Everleigh Parish Council – Minutes from 2nd November 2009




Minutes of the Everleigh Parish Council Meeting held at the Crown Hotel

on Monday 2 November 2009.


Chairman: Cllr D Beaton


Present: Cllr D Bottomley, Cllr J Bradford, Cllr A Bradford, Cllr J Copp, Cllr S Matton and Cllr K Wheeler-Mallows.


In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Parish Clerk), County Cllr C Howard and one Member of the public.


  1. Apologies: PCSO P Royston.


2. Disclosure of Interest. None declared


  1. General Public. A member of the public raised the issue of the parking of a water tanker during filling in a location that he considered to be unsafe. The Chairman agreed to raise the matter with the the police as causing an obstruction on the highway in contravention of Act of Parliament.


  1. Wilshire Constabulary. PCSO P Royston reported in a written report that, unfortunately, no police representative was available to attend the meeting but she was hopeful that a representative should be available to attend the next meeting. She reported that PC Graham Wilkins has now left Wiltshire Police and has joined Hampshire Police and that PC Mark Randle no longer works in this area. She reported the following incidents of note that had happened in the area, a Parachute accident, a loose cow in East Chisenbury, a motor car stopped and searched, a concern for elderly lady of which the local doctor was made aware, a burnt out vehicle was found, hair coursing x 3, one vehicle stopped with 2 x persons arrested, and a neighbourhood dispute.

Although the Members found the report useful they expressed their dissatisfaction at the lack of a police representative and directed the Clerk to write to Insp M Sweett on the subject.

Action: Clerk


  1. Report from County Councillor. Cllr C Howard provided the following update on progress to integrate the operations and services of the four former District Councils and Wiltshire County Council: A process known as ‘Workplace Transformation’ is now taking place, and a summary is as follows:

Wiltshire Council’s offices will be concentrated on four ‘Hubs’ as follows:

Trowbridge- County Hall covering the former West Wilts area.

Salisbury, in the newly reconstructed Bourne Hill offices.

Devizes, at Browfort covering the former Kennet area.

Chippenham, at Monkton Park covering the former North Wilts area. The number of office premises in Wiltshire will be reduced by 94 to just the four ‘Hubs’, plus peripheral contact points at 17 other locations in public libraries and leisure centres etc. The surplus office space will be sold off, and this will largely offset the additional costs of upgrading the four ‘Hubs’. The computer systems of the five former Councils were all different, and are being integrated and Council staff are to be issued with more modern computers and communications equipment. Council staff will enjoy better working conditions in the new ‘Hubs’, and should be able to work more flexibly and efficiently than at present. These changes only apply to Council offices, and do not affect the Council’s many other premises such as schools, road maintenance depots etc.

This process is now well in hand and is expected to take about three years to complete. The anticipated annual cost savings are substantial, to which can be added increased efficiency and improvement in staff working conditions.


  1. Minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting and Annual Meeting of the Parish held on 2 September 2009. These were signed by the Chairman as a true record.


  1. Matters Arsing. None that do not appear on the agenda.


  1. Correspondence – As received and if necessary held at the clerk’s office.

    1. WALC Newsletter. WALC – News Letter

    2. Wiltshire 20126- Planning for Wiltshire’s Future.

Members noted the correspondence and Cllr Bottomley agreed to attend the briefing linked to item 8.2.

Action: Cllr Bottomley


  1. Planning. No Planning Applications had been received from Wiltshire Council


  1. Property.

    1. Play Area.

      1. Cllr A Bradford confirmed that the PC had been offered a Playbuilder grant of £5K and that he was in the process of submitting an application to Tidworth Area Board for a similar amount.

Action: Cllr Bradford

      1. Cllr A Bradford reported that the Play Area working group had met recently to consider amongst other things the best way to move forward the identification of the Phase 2 play needs and that they had concluded that it would be best to conduct a survey of the villagers. The Members supported the conclusion and Cllr Matton agreed to draft a survey and to circulate it to the other Members prior to her distributing the survey to the villagers.

