Neighbourhood Bulletin – 2nd March 2009

A few things to circulate this time. Firstly there have been a couple of incidents of Fly Tipping which is not only anti social, but costs money to clean up and while it is present, it’s an eyesore and items dumped can be hazardous to animals, children and the environment (Glass fibre and cleaning chemicals were dumped on Windmill Hill, a favourite for dog walkers) Please record index numbers of any vehicles seen dumping waste, at the time if possible so we can try to catch them in the act or at least near the scene. It seems that as the recycling centres are clamping down on non domestic waste, the rural areas are being used instead.

There’s a variation in email scams which is a different tack from the usual lottery win/dead relative type and plays on another human weakness, pets, which are offered for free, but then emails requesting specialist delivery charges via our old friend Western Union Money Transfer,then threats of animal cruelty if you don’t pay subsequent demands as poor pooch is stuck in a crate at some depot or other. All written in poor English and originate from Nigeria so this weeks top tip is ‘ Go to the pet rescue centre if you get the urge, not the unsolicited scammer’

I mentioned vehicles being stolen following burglaries or having fished the keys from the hall table via the letterbox in an earlier report, but as these are still happening felt it was worth reminding you to check where your keys and spares are right now! Audis are flavour of the month but any relatively new high powered quality car will do. To make the car invisible, they steal plates from a similar model so if you lose yours let us know and we will circulate them because not only does it give us an idea what plates the stolen one is now displaying, but it prevents you getting the speeding/parking fines, fuel bills from drive offs and early morning knocks on the door if used in serious crimes like distraction burglaries.

I know the cold snaps are nearly over but people are still de frosting their cars by leaving them running outside while they have their Ready Brek. You are not insured if it is stolen and I will issue a £30 ticket now if I catch anymore as I am getting too old to chase joyriders!! (No I do not get commission on tickets).

Finally, my better half, Pcso Claire Davidson is leaving to become a regular Officer and begins her training at the end of the month. I am sure you will all wish her well and I will update you with details of her replacement as soon as I know.


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