Everleigh Parish Council – Minutes of Meeting 8th July 2019


Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held
at Collingbourne Ducis School on 8 July 2019

Chairman: Cllr D Bottomley

Present: Cllr M Burton, Cllr K Wheeler-Mallows, Cllr J Jones and Cllr E Hudson.
In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Parish Clerk)

1. Apologies. Cllr A Earle, Wilts Cllr I Blair-Pilling & PCSO A Jones

2. Disclosure of Interest. None declared.

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting. The minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on 7 May 2019 were signed by the Chairman as a true record.

4. Matters Arising.
4.1 Item. None that do not appear on the agenda.

5. General Public. No questions asked.

6. Wilts Constabulary. There was only one reported relevant serial:
23/06/2019 – Everleigh, Known suspect has thrown large rocks lying on the ground at a car, causing chips to the rear windscreen.

7. County Councillor. In the absence of Wilts Cllr Blair-Piling no report was offered.

8. Correspondence. Cllr M Burton had informed the Chairman that she was going to resign from the Council. The Chairman asked Cllr Burton to write to the Clerk to confirm her resignation in order that the Clerk can take the necessary action. The Chairman then thanked Cllr Burton for all of efforts during her time as a Councillor.
Action: Cllr Burton

9. Planning. To consider applications as received from Wilts Council.
9.1 None received.

10. Property.
10.1. Grass Cutting.
10.1.1. Contract. Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that the contract continues to run well and he will continue to liaise with the contractor regarding future cut dates.
Action: Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.
10.1.2. Other Areas. Having considered the contracting out of other areas Cllrs RESOLVED to maintain the status quo for the current financial year with a review to be conducted at the time of the setting g of the budget for financial year 20/21.
Action: Cllrs Hudson & Bottomley
10.2. Play Area. Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that in general the play area is in good order.
10.3. Streetscene Minor Works. Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that the Parish Steward had carried out a number of routine tasks including the clearing of footpaths and gullies. He also agreed to request that Wilts Council give Chicks Lane a second cut as it is becoming a safety hazard. Action: Cllr Wheeler-Mallows

10.4. Defibrillator. Cllr Hudson reported that the South West Ambulance Service (SWAS) has registered the village defibrillator on their Defibrillator Accreditation Scheme.  Now that it is registered officially we must ensure it is working correctly every month and complete a very simple online form. If at anytime we discover it is not working or has been used and we need to replace the pads we must notify SWAS immediately so they can remove it from their available list.  Cllr Hudson agreed to draw up a Monthly Routine Checks Schedule and to circulate it to Cllrs. Two further points emerged in discussion:
• Bore holes may be required for cooling the defibrillator cabinet. Action: Cllr Wheeler-Mallows
• A demonstration of monthly checks is to take place. Action: Cllr Hudson

The Chairman thanked Cllr Hudson for her work on this item.
11. Finance.

11.1. The Clerk presented a bank reconciliation and current liquidity statement as follows:
11.1.1. Balance at Lloyds TSB CA (statement 31 May 19) £7535.15
11.1.2. Reconciled Balance as at 8 Jul 19 £7092.79
Members noted the statements but had no comment at this time.

11.2. Authorise cheques for payment and those issued since last meeting
11.2.1. 648 D Bottomley (Lawn mower fuel 2 Jun 19) £31.94 (VAT £5.32)
11.2.2. 649 P Gill (Clerk’s Salary & Expenses Apr-Jun 19) £311.62
11.2.3. 650 HMRC (Clerk’s PAYE Apr-Jun 19) £ 77.80
11.2.4. 651 P Gill (Print Carts 8 Jul 19) £21.00 (VAT £3.50
Cllrs RESOLVED to authorise the cheques.
11.3. Note payments received.
11.3.1. £Nil.
11.4. Revision of All Risks Insurance Cover. Cllr Hudson briefed Cllrs on the detail of the review of the Council All risks Insurance Cover and the recommendations that she had circulated to the Cllrs prior to the meeting. Having considered the details of the review and the recommendations made by Cllr Hudson Cllrs RESOLVED by 3 to 2 to only have the 3 Picnic Benches and the 2 Marquees included in the all risks cover section of the insurance policy. Action: Clerk
The Chairman thanked Cllr Hudson for her work on this item.

12. Village Events.

12.1. Walk the Parish Boundary Sun 19 May 19. Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that the walk was a success, although it was only supported by 15 walkers. Cllrs agreed to do the walk again in 2021. Action: Cllr Wheeler- Mallows
The Chairman thanked Cllr Wheeler-Mallows for his efforts on this event.
12.2. Mid Summer Tea Party Sun 23 Jun 19. This non Parish Council event was well run by Robert & Elizabeth East. The event raised £475 for the Churches Conservation Trust.
12.3. Summer Party Sat 13 Jul 19. Cllr Bottomley tabled the Summer Party Checklist and Management Plan which after discussion Cllrs endorsed with minor changes.
Action: All Cllrs.
12.4. Bonfire & Fireworks Night Sat 2 Nov 19. Cllr Hudson had previously circulated a summary of the feedback from the consultation with the villagers on whether the event is to be run or not. Cllr Hudson reported that only 23 of 94 households had responded to the consultation with only 13 of the 23 asking for the event to continue. Cllrs then considered the feedback in some detail and the Cllrs RESOLVED not to conduct the event this year but to consider running it in 2020.

12.5. Cllrs further RESOLVED that Cllrs Hudson, Wheeler-Mallows and Jones should draft a letter to be given to the villagers explaining why the event is not to be run this year and that the Chairman should write to the Chairman of the Collingbourne Parish Councils. Action: Cllrs Bottomley, Hudson, Wheeler-Mallows and Jones.

13. A342 & Marlborough Road Speed Limits. Cllr Bottomley reported that he had met with Wilts Cllr Blair-Pilling and Wilts Council Highways Officer Gareth Rogers on Tue 25 Jun 19 to review the detail of Atkins report and its conclusion. The outcome of the meeting was inconclusive and as a result the Chairman will attend the next CATG Meeting on 29 July at which he will continue to press the case to have the speed limit on both roads reduced. It should be noted that the Council is not prepared to allocate any more funds to this project. Action: Cllr Bottomley

14. Rights of Way. Cllr Bottomley reported that he had attended a “Paths for All” project meeting the focus of which is now on promoting the use of RoW with a secondary aim of maintaining and clearing RoW within capability. Cllr Bottomley had informed the “Paths for All Meeting” that the Council had opened up RoW 13 and had walked the bounds of Everleigh Parish on Sunday 19 May. Cllr Bottomley is to continue attending future meetings; however there is no further action at this time. Action: Cllr Bottomley.

15. Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Tuesday 3 September starting at 7.00pm in Collingbourne Ducis School.

The meeting closed at 8.35pm

Signed: date:

Name: Chairman