Minutes of the Everleigh Parish Council Meeting 8th September 2014



Minutes of the Everleigh Parish Council Meeting held at the Collingbourne Ducis School

on Monday 8 September 2014.

Chairman:       Cllr S Matton


Present:          CllrD Bottomley, Cllr T Symonds, Cllr K Preece, Cllr J Jones, and Cllr K Wheeler-Mallows


In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Parish Clerk), Wilts County Cllr C Howard.

  1. Apologies: Cllr M Goldsmith and Wilts Police.


  1. Disclosure of Interest. After being co-opted Cllr Preece declared a pecuniary interest in item 10.1


  1. Co-option.   Having considered an application from Karen Preece and having confirmed that she had met the statutory (LGA 1972 Sect 79 & 80) eligibility requirements she was co-opted as a Member of the Council. She then signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office (LGA 1972 Sect 83). The Clerk has informed Cllr Preece of the legal requirement to complete a Register Interests Form on Wiltshire Council’s Website within 28 days of 8 September 2014.


  1. Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 23 June 2014. The minutes were signed by the Chairman as a true record.


  1. Matters Arising.


5.1   Item 4.4. NHW.   The signs have yet to be delivered to the police.

5.2   Item 10.4. Streetscene Minor Works. The Members congratulated Cllr Wheeler-Mallows and Wilts Cllr Howard on their efforts in getting so much work done by Wilts Council.

5.3   Item 14. Openreach. Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that 200 lines will soon be available, however he is not sure if these lines will deliver the level or speed of broadband required across the village. Nonetheless it is a big move in the right direction. He anticipated that by Friday 12 September 2014 there should be enough capacity in the lines for those wishing to order or upgrade broadband to make their request to a provider.


  1. General Public. No questions asked


  1. Wilshire Constabulary. The following belated report was received by email: 13/08 – Found property, empty cash boxes were found by KK Crossing. 09/08 – Possible hare coursers seen going from Everleigh towards Upavon.   26/07 Army Training Area, illegal logging, offenders were seen felling trees, they were travelling in a 56 Registration, Hyundai Santa Fe, colour blue.


  1. County Councillor. Wilts County Councillor C Howard presented the following report: The old Clarence number has been replaced by 0300 456 0105. Reports may now be made online to www.wiltshire.gov.uk/mywilts, and an app is available to smart phone and pad users who can download an App from the online reporting website. It is now possible to track progress in real time on resolving road maintenance issues that have been reported online. Issues that can be reported include council signs, car parks, fly-tipping, potholes, playgrounds, street lighting, roads and drains and manholes, traffic lights, dead animals on a public road, trees and many others. Parish Councils may apply for one ton bags of road salt grit. The next Tidworth Area Board is to be held on 22nd September at the Ludgershall Memorial Hall. There is £24,000 of Area Board grants available and not earmarked for any existing grant applications. The new Wiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging Scheme has just started to enable members of the public to receive messages of their choice about such things as alerts from Neighbourhood Watch,about flooding, Farmwatch and Horsewatch. It is open to the community now at www.wiltsmessaging.co.uk .

The Chairman thanked Wilts Cllr Howard for his report.


  1. Correspondence – As received and if necessary held at the clerk’s office.

9.1   None that has not already been circulated.







  1. Planning.  Planning Applications as received from Wiltshire Council. Cllr Preece left the meeting at 7.35pm.

10.1  14/04685/FUL – Jenoline. Having previously considered the application Members Resolved to support the proposed plans which they believed were well thought out and in keeping with the environment of the village.

Cllr Preece rejoined the meeting at 7.40pm


  1. Property.

11.1       Grass Cutting. Performance update. Cllr Goldsmith reported by email that all in hand and that an extra cut might be needed before the end of the growing season to which the Members agreed as there was enough in the budget line.

Action: Cllr Goldsmith

11.2       Tree Watering.   Having discussed the need for tree watering for the remainder of the year Members agreed that one final watering would be conducted on Tue 9 Sep.  Afternote: This has been completed.

11.3       New Slide. Cllr Goldsmith reported by email on possible solutions and costings as did Cllr Symonds who also reported on possible funding streams. Having considered both reports Members agreed that further work was needed on both the solution and funding streams and that the matter be deferred to the next meeting.

Action: Cllrs Symonds & Goldsmith.

11.4       Church Yard. Cllr Matton proposed that the PC approach the Woodland Trust with a view to applying for free trees to go in the Church Yard. Members authorised Cllr Mattoon to investigate the free trees and to report back at the next meeting.

Action: Cllr Matton.

