Everleigh Commemoration Stone

First World War Commemoration Stone
Inauguration Service

Saturday 12th November 2016

‘There is no greater love than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends.’

John 15:13

ORDER OF SERVICE (click to download the full Order of Service in PDF order-of-service)

Let us give thanks for the men and women of Everleigh who served their country during World War 1 and remember the stress and hardship they endured:

F. J. Alexander

G. Alexander

G. A. Alexander

M. Alexander

A. J. Ayers

O. Brooks

W. Cope

A. Dobson

C. B. Fay

F. Fay

C. Flippence

F. Flippence

W. Flippence

C. Gale

T.M. Gibbs

R.R Goater

F.H. Guilford

S. Guilford

F.W. Kent

A.C. Kimber

A.J Kimber

E.J. Kimber

J. Kimber

G.F. Lewis

F.W. Martin

W.J. Martin

E.H. Palmer


F.G. Salisbury



J.B Strong

W.H. Strong

T.F. Swatton

J. Tyrell

P.R.N. Ward

G. Haytor