Salisbury Plain Training Area – April Newsletter 2016

April 2015 Newsletter
After a busy March activity on the Plain will be significantly reduced in April. During the first week the Royal School of Artillery four main courses will combine on Exercise CROSSED CANNONS with both live and dry artillery training based on the Larkhill Ranges and the East.

The middle two week of April will see the deployment onto the Plain of Parachute Battalion on Exercise GRIFFIN STRIKE together with elements of a French Mechanised Brigade in a joint exercise to practice inter operability. The majority of this activity will take place on the West (Imber Ranges) and around the Copehill Down FIBUA Village.

The week 25 – 28 April will see the largest armoured exercise on the calendar, Exercise LIONS STRIKE, being conducted across the Plain from West to East whilst armoured sub-units from three units based in Tidworth/Bulford will carry out low level armoured manoeuvre training.

A leaflet on public access to Imber is available online and should be read in advance of any visit:
Information about low flying is available from the MOD Low Flying Advisory Service (0845 600 7580) or on line at .

Artillery Live Firing Days from Areas 6, 7 and 8: 05th and 06th April 2016
Artillery Live Firing days on Salisbury Plain (East) NIL
Late firing on Larkhill/Westdown Danger Area: 05th, 07th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 19th, 21st, 26th, and 28th April 2016
Non-firing days on Larkhill/Westdown Danger Area: 02nd, 03rd, 09th, 10th, 23rd, 24th and 30th April 2016
Non firing days on Bulford Ranges: 02nd, 03rd, 09th, 10th, 16th, 17th and 30th April 2016

Complaints/Enquiries should be made to 01980 620819.

General. The MoD takes all complaints very seriously and do much to mitigate where possible. Most complaints from members of the public from around Salisbury Plain Training Area are concerning impulse noise generated from the detonation of the 155mm High Explosive shell, and gun noise from the AS90 artillery weapon system.

Noise Limits. All ranges have been directed to ensure that no impulse noise greater than 130dB is heard outside the range boundary in populated areas or on main routes.

Noise Prediction. Gunfire noise is predicted using the Gunfire Noise Analysis Tool (GNAT) and traces from the Met Office Noise Evaluation Tool (MONET) at Larkhill Met Office.

Noise Measurement. Range Operations monitors noise from both the guns and the impact area using fixed microphones linked to the Gunfire Noise Assessment Tool (GNAT) computer in Westdown Camp and staff may deploy with hand-held noise monitors.

Countering Excessive Noise. In the event that the 130dB limit could be exceeded, Range Operations have a number of control measures that can be activated to ensure the requirement is adhered to; including stopping firing.

Upcoming Major Exercises. During exercises access may be restricted on Larkhill Ranges and in the Chitterne – Shrewton – Tilshead Triangle north of the B390.

Access to SPTA is regulated by Salisbury Plain Military Lands, Bulford, Larkhill and Imber Range Byelaws. Always comply with local signs and flags. Rights of way in Range Danger Areas are closed when red flags are flying.

This Newsletter is published up to 6 weeks before the event and changes may occur. Access timings for the next week can be found on the SPTA Walks Line: (01980) 67 4763.
Imber Ranges. The public are excluded except when the roads are specifically opened.

Planned open dates for 2016 are as follows:
Event Open Closed
Easter 1800hrs Thur 24 Mar 16 0800hrs Tue 29 Mar 16
Summer 1800hrs Fri 12 Aug 16 0800hrs Mon 5 Sep 16
1. Even when roads are open the village and buildings remain out of bounds to the public.
2. Dates may change if operational training needs dictate.

If any crime is taking place call 999, (or 101) and do not under any circumstances challenge the offenders.
Report suspicious activity to PLAINWATCH (01980 674700) or The more information received the better, e.g. time, place, vehicle registration, description of individuals and vehicles.
Health and Safety reminder for all Military Training Areas and Ranges:

  • Do not touch or tamper with Military debris.
  • Wash your hands before you eat.
  • Clean your footwear before you enter your car or home.

Mike Hetherington
WO2 (CSM) for Senior Training Safety Officer Salisbury Plain