Neighbourhood Bulletin – Frosty Mornings

With the frosty mornings well and truly here I thought it was time to offer some advice regarding preparing your car for the winter especially in light of the tragedy in Slough where a lady was run over by her own car after a thief jumped into it and drove off whilst she was scraping the ice off.

In an ideal world it would be best to garage the car or cover the windscreen the night before, but not all of us have the luxury of a garage or the advanced warning of frost, so assuming the first you know about it is when you get up on the morning there are three options available:-

1) manually scrape the ice with a purpose made scraper or use an old CD case.
2)Use one of the many chemical sprays (less green than the above)
3) Use warm water (not hot as this can crack the glass).The problem with this last method is if it is really cold there can be secondary freezing of the water poured on the vehicle.

Leaving the car running unattended whilst eating your Ready Brek is not an option as not only is it an inefficient way of doing it, but leaves it vulnerable to theft and you will NOT be covered by your insurance if it is stolen.Also if the vehicle is on the Highway, you are liable to a fixed penalty, currently £30, for leaving it. If the car is stolen it places at risk not only other members of the public, but the Police Officers involved in any subsequent pusuits.

A £30 ticket is also available for those impatient people who drive off without fully clearing their windscreen, choosing to view the world through a pillar box like opening, again putting all other road users at risk.
Once underway, avoid harsh or jerky movements of the steering, throttle or clutch, and keep a greater distance between vehicles and reducing speed. If conditions are really bad, only drive if absolutely necessary, having packed a rug, hot flask,fully charged mobile,torch,high visibility jacket and warning triangle, in case of mis-hap hap or breakdown.Stick to the main roads which are normally gritted frequently.

Finally if you do stop off at the shop for your morning paper, remember to switch off the engine as I can switch off and lock your car far quicker than you can get served, and the walk to the Police Station to collect your keys, I find, is far more educational than a £30 ticket!

Drive Safely,

PC Mark Randle 962
CBM Tidworth Rural
Phone:0845 4087000 extension 744 817/8

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