A View from Everleigh – March 2021


Denis Bottomley (CD 852731) writes:

Covid-19 continues to dominate the headlines, with the situation constantly evolving.  Village Area Co-ordinators remain in place and alert to the needs of parishioners as required in the face of an uncertain future.  Key Covid-19 information is posted on the village web site at www.everleigh.org

On Sunday morning,16th May, we intend to walk the parish boundary to commemorate the ancient ceremony of Beating the Bounds of Everleigh Parish.  This is an 8 mile hike and is an enjoyable way to promote both community spirit and fitness. Clearly, this event is subject to the prevailing Covid-19 situation.

A national census takes place Sunday 21st March.  The census is a survey that takes place every 10 years and covers all people and households in England and Wales. All kinds of organisations, from local authorities to charities, use the information to help provide the services we all need, including transport, education and healthcare. A letter will be sent to all households from the Office of National Statistics in early March. The letter will include an access code to complete the census online. A paper copy option is also available.

As notified previously, Wilts Council have agreed speed limit changes on Marlborough Road (MR) in Everleigh as follows:

•           MR South:  From the A342 up to and including Coombe Cottages – Reduce to 40 mph.

•           MR North:  From Coombe Cottages northwards – remains 50mph, and extend this zone

         to the KK tank crossing.

Wilts Council have approved Traffic Regulation Orders and have issued a works order to implement change.  We are hopeful that implementation may be completed in the Spring.

Right of Way (RoW) 6 is a route running south west from the village playground on to the Plain.  It is a restricted byeway and as such it may be used as a footpath and a bridleway and is also open to non motorised vehicles including horse drawn vehicles and push bikes . At this time of year the track becomes very muddy and consequently we are examining options to improve the situation, in conjunction with the Wilts Council RoW officer who visited the site on Tuesday 9th February.

The village playground has been closed since last March due to the Covid-19 situation. We intend to reopen it this Spring and are currently looking at the control measures necessary to achieve this.

Wiltshire Council have a clear procedure for reporting infrastructure faults or issues, such as an inoperative streetlight, fallen trees, pot holes or blocked drains/gullies. There are several reporting options: by phone 0300 456 0105; on line at www.wiltshire.gov.uk/mywilts; or use the MyWilts app on a smart phone. Any resident may report any fault direct; please do not think that this is the sole preserve of the Parish Council. However, if residents need Parish Council support on infrastructure issues then please contact Cllr Kim Wheeler-Mallows Tel: 01264 850303.

Finally, the next Parish Council meeting will take place on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 at 7pm.  This meeting will be held remotely via Zoom, due to the Covid-19 situation. Everyone is welcome to attend. Instructions for joining this meeting will be available from the Parish Council clerk, Mr Phil Gill, at philip.gill101@ntworld.com.