Minutes of the Annual meeting of the Parish Council Minutes 2009


Minutes of the Annual meeting of the Parish Council held at the Crown Hotel on Monday 11 May 2009

Present: Cllr A Bradford, Cllr J Bradford, Cllr S Matton and Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.

In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Parish Clerk) and two members of the public.


1. Election of officers:
1.1. Chairman: There being no other nominations Cllr Beaton was invited to continue as Chairman for another year.
Proposed by Cllr J Bradford, seconded by Cllr Matton.
Cllr D Beaton although not in attendance but having previously indicated his wish to continue as Chairman was duly elected as Chairman.
Action: Clerk to arrange for Cllr Beaton to sign acceptance of Office.
1.2. Vice Chairman: Cllr A Bradford put himself forward for election.
Proposed by Cllr S Matton, seconded by Cllr Wheeler-Mallows
Cllr A Bradford was duly elected.


2. Apologies: Cllr. D Beaton and Cllr D Bottomley.


3. Allocation of Jobs.
3.1. Planning Chair: Cllr D Beaton to continue as Chair of the Planning Committee.
Proposed by Cllr Wheeler Mallows seconded by Cllr A Bradford
3.2. Property Chair: Cllr A Bradford to continue to serve as Chair of the Property Committee.
Proposed by Cllr S Matton seconded by Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.
3.3. Play Ground Committee: Cllr A Bradford to be Chair.
Proposed by Cllr S Matton seconded by Cllr Wheeler-Mallows
3.4. Committees/Roles:
3.4.1 Planning. Cllrs J Bradford & S Matton were appointed to the Planning Committee.
3.4.2 Property. Cllrs D Bottomley and Cllr K Wheeler-Mallows were appointed to the Property Committee.
3.4.3 Playground. Cllrs S Matton & Wheeler-Mallows were appointed to the playground committee.


4. Disclosure of Interest. None declared.

5. General Public. No questions asked

6. Wiltshire Constabulary. Already given at Annual Parish Meeting..

7. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 11th March 2009. The minutes of the Parish council Meeting held on 11 March 2009 signed by the Chairman as a true record.

8. Matters Arsing.
5 January Meeting – Item 13.1. Cllr Wheeler-Mallows gave a further update and will now peruse the provision of a new sign for St Peter’s Church.

9. Correspondence.
9.1 North West Downs AONB. Details of invite to Leader Funding Lunch on 2 June 2009 are held by Clerk.
9.2Wiltshire County. Grass Cutting Plan see item 11.1
9.3WALC. April Newsletter & pay scales.
Members noted the revised spay scales.
9.4. Mr JP Copp. Application for co-option see item 13.

10. Planning
10.1. New planning applications.
10.1.1. E090524FUL – Detached garage including hobbies room, guest room and home office Dairy Bungalow Lower House Farm Everleigh Marlborough Wilts SN8 3EU for Mr & Mrs Mcquaid.
The Members had previously agreed to make no comment on the application


11. Property. Cllr A Bradford reported the following:
11.1 Grass Cutting.
11.1.1Having reviewed the arrangements the Members
REOLVED that Mr J Bowen continue cutting the verges at an annual cost of £420 and that the Clerk investigates other areas with Wiltshire Council.
Action: Clerk
11.2 Play Area.
11.2.1Although the play equipment is in place there are still some minor H&S issues to be resolved before it can be opened for use.
11.2.2It was agreed that the Council should consider purchasing a mower and strimmer in order that the Members can use them to help cut the grassed areas. In the meantime Cllr Wheeler-Mallows agreed to cut the grassed area within the next week.
Action: Clerk to put purchasing of mower & strimmer on agenda for next meeting.
11.2.3It was agreed that in the week commencing 25 May Members would to repair, jet wash and paint the existing climbing equipment and also to do some strimming. 
11.2.4Cllr A Bradford agreed to investigate the insurance requirement for a “BMX” track and the Clerk agreed to provide a POC at Community First.
Action: Cllr A Bradford.

12. Finance.

12.1The Clerk presented a bank reconciliation and current liquidity statement as follows:
12.1.1Balance at Lloyds TSB CA (statement date 17 Apr 09) £566.76.
12.1.2Balance at Lloyds TSB BIAA (statement date 17 Ape 09) £51.70
12.1.3Balance at Alliance and Leicester (statement date 5 May 09) £1939.85
12.1.4Combined Balance £2558.31
Members noted the statements but had no comment at this time.
12.2The Clerk presented the internally audited accounts to 31st March 2009.
The Members RESOLVED to approve the accounts and the annual statement of assurance.
12.3The Members revived the risk assessment and insurance levels for FY09/10 and RESOLVED that they were appropriate.
12.4Authorise cheques for payment and those cheques issued since last meeting.
12.4.1301- Fifield Fencing – £1954
12.4.2295 – Community First Insurance – £709.92
12.4.3296 – WALC & NALC Subscription – £65.49
12.4.4297 – Clerk’s salary £263.98.
12.4.5298 Community First Annual Subscription – £ 36.00.
Members RESOLVED to authorise the cheques
12.5Payments Received
12.5.1Precept- £3100.00
12.5.2KDC Grant – £10,000.
Members noted the receipts.

13.Councillor Vacancy.

A formal letter of application for co-option on to the Council was received was received from Mr JP Copp just prior to the meeting. Having considered the application and with Mr Copp having been a previous Chairman the Members  RESOLVED to co-opt Mr JP Copp on to the Council.
Action: Clerk to ask Mr JP Copp to attend next meeting in order to sign a Declaration of Acceptance of Office and a Register of Member’s Interests.

14.Village Events.

14.1Getting to know each other. This had proved to be a very well attended and received event and all concerned were thanked for their input. Cllr J Bradford has written a short account for publication in the Courier. After discussion the on date and format Members
RESOLVED to hold another event, similar to the April event, on Saturday 26 September and to hold subsequent events in March/April and September 2010 with Cllr J Bradford as the lead Member.
Action: Cllr J Bradford
14.2Village Feast. After discussion on the format and date Members
RESOLVED to hold another feast, following the usual format of BBQ, Hog roast, children’s entertainer, Castledown radio, on Saturday 18 July 2009 at a cost not to exceed £600 with Cllr Matton as the lead Member.
Action: Cllr Matton

15.1Cllr Matton gave a short brief on a Tidworth Community Area Youth meeting at which it was agreed that a “youth needs analysis” be funded and conducted.
15.2Cllr A Bradford agreed to follow up on the reinstatement of the Lower Everleigh sign.

16. Date of Next Meeting: was confirmed as 7.00 pm on Monday 6th July 2009 at The Crown Hotel.

Signed: date:



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