11.5       Notice Board. The notice board at Lower Everleigh is in need of repair which Cllr Goldsmith has in hand.

Action: Cllr Goldsmith


  1. Finance.

12.1       The Clerk presented a current liquidity statement and bank reconciliation as follows:

12.1.1      Balance at Lloyds TSB CA (statement date 5 Aug 14 ) £5679.02

12.1.2 Balance at Lloyds BIAA ( statement date 3 Jun 14) £51.72

12.1.3      Balance at Santander (statement date 5Aug 14) £1,948.02

12.1.4      Combined Balance at 5 Aug 14 £7679.02

12.1.5      Reconciled Balance as at 8 Sep 14 £5,375.40

Members noted the statement and reconciliation.

12.2       Authorise cheques for payment and those cheques issued since last meeting.

12.2.1      460 M Goldsmith (Repair Material) £25.98

12.2.2      461 Wilts Concrete (WW 1 Commemorative Mugs) £1190.04

12.2.3      462 M Goldsmith (Fireworks) £540.00

12.2.4      463 D Bottomley( Avon Security – Padlocks) £25.00

12.2.5      464 D Bottomley (Fuel & Printing) £159.58

12.2.6      465 S Wheeler-Mallows ( Cheese & Biscuits For Commemorative Service) £82.70

12.3       Note all major receipts since last meeting.

12.3.1      None.

Members noted the receipts

12.4       Annual Return. Members noted the conclusion of the audit for FY13/14 with the receipt of Annual Return with one minor comment made by the External Auditor.

12.5       Members noted the posting of Audit Completion Notice on 30 July 14.

12.6       Clerk’s Salary and Expenses. The Clerk presented his Jul-Sep 14 salary invoice for £353.25 which will now be paid (less NI) by BACS via the agreement set up with Douglas Tonks ltd.

Members RESOLVED to authorise the payment of the invoice for £385.55 by BACS via Douglas Tonks Ltd.

12.7       DEVS. Having considered making a grant application Members agreed that Cllr Matton was to approach the DEVS Committee with view to securing a grant for replacement of play area equipment.

Action: Cllr Matton


  1. Village Events

13.1       Fireworks. Cllr Goldsmith reported that the fireworks have been purchased and will be stored by the supplier until required. The wood for the fire will be delivered as close to as possible in a quantity similar to last year with a tarpaulin to cover it until fire construction takes place. He is happy to lead on firework ignition and will restock the first aid if required before the event. Cllr Matton agreed to produce and circulate a planning check sheet in week commencing Mon 15 Sep 14.

13.2       DEVS. Cllr Matton briefed members on the planning to date and Members agreed the allocation of tasks and responsibilities.

Action: All Members

13.3       WWI Commemorations.

13.3.1      Mugs. Some of the Commemorative Mugs have been distribute/delivered however the remainder are being held by Cllr Matton who will arrange for their distribution.

13.3.2      Memorial Service. The service held on Sat 9 Aug was very well received by all who attended and drew some very positive feedback. The Members thanked everyone who helped to make it a very special and fitting occasion.

13.3.3      Memorial Stone. Cllr Jones reported that a decision on the style of the stone and is now waiting to see what funding streams become available before taking any further action. Cllr Matton reported that she was to meet with the Churches Conservation Trust in the very near future which may result in opening up a way ahead on funding.

Action: Cllrs Jones & Matton.

  1. Standing Orders.   Having considered amendments in line with The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 to allow reporting, film or recording of council meetings by a variety of means, or to tweet or blog Members RESOLVED to amend Standing Orders 30 and 31 to read as follows:



(Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings Act 1960 Sect 1, LGA 1972 Sect 100 and The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014)


30. The public shall be admitted to and allowed to report, film or record council meetings by a variety of means, or to tweet or blog. Oral commentary whilst a meeting is in progress is not allowed and any recording or tweeting, etc must not be done in a disruptive manner.  Reporting is only allowed in parts of the meeting open to the public.  All Meetings of the Council and its committees and sub-committees, may, however, temporarily exclude the public by means of the following resolution:


“That in view of the (special) (confidential) nature of the business about to be transacted, it is advisable in the public interest that the public be temporarily excluded and they are instructed to withdraw.”


(Notes: The special reasons should be stated.  If a person’s advice or assistance is needed they may be invited (by name) to remain after the exclusion resolution is passed).


  1. The Clerk shall afford to the press reasonable facilities for taking their report of any proceedings at which they are entitled to be present.”

Action: Clerk


  1. Wilts Council highways.  

15.1       Byeways Enford 9 & Everleigh 16. Members had previously noted themodification of Byeways to be Restricted Byeways.

15.2       Garden Waste.   Members noted that although Wilts Council was running a consultation on changes to its garden waste collection services very few if any of the villagers knew of the consultation. Having considered this, Members then agreed to do a flyer drop to each household in the village. They further agreed that this flyer drop would be combined with a flyer drop for upcoming village events and allocated drop areas to specific Cllrs.

Action: All Members


  1. Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 7.00pm on Monday 3rd November 2014 to be held in Collingbourne School.


Signed:                                                                                      date: