Salisbury Plain Training Area – September 2016 Newsletter
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September 2016 Newsletter
September will be a busy period for Salisbury Plain Training Area; the first week will be dominated by the Royal Tank Regiment and 1st Battalion the Mercian Regiment deploying with their armoured vehicles. In addition 1 Royal Horse Artillery will be training across all areas with their artillery equipment including live firing. Four other locally based sub-units will be conducting low level training during this period. Military activity on the Plain throughout the middle two weeks of the month will see The Black Watch (3 Scots) deploying on Exercise WESSEX STORM. This will see less heavy equipment being utilised, however over 1500 soldiers and civilians will deploy in support of this exercise. The last week of September we will see a slight decrease in activity with 5 Medical Regiment exercising with their armoured ambulances in the Centre and East of the plain and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst will be exercising in and around CopeHill Down Village with approximately 250 Officer Cadets. All recreational users of Salisbury Plain are advised to familiarise themselves with the content of the Salisbury Plain Byelaws prior to venturing out onto the plain and are requested to stay on the Public Rights Of Way (PROW) and aviod areas that are used by troops in training.

A leaflet on public access to Imber is available online and should be read in advance of any visit:

Information about low flying is available from the MOD Low Flying Advisory Service (0845 600 7580) or on line at .
Artillery Live Firing Days from Areas 6, 7 & 8: 07th, 08th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 17th, 19th & 20th September 2016
Artillery Live Firing days on Salisbury Plain (East): Nil

Late firing on Larkhill/Westdown Danger Area: 01st, 06th, 08th, 10th,11th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 18th, 20th, 22nd, 27th & 29th September 2016
Non-firing days on Larkhill/Westdown Danger Area: 03rd, 04th, 24th & 25th September 2016
Non firing days on Bulford Ranges: 03rd, 04th, 17th, 18th, 24th & 25th September 2016
Complaints/Enquiries should be made to 01980 620819.

Notice – Byelaw Enforcement
Over the weekend 19th – 20th June 2016 the Wiltshire Police conducted patrols of SPTA with the following results:
• 3 x vans used for transporting moto-cross bikes were issued tickets.
• 2 x tickets issued to 4×4 drivers.
• 1 x seizure of a Kawasaki moto-cross bike; the bike will be listed for destruction.

Access to SPTA is regulated by Salisbury Plain Military Lands, Bulford, Larkhill and Imber Range Byelaws. Always comply with local signs and flags. Rights of way in Range Danger Areas are closed when red flags are flying.

This Newsletter is published up to 6 weeks before the event and changes may occur. Access timings for the next week can be found on the SPTA Walks Line: (01980) 67 4763.
Imber Ranges. The public are excluded except when the roads are specifically opened.

Planned open dates for 2016 are as follows:
Event Open Closed
Remembrance Sunday 1800hrs Fri 11 Nov 16 0800hrs Mon 14 Nov 16

Christmas / New Year 0800hrs Fri 16 Dec 16 0800hrs Mon 02 Jan 17
1. Even when roads are open the village and buildings remain out of bounds to the public.
2. Dates may change if operational training needs dictate.

If any crime is taking place call 999, (or 101) and do not under any circumstances challenge the offenders.
Report suspicious activity to PLAINWATCH (01980 674700) or The more information received the better, e.g. time, place, vehicle registration, description of individuals and vehicles.

Health and Safety reminder for all Military Training Areas and Ranges:
• Do not touch or tamper with Military debris.
• Wash your hands before you eat.
• Clean your footwear before you enter your car or home.
Jim Russell
Senior Training Safety Officer Salisbury Plain