Everleigh Parish Council – Meeting Minutes 11th July 2016


JULY 2016

Minutes of the Everleigh Parish Council Meeting held at the

Collingbourne Ducis School

on Monday 11 July 2016

Chairman: Cllr D Bottomley

Present: Cllr E Hudson and Cllr Jones. (The Clerk confirmed that the meeting was a quorum)

In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Parish Clerk), Wilts County Cllr C Howard and PCSO M Downham

  1. Apologies: Cllr K Preece (vice Chairman) Cllr S Matton, Cllr T Symonds, and Cllr K Wheeler-Mallows

  1. Disclosure of Interest. None declared.

  1. Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on 9 May 2016. Both sets of minutes were signed by the Chairman as a true record.

  1. Matters Arising.

    1. Item. Road to Rio. The Road to Rio Flyers have been received and distributed within the village. Item closed.

  1. General Public. No questions asked

  1. Wilshire Constabulary. PCSO Downham reported the following incidents:

03/07/2016 – Theft from motor vehicle – Offence occurred between 09.45 and 11.15hrs on the 3/7/16 whilst the vehicle was parked in a parking area at Everleigh Burrows, Tidworth, Salisbury. Whilst out walking her dogs unknown offender(s) have forced the door lock with a flat bladed type instrument, gained access and made a search therein. The scene was cleaned and tidied on attendance; only tools and two knives were stolen from the vehicle. – Closed as undetected.

03/06/2016 21:35hrs – 3 males were sighted with a ‘scoped rifle’ & silencer, Suspected hare coursing. – closed, as no crime and no damage was reported to crops; intelligence report submitted in relation to incident.

PCSO Downham then gave an update on police manning levels and the new Policing Model for Wiltshire which is due to be implemented from October 2016. Moreover, she agreed to provide the Council with the email addresses of the current Beat Area Inspector and Sgt.

The Chairman thanked PCSO Downham for her report.

  1. County Councillor. Wilts County Councillor C Howard reported the following:

Progress on the A338. Link road at Tidworth. As is already well known, a Link Road is being built across the north boundary of the North East Quadrant housing estate at Tidworth. This will mean that when the Link Road is opened, HGV traffic from Andover heading north along the A338 through Collingbourne Ducis will be diverted along the link road to join the A338 north of Tidworth, and then north to Collingbourne Ducis via Church Bends, not Ludgershall Road. Construction of the Link Road is unlikely to be opened at least until the end of this year and possibly longer. A new roundabout has still to be built at the eastern end. He then gave an outline of the restrictions to be imposed on vans and trailers using the recycling centres, with trailers over 3m long requiring vouchers.

A342 Road Works. Cllrs raised concerns regarding the arrangements for residents and business accessing the village during the proposed road works on the A342, which Wilts Cllr Howard noted.

The Chairman thanked Wilts Cllr Howard for his report.

  1. Correspondence – As received and if necessary held at the clerk’s office.

    1. None that has not been circulated.

  1. Planning. Planning Applications as received from Wiltshire Council.

    1. 16/03119/REM. Erection of agricultural worker’s dwelling (Reserved Matters Application pursuant of Outline Permission 15/01060/OUT relating to access, scale, layout, appearance and landscaping). At Land at Pigleaze Farm, the Street, Wiltshire, SN8 3EY. Having previously considered the matter Cllrs RESOLVED to not raise objections as the Council thinks the design is well thought out,

and is in keeping with the other new properties in the village.

    1. 16/05569/FUL. Single storey rear extension at 53 The Street, Everleigh, Wiltshire, SN8 3EY. Having previously considered the matter Cllrs RESOLVED to not raise objections and indicated to support it.

  1. Property.

    1. Grass Cutting. In the absence of Cllr Wheeler-Mallows the Chairman reported that the contract continues to work well and is supported by self-help provided by the Cllrs. Action: Cllr Wheeler-Mallows

    2. Play Area Development Project. In the absence of Cllr Wheeler -Mallows the Chairman outlined the progress to date noting that the BMX track is now being covered by grass, and the plan for the next phase. Having then discussed the timing of the previously agreed purchase of 3 picnic benches Cllrs RESOLVED that the benches should be purchased immediately following the outcome of the Parish Council’s bid for a Community Grant which is due to be considered on Monday 18th July 2016. Action: Cllr Wheeler-Mallows & Clerk.

    3. Street Scene Minor Works. In the absence of Cllr Wheeler-Mallows the Chairman reported that the Parish Steward Scheme is due to start in October and that the Council was to provide Wilts Council with a list of its top 5 work priorities by NLT the end of September Cllrs agreed that Cllr Wheeler-Mallows was to draft priorities for consideration at the next Parish Council meeting on Monday 5th September 2016.

