Wiltshire 2026 – Planning for Wiltshire Future

Wiltshire Council is preparing a Core Strategy to plan for sustainable growth in Wiltshire up to 2026.
This will start to replace and update the policies within the former district councils’ Local Plans.
Since early 2009, the Council has been preparing a document for public consultation which pulls together and builds upon the work undertaken by the individual district councils and seeks to validate this and produce an overall vision and strategic objectives to guide growth within Wiltshire. It also sets out new information on where new housing and jobs should be provided in the north, east and west of Wiltshire. The consultation document will not cover all the content that will be within the final Core Strategy but is an important stage in its preparation.

The consultation starts on so” October and ends on 31st December 2009. Information about the consultation is included in the enclosed newsletter from the spatial planning service. We want to encourage as many people as possible to get involved and are holding a series of exhibitions. These are open to everyone. The dates and venues are included in the newsletter and listed on the back of this letter for ease of reference.


Please read the attached flyer for more information

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