SPTA HQ News – Public Safety Message

14th December 2022

Earlier in the week some braided wire was found running across a Public Right of Way (PRoW) at chest height, there is currently no evidence to suggest that this obstacle was supporting military training activity.

There is potential that the braided wire may have been placed by a disgruntled member of the public who is potentially frustrated with the amount of illegal off road activity taking place on the plain (this has not been proven).

If this is the case, this type of deterrence is highly dangerous and unlawful. Members of the public are reminded that woodblocks are out of bounds unless a PRoW passes through the woodblock in which case members of the public must not deviate from the PRoW.

If a member of the public observes illegal activity in the plain they are requested to report it as a crime in progress to Wiltshire Police on 999. If however, a member of the public finds items that may be deemed as dangerous on the plain (wire/cables tied between trees etc) they are requested to report it on the SPTA complaints line – 01980 620819.

Thank you.

From Official Facebook Page of SPTA HQ