructure of the village and have organised a number of successful events to bring the people of Everleigh together on a regular basis.  A major priority for the Parish Council is to monitor and supervise the maintenance of our village to ensure such areas as our roads, verges, lighting and signs are in good order.  The Parish Steward Scheme continues to provide close support on local priorities by the deployment of a dedicated “man with a van” on a regional basis. We have seen some good work on this front in Everleigh particularly on clearance of vegetation and verges. Well done to Cllr Kim Wheeler-Mallows for his role as our Village Streetscene Co-ordinator.  The Planning Sub Committee, comprising Cllrs Jenny Jones, Kim Wheeler-Mallows,  Martine Burton and myself have diligently scrutinized several planning applications over the year to ensure new initiatives are in keeping with the village environment and Design Statement of 2006, which continues to be a valuable reference document.  The maintenance of our playground has progressed well, led by Cllr Kim Wheeler-Mallows and supported by Cllrs Tim Symonds and Eliza Hudson of the Property Sub Committee.  The merging of the two sections of the playground by removing the internal fence and adding three all weather picnic benches in order to create a village hub for wider use by our community continues to be a great success.  We have purchased two lightweight portable goal posts this year and these have proved popular with our children.  Parish Councillors have been at the heart of several village events over the past 12 months. A group of 11 hardy souls gathered at 9am on Saturday 13th May at V Tank Crossing/Weatherhill Firs to Beat the Bounds of Everleigh Parish.  We conducted a leisurely and very enjoyable 8 mile+ hike around most of our scenic parish boundary over a period of just over 3 hours. This was a great way to promote both community spirit and fitness. Well done to all walkers and congratulations to Cllr Kim Wheeler-Mallows for laying on such a well organised event.  Everleigh’s Midsummer Tea Party took place on Saturday 17th June at St Peter’s Church with Mr and Mrs Robert East synchronizing the community effort. This involved a lot of work to tidy up the church yard and then support for the setting up and conduct of a highly successful event, raising valuable funds for the Churches Conservation Trust.  Our annual village Summer Party took place at the playground on Saturday 15th July. As a new initiative this year we laid on a hog roast which was absolutely delicious and included all the traditional trimmings. Activities included the popular egg and spoon race, coconut shy, and a golf chipping stand.  We were also entertained by some lively music and entertaining karaoke, courtesy of Cllr Tim Simmonds and Mal Turner. This event continues to be a great way for our village community to get together!  Our ever popular Bonfire + Fireworks took place on Saturday 4th November at the Jubilee Field. The event had all the ingredients for a great evening: spectacular fireworks; delicious BBQ; and a roaring bonfire, with an excellent turnout of well over 100 including some friends from neighbouring villages. All councillors pulled together to produce an excellent event; many thanks go to Cllr Jenny Jones for synchronizing this effort.  On Saturday 9th December the annual Village Carol Service took place at St Peter’s Church.  Our vicar, Jo Reid, conducted the service with aplomb and the village children were most impressive in delivering the readings with real confidence and style. Cllr Kim Wheeler-Mallows produced excellent lighting effects and Cllr Eliza Hudson laid on superb refreshments – mulled wine, mince pies and hot chocolate. This event was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  The year concluded with a litter pick and playground clean up on Saturday 14th We had a combined total of 23 volunteers for these two work parties – a record turnout in recent memory. 18 bags of rubbish were collected from the verges of all arterial roads approaching and running through the village. At the playground the shelter, bench and equipments were all cleaned and given a lick of paint.  Well done to all those who turned out for this very worthwhile community event!  Everleigh is certainly looking a lot smarter as a result.  The Parish is fortunate to receive excellent support from other directions. Our new Wiltshire Councillor, Ian Blair-Pilling, has made an immediate impact in providing close support for the Parish Council. On the policing front, Wilts Police Community Policing Team, co-ordinated by PC Lucy Wileman and supported by PCSO Maria Downham, continue to provide security for the village with limited resources. Sadly, PCSO Downham has now moved to a new role in Devizes.  For the future, Parish Council priorities remain threefold: Maintain the village’s infrastructure; develop the playground as a village hub; and, most importantly, to continue to lay on several events per year to enhance village community spirit.  Finally, I would like to thank my fellow parish councillors and the parish clerk, Mr Phil Gill, for all their support, enthusiasm and hard work during the past 12 months; Team Everleigh remains very strong indeed.

No questions were asked of the Chairman.


  1. Finance Report. The Clerk reported that finances remain in a healthy condition with the cash balance in all accounts being £4304.27 at year end which is £286.64 less than FY 16/17 and reflects the funds earmarked for future projects and includes the Council’s reserves policy of £2100 minimum. As a result the Council raised the Precept for FY 18/19 by 0.84% to £3602.88 which equates to a £ 0.32 increase for a Band D property.  The accounts have been prepared by the Clerk, audited by the Internal Auditor and as a result of a change in Account Regulations and on the recommendation of the Internal Auditor the Council intends to exempt itself from a Limited Assurance Review which negates the need to send the accounts to the External Auditor.  Income for 2017/18 was approximately £4906, namely £3448 Precept, £765 village events income, £642 VAT refund and £50 marquee hire income with the balance being bank interest.  Outgoings were approximately £51938, namely village events at £1745, insurance at £718, grass cutting at £360, purchase of stile £131, purchase of catering equipment £229 and the balance of the spend was on the Clerk’s salary, general maintenance, safety inspections and other such routine costs needed to run the Parish Council.