Action: Cllr Wheeler-Mallows

    1. Playarea Inspections. In the absence of Cllr Wheeler-Mallows the Chairman outlined the contents of advice received on the requirements for inspections. Cllrs agreed that the Parish Council’s current regime of routine internal inspections and a more formal annual inspection by an external auditor was sufficient at this time. Cllrs also directed the Clerk to contact the insurance provider to ascertain if an inspection regime is required on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. Action: Cllr Wheeler- Mallows & Clerk

  1. Finance.

    1. The Clerk presented a current liquidity statement and bank reconciliation as follows:

      1. Balance at Lloyds TSB CA (statement date 1 Jul 16 ) £6117.37

      2. Balance at Lloyds BIAA ( statement date 28 May 16) £00.00

      3. Balance at Santander (statement date 5 Jul 16) £1962.42

      4. Combined Balance at 1 Jul 16 £8079.79

      5. Reconciled Balance as at 11 Jul 16 £7539.79

Cllrs noted the statement and reconciliation.

    1. Authorise cheques for payment and those cheques issued since last meeting.

      1. 513 Mr P Gill (Postage 20 May 16) £2.06

      2. 514 Atlantic Signs (Engraved Sign 27 May 16) £284.00 (VAT £47.33)

      3. 515 Wilts Concrete (WW1 Memorial Stone 1 Jul 16) £540 (VAT £90 )

      4. 516 D Bottomley ( Fuel for grass cutting 16 Jun 16) £19.94 (VAT £3.32)

Cllrs RESOLVED to authorise the payment of the cheques.

    1. Note all major receipts since last meeting

      1. £412.00 – TAB Grant.

      2. £50.00 – Marquee hire.

Cllrs noted the receipts

    1. Auto Enrolment. Cllr Hudson reported that all the preparatory work needed at this time has been completed.  No further actions were required until 2017 at which time a letter will be drafted to any potential eligible workers of the Parish Council.   Cllrs discussed the level of contributions for AE after which Cllrs RESOLVED to contribute the legal minimum which at present is 1% would be used for AE purposes if required. Action: Cllr Hudson

    2. Citizens Advice. Having considered a request from Citizens Advice for a grant of £100.00 Cllrs RESOLVED to not make a grant and the Chairman agreed to write to Citizens Advice to this effect. Action: Cllr Bottomley

    3. Link Scheme. Having considered a request from Citizens Advice for a grant. Cllrs RESOLVED to make a grant of £100.00 and the Chairman agreed to write to Citizens Advice to this effect. Action: Cllr Bottomley

  1. Village Events

    1. Church Fete/Tea Party Sun 12 Jun – Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations. Cllr Matton reported by email that for a few days leading up to the event, the Church was cleaned and polished and decorated, the Church Yard was strimmed, mown and generally tidied to prepare for the Tea Party. This now annual event is much loved by many and each year lots of people are involved in the

various stages of preparation. Thank you to everyone who donated on so many levels, whether it was with hard work in the Churchyard, hard work fetching and carrying equipment and supplies, looking out books and prizes for the raffle, running the various stalls, advertising the event beforehand and clearing up afterwards. Huge thanks and appreciation to you all. Not only did we end up with a very enjoyable afternoon, we raised just under £500 for the Churches Conservation Trust who look after St Peter’s Church, Everleigh. Thank you also to everyone who came along and enjoyed the event and helped us to raise such a fantastic amount of money. Well done Team Everleigh for your efforts and thank you to all who came to enjoy it with us.

    1. Summer Party Sat 10 Sep 16. Cllr Bottomley tabled a draft checklist, management plan and flyer for the Summer Party which the Cllrs endorsed after amendments to the flyer.

Action: Chairman & All Cllrs.

    1. Bonfire Night Sat 5 Nov. In the absence of Cllr Matton the Chairman reported that the fireworks are to be ordered in September with all other matters in hand. Cllr Hudson agreed to produce a draft flyer for consideration by Cllrs with the final version being ready for distribution by the beginning of October. Cllr Matton is to provide an outline plan and draft check list for the next meeting. Action: Cllrs Matton & Hudson

    2. Carol Service & Xmas Curry Lunch Sat 10 Dec. In the absence of Cllr Matton the Chairman reported that the Vicar & the Goa Balti have been booked. Cllr Matton is to provide an outline plan and draft check list for the next meeting. Action: Lead Cllr Matton

  1. WW1 Commemorative Stone. The Chairman reported that permission to site the stone had been given by Wilts Council, the plaque has been received, the stone is being sourced by Wilts Concrete and all invoices are in the process of being paid. Cllr Jones proposed that a Senior Military Officer be invited to unveil the stone which might be followed by a short reception at a location to be confirmed at the next meeting on which Cllr Bottomley agreed to lead. Cllrs RESOLVED an intent to hold the unveiling at 11.30 am on Saturday 12 November 2016.

Action: Cllrs Matton, Jones & Bottomley

  1. Forecast of Events. Cllr Bottomley reported that there were no further changes at this time.

  1. Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 7.00pm on Monday 5th September 2016 to be held in Collingbourne School.

Signed: date: