Neighbourhood Bulletin – Postal/E-Mail Scam

Following my report on the poor soul (quite literally now) who received a letter saying they had won the Spanish Lottery (despite never entering it) then proceeded to send various large sums of money to release the funds, convert it to sterling, pay customs clearance, courier fees etc etc to the tune of £21,000 and has just had another request for £8000 which thankfully has not been paid, I have a couple of variations to warn you about.

The first is similar to the above but initial contact is made via email rather than snail mail and will be loosely based around some lottery win or promotion. There are two of these going around at the moment, but the end result will be the same, so forward them to me for collating.

The second, is in letter form, although I am sure it will also appear on email soon, but will be from some well meaning yet secretive investment consultant/banker/adviser stating he is handling an account for a deceased person(same surname as you) who has an estate of 30 million US dollars and whose only next of kin was killed in the same accident that sadly claimed his client, and not wanting the Government to benefit from the funds, will use his insider knowledge to allow you to be sole beneficiary if you contact him( in strictest confidence of course), after which the usual commisions, release fees, customs fees demands will start, so my advice is the same, do not get involved.

If you have any doubts about any offers you get either by email or letter, I am more than willing to have a look and offer suitable advice. I would rather prevent a crime than have to investigate one so call or email on the usual numbers and I will do what I can to help.

Remember IF IT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE well you should know the rest by now!!!!

PC Mark Randle 962
CBM Tidworth Rural
Phone:0845 4087000 extension 744 817/8

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