No questions were asked of the Clerk.


  1. Wiltshire County Council Report. Wilts County Councillor I Blair-Pilling presented the following report by email:  Here is a report of my first year as your Wiltshire councillor. Fortuitously, Jane Scott and her Cabinet have produced a comprehensive report covering all their responsibilities.  There is much to commend in it. Please feel free to ask me for clarification or follow up on any aspects. For me, it has been a busy, fascinating and enjoyable year.  I am a member of Tidworth Area board, and its associated groups (Neighbourhood Police Tasking, Community Area Transport, Health and Well Being, Multi Agency Forum (schools) and the Area Community Partnership).  This is where we address local priorities and inform and work with our local communities. I am on the Eastern Area Planning Committee and the School Transport Appeals Panel and on the subs bench for the Strategic Planning and Audit Committees.  I have also joined the rejuvenated Civilian Military Integration Task Group and am on the Committee representing the Council in the Electoral Review that is in process and will shape how you are represented in Wiltshire from 2021. You may want to get involved soon.  With no cabinet or portfolio responsibilities I can be involved in scrutiny, where members work with the Cabinet as their critical friend to help shape and refine policies and plans.  In the Overview and Management Scrutiny Committee we help set and monitor the work of the other 3 subject specific select committees and directly focus on the Council’s key policies and overall business plan including the budget. As a member of the Environmental Select Committee I help scrutinise the work of the departments for Transport, Environment & Leisure and Economic Development, Planning & Housing (i.e. leisure, waste, housing, transport, highways and economic development).  It’s wide, and our villages’ interests come into most of it.  Beyond my Councillor duties I have also been taken on as a Governor of Wellington Academy.  So, I have now seen and experienced a fair chunk of what goes on.  I am hugely impressed with the competence of the Council and particularly the expertise and helpfulness of every officer I have done business with. I appreciate that you could ask ‘what does this do for us in the villages?’.  For me it is all part of getting stuck in and making sure that our particular needs and concerns get a fair crack.  Much is changing, there are tough financial calls to be made, and I want to make sure we are not simply left to complain after the event. It is my view that, rather than whinge and salami slice our services, Wiltshire Council has hit it head on and got on with a comprehensive programme to modernise, rationalise and focus on its key service responsibilities, to encourage and support business so that the financial pot is as large as possible and to encourage and support communities (in all their forms) to stand on their own feet and make their own local decisions.  There has been much innovation and many other authorities are looking over the fence at Wiltshire.  Perhaps the most satisfying aspect is the individual case work, be-it helping with a planning or enforcement issue, roads and byways, or a welfare matter in which I include the School Transport Appeal panel. Officers have to work within the Council’s policies and their budgets, but there are times when we Councillors can intervene and help get through some of the inevitable anomalies.  I have particularly enjoyed working with all our Parish Councils and hope that together we can achieve even more for our communities in the coming 3 years.  Thank you for your support and my best regards.

The Chairman thanked Wilts Cllr Blair-Pilling for his report .


  1. Wiltshire Constabulary Report. PC L Wileman provided the following report by email:

Everleigh Crimes

8th June 2017: Hillswaste, Pewsey Road, Everleigh.  A Suspect using unknown methods has forced the front gate of a recycling centre off it’s hinges. The suspect has then cut through the sliding bar of an inner gate and cut through the lock to a container within the site. The suspect has then taken copper wire and batteries from the container and has then left the site.

17th June: The Goa.  Suspect(s) have by unknown means, forced open a restaurant stowage shed at the rear of the premises.  They stole 4 x kegs of beer from inside the shed.  The suspect(s) cut the pipework to the kegs, but also the wires to security lighting.

9th October: Eveleigh Farm Shop.  Suspect has thrown a mug at a motor vehicle to cause a crack at the bottom of the windscreen. Suspect arrested.

26th November: Everleigh.  Suspect has stolen a vehicle from the drive of a property using unknown means. Suspect has later abandoned the vehicle.

28th March: Linden Farm.  Two suspects arrested on suspicion of theft of two batteries from outside a shed.

11th April: V Crossing Everleigh.  Suspect/s have smashed the front n/s window reached in and taken a handbag.

Community Policing Teams supporting Community Speedwatch – went live 9th May 2018

In support of our Community Speed Watch volunteers our Community Policing Teams from Amesbury will be carrying our speed checks over the coming weeks in the following areas:

  • Allington,
  • Cholderton,
  • Middle Woodford,
  • Winterbourne Earls.

Insp Pete Sparrow added, “We are proud to support our fantastic Community Speed Watch Volunteers by allowing them the opportunity to identify to us the areas where we should prioritise for enforcement. We will continue to review our priority speed check areas based on the data they collect on our behalf. We make no secret of these areas and are happy to inform you of where we will focus our attention. Of course this does not prevent speed checks in other areas and I can only encourage you to please drive carefully and watch you speed.”

The Chairman thanked PC L Wileman for her report and for the police support that is provided to the village.  However, he noted that there were a number of crimes that had taken placed but had not been included in previous police monthly reports and expressed his disappointment that no one was available to attend this important meeting as it one of the very few opportunities for the public to ask questions of their local police and where necessary hold them to account. 


  1. Questions. There being no other business the Chairman thanked all who attend and closed the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.20pm


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