Wiltshire Residents will need Van and Trailer Permits to use Household Recycling Centres

As reported on the Wiltshire Council website, the decision has been made by the Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning, Development Management, Strategic Housing, Operational Property and Waste that, with effect from September 2016, Wiltshire residents wishing to access the Council’s HRCs with either a van or large trailer will be required to apply for a non-chargeable permit allowing a maximum of 12 visits per year.

This decision was published on 8 July 2016 and will come into force on 18 July 2016.     

As yet, there are no detaills on how to apply for a permit, but the terms & conditions are outlined below.

For the full information, please visit the Wiltshire Council website to review the decision and the associated documents by clicking here

The Household recycling centre vehicle permit – terms and conditions

Householders who use vans, large trailers and commercial-type vehicles for visiting Wiltshire Council’s household recycling centres will need to obtain a free permit to use the facilities. Please read the following terms and conditions before you apply for a permit:
1. A household recycling centre vehicle permit allows Wiltshire Council householders to access Wiltshire Council’s recycling centres in a van, commercial-type vehicle, or in a car towing a large trailer (between 1.8 metres and 3.0 metres in length).

2. The following vehicles are not permitted at any recycling centres:

  • Any vehicle over 3.5 tonnes gross/laden weight;
  • Trailers over 3.0 metres in length;
  • Horse boxes;
  • Vans or commercial type vehicles, which require a permit, towing any size of trailer.

3. Access to recycling centres will be refused for vans, commercial-type vehicles and large trailers without a valid permit (See point 18 and 20 below for use of hired and borrowed vehicles).
4. Vehicle permits will only be issued to residents who live in the local authority area of Wiltshire. This excludes residents and council tax payers of Swindon Borough Council. A household may hold only one permit at a time.
5. A permit will not be issued to residents who do not fully complete the application form.
6. The council reserves the right to check the accuracy of any vehicle information provided with the DVLA.
7. A permit provides permission to enter the recycling centre only and is not a permit to deposit waste, which will be subject to Wiltshire Council’s waste acceptance policies. Depending on the frequency of visits and/or type of waste being deposited, permit holders may be asked to complete a disclaimer form to confirm that the waste is from a household source and is not trade or commercial waste.
8. Household recycling centres are strictly for household waste and recyclables only. The disposal of trade waste is not permitted. Trade waste is defined as waste arising from any trade, business, industrial or commercial activity. Anyone who has received any payment for carrying waste or produces waste through their work cannot take this waste to a household recycling centre.
9. Permit holders must make the permit available for staff to check and stamp on arrival at the recycling centre. Permits must be stamped on each visit.
10. If you visit the recycling centre network more than once in one day, each visit will be counted separately and your permit will be stamped accordingly.
11. Permits are only valid for the vehicle documented on the permit. Only one permit will be issued per household. The permit will show the applicants name but any member of your household or driver you designate may visit the site with this vehicle using the permit.
12. Permits are valid at all recycling centres operated by Wiltshire Council. Please note this excludes Swindon.
13. Permits are valid for a minimum of 12 months from the date of issue. The earliest date for renewal is shown on your permit. If after one year you have used fewer than 12 visits, your permit will still be valid and you will not need to reapply until all 12 visits have been used.
14. If you change your address or vehicle you must inform the council by using the online form and return your permit to the council. You will not be issued a new permit until the council has received your old permit. Your new permit will be pre-stamped to reflect the visits recorded on your old permit. Do not amend the permit yourself. Defacing or amending your permit will invalidate the permit. If you sell/return your vehicle, you must not pass on the permit to the new owner.
15. You are responsible for keeping the permit safe. If your permit gets damaged at any time, you must inform the council by using the online form and return it to the council. You will be issued with a CM09741 App replacement permit. Replacement permits will be pre-stamped to reflect the visits recorded on your old permit.
16. If you lose your permit, you must inform the council by using the online form. You may be issued with a replacement permit.
17. Permits remain the property of Wiltshire Council. The council reserves the right to cancel permits and amend the operation of the household recycling centre permit scheme at any time.
18. Residents visiting the recycling centres with a hired van or commercial type vehicle do not need to apply for a permit, but should show the recycling centre staff proof of their Wiltshire address (eg a council tax bill or driver’s licence) and the hire agreement for the vehicle before any waste is deposited.
19. The recycling centre staff reserve the right to refuse access if these documents cannot be produced.
20. Wiltshire residents visiting a recycling centre using a vehicle that requires a permit and that has been borrowed from a workplace, must be able to produce a letter printed on headed paper from the business clearly showing the date(s) for which the van has been borrowed and to whom it has been loaned. Recycling centre staff may check the waste being deposited and you may be asked to complete a disclaimer form to confirm that the waste is from a household source.
21. The council reserves the right to change the terms and conditions relating to the issue of Household recycling centre vehicle permit at any time.