Tidworth Community Area Awards 2016 – Get your nominations in !

The Tidworth Community Area Awards will be held this year at the Wellington Academy on Thursday 21st April 2016 at 7pm

The Community Awards event is all about giving public recognition to those who volunteer their own time to help others without seeking financial reward or recompense for doing so. Anyone living within the Tidworth Community Area, Bulford Camp and the neighbouring parish of Shipton Bellinger is eligible for nomination.

Volunteers are those who give freely of their time but may equally include those in full or part time work who have made significant contributions over and above their responsibilities for which they have been paid, even if these are connected to their day job. If in doubt about whether to make a nomination, just ask yourself these 3 simple questions:

  • Does the work benefit an individual(s) or group of people?
  • Does it have a strong voluntary element?
  • Would I like to see my nominee receive public recognition for what he/she has achieved?

If the answer is yes to all questions – then go ahead


Last day for nominations Wednesday 30th March 2016

Nominations can be made via the TCAP web. or by contacting Tony Pickernell
on 07765382678  or tcapcoordinator@hotmail.co.uk. We will then e-mail you with nomination form (a copy is below for your reference)

This is your chance to recognize those who have supported your community, or someone you feel has gone just that one step further to better the lives of others.

You may nominate more than one person.

TCA_2016 Nomination_Form (Word .DOC Format)

List of Award Categories 2016 (PDF Format)