Op Harding update – Swine Flu

This has been published at the request of the Everleigh Parish Council


From the conference call between LRF partners this morning:

* The results on tests which we were waiting for at the end of last week have all come back negative.
* We currently have six samples under testing for which we are awaiting results.
* The delivery of the anti-virals to Wiltshire has started and the anti viral distribution plan is nearing completion.
* Relaxation on the relaxation of prescription rules to ease supply of anti virals is expected.
* The Flu Advice Line which will offer people advice regarding diagnosis may be up and running tomorrow.
* Some unsubstantiated, and probably incorrect reports on human to pig transmission of the disease have been passed on to Animal Health to ensure we get accurate
information to head off any unwarranted attention to this issue.

The amount of detail required in daily reports to the regional and national tiers has increased. As a result input from specific service areas within the authority
may be required in the near future. I am trying to keep disruption to services to a minimum and will only contact service representatives when the situation requires.

Business continuity activity across the authority is continuing and Shared Services held an extremely useful and informative session this morning. I will distribute
notes from their meeting as soon as I receive them. Community Services will be carrying out a similar process on Thursday.

As a result of information requests from the Home Office we will be holding a meeting on Thursday afternoon to address some outstanding issues around excess
deaths planning. Recent guidance and direction from the centre has clarified a number of key points which will allow us to complete operational details within the
plan. The Home Office require a breakdown of local capabilities by 1700 on Wednesday. I have spoken to the regional office and explained that although I will
respond with details of arrangements in the present plan, things may well change following the meeting on Thursday. I will forward another up date to region on
Friday for onward transmission to the Home Office so they can gain a more accurate picture of where we are in Wiltshire in relation to excess death arrangements.

The next LRF teleconference is at 1030 on Friday. I will only update prior to this if there are any key issues which need to be distributed. If there are any questions
regarding this issue please don't hesitate to contact me.


Mark Kimberlin
Head of Emergency Planning Service
Transport, Environment and Leisure
Wiltshire Council
Bythesea Road
BA14 8JD

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