Tidworth Area Board Report from Everleigh Parish Council

Feedback from the TAB meeting Monday 20th September 2010


NHS Report: Updates and Report

NHS Report August 2010.pdf 84.03 Kb 29/09/2010, 10:24

NHS Report.pdf 103.92 Kb 29/09/2010, 10:32


Free swimming for the over 60s at the TLC will be suspended from 1 Oct 10; budget pressure


Wellington Academy: The new build is scheduled to open in March 2011


Great Stones Way: A refurbished stretch of footpath from Avebury to Stonehenge is due to open in September 2011


Dates of local events: ABF Early Christmas Fair at Tedworth House next week on Wed 29 Sep; Garrison Bonfire night Old Carter Bks Bulford Thu 4 Nov at 6pm


Community Area Grants: Everleigh PC secured £1873 for the Eqpt + BMX track phase of the Playground development; £35K left in the fund.


Future TAB Meetings: Mon 15 Nov 2010 (Netheravon); Mon 17 Jan 2011 (Tidworth); Mon 21 Mar 2011(Welligton Academy). All at 7pm.

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