Action: Cllr Matton

      1. The Chairman explained that the possible land purchase was a “slow burn” item and that Community First is looking to run a pilot scheme which may involve the Everleigh Play Area which certainly meets the criteria for the possible purchase of land from the MOD.

    1. Cllr A Bradford reported that he and Cllr Wheeler –Mallows had carried out repairs to the bus shelter roof. During this repair work it was noticed that the roof will probably need to be replaced in the next financial year at a cost of circa £500. The Clerk informed Members that there was enough in the planned reserves to cover the cost of the repair.

Action: Clerk to ensure that there is enough in the planned reserves for FY10/11 to cover the replacement of the roof.

    1. Cllr Matton informed Members that a Member of the public had raised a complaint regarding the growth of vegetation from Ivy Cottage which is overhanging the footpath by the bus shelter and that the growth is impeding free movement along the footpath. Having considered the matter the Members RESOLVED to direct the Clerk to write to the owner of Ivy Cottage to request the growth be cut back to allow free movement along the footpath.

Action: clerk to write to the owner of Ivy Cottage



  1. Finance.

    1. The Clerk presented a current liquidity statement and bank reconciliation as follows:

      1. Balance at Lloyds TSB CA (statement date 30/09/09) £2873.66

      2. Balance at Lloyds BIAA ( statement date 10/08/09) £51.72

      3. Balance at Alliance and Leicester (statement date 03/10/09) £1940.50

      4. Combined Balance £4865.88

Members noted the statement and reconciliation.

    1. Authorise cheques for payment and those cheques issued since last meeting.

      1. 314 – Cllr A Bradford ( Bench reimbursement) – £255.00

      2. 315 – Community First (Fireworks Insurance) £111.60

      3. 316 – Clerk’s Salary £219.68

Members RESOLVED to authorise the cheques

    1. Note all receipts since last meeting.

      1. Feast Tickets £33.00

      2. Community First (Play area Grant) £250.00

      3. A Bradford (Sale of Goals & Nets) £23.95

Members noted the receipts.

    1. Having considered the draft budget for FY 10/11 presented by the RFO (Cllr J Bradford) which includes a general reserve, allowances for at least two major village events with associated additional insurance costs and general price inflation along with an allowance for the receipt of £5K Play Builder grant and for it to be spent on the play area.

Members RESOLVED to agree the budget as presented and appended to these minutes.

Action RFO & Clerk

    1. Having considered the proposed Precept as set out in the agreed budget

Members RESOLVED not to raise the level of the Precept from FY 09/10 and therefore to set the FY10/11 Precept at £3100.00.

Action: Clerk to raise demand to Wiltshire Council.


  1. Village Events

    1. Getting to Know You. Cllr J Bradford reported that those that did not come to the event missed out on hearing of the exploits Jim Stoodley during the Second World War and given the diminished level of support for this event suggested that another event should replace this one. The Members agreed that it was now time to identify another suitable event and that the matter be discussed at the next meeting. The Members RESOLVED to thank Cllr J Bradford for the hard work she had put into making the event happen.

Action: Cllr J Bradford & Clerk

    1. Fireworks Event. Cllr Copp reported that flyers had gone out and that to date he had received requests for 44 tickets. During a discussion tasks were identified and allocated to specific Members. The issue of inclement weather was discussed and it was agreed that it was unlikely that the there would be a repeat of last year’s down pour however Cllr Copp would need to be prepared if the same situation arose.

Action Cllr Copp.


  1. Retirement of Chairman. The Chairman informed the Members that it was his firm intention to retire as both Chairman and Councillor at the next Annual Meeting of the Parish Council in May 2010 and asked Members to consider who amongst them might best placed and willing to stand as Chairman in order that the person could spend some time shadowing the Chairman.


  1. AOB for information only.

    1. Cllr Matton informed Members that Castledown Radio was now operating as an independent entity and was trying to raise funding to secure its operating license. Members discussed the situation agreed that at the next PC they would consider making a donation of £100 in recognition of the support provided to the Village Summer Event. However, any further funding would only be considered once Castledown Radio’s full financial situation was clear to the Members.


  1. Date of Next Meeting: was confirmed as 7.00 pm on Monday 4th January 2010 at The Crown Hotel.


Signed: date:




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