Everleigh Parish Council – Meeting Minutes 6th September 2010




Minutes of the Everleigh Parish Council Meeting held at the Crown Hotel

on Monday 6 September 2010.

Chairman: Cllr S Matton


Present: Cllr A Bradford, Cllr J Copp, Cllr M Goldsmith, Cllr D Bottomley, Cllr K Wheeler-Mallows and T McQuaid.


In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Parish Clerk), PC M Bayliss, Wilts County Cllr C Howard and one member of the public.

1. Apologies:

2.    Disclosure of Interest. None declared

3. General Public.  No questions asked


4. Wilshire Constabulary.  PC M Bayliss reported that the Police had dealt with the following incidents: theft of lead, theft of a bag from a car and 3 poaching/hare coursing incidents.  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows informed Members that the NHW Team was working well.

The Chairman thanked PC Bayliss for attending the meeting.


5. Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 5 July 2010. These were signed by the Chairman as a true record.


6. Matters Arising.

6.1 Item 6.1.   The investigation of purchasing land for a possible future location for a Village Hall remains ongoing with Cllr Wheeler- Mallows in the lead and the Tennant Farmer Mr B Waight has agreed in principle to the use possible purchase of the land but with conditions.

6.2 Item 6.2.   The chairman has a letter ready to go out to the residents of Lower Everleigh regarding their concerns over speed limits and other matters.

6.3             Item 9.2.  Cllr Goldsmith was congratulated for his work on the slide sides.

7. Correspondence – As received and if necessary held at the clerk’s office.

7.1             Giant Green Systems.  It was agreed that the Chairman would take the lead on this item.

7.2              The Chairman read out a letter received from TACP and distributed the leaflets that came with the letter to the Members.


8. Planning. No Planning Applications were received from Wiltshire Council.

9. Property.

9.1 Cllr Bottomley reported that the funding application to the Tidworth Area Board to support the next phase of the Playground Project (4 pieces of equipment and a BMX track) is now with the Board Manager and it is anticipated that the application will be successful. In light of this Members RESOLVED that Cllr Bradford and the Play Area Working Group progress the purchase and delivery of the play equipment and construction of the BMX track, once the Tidworth Area Board has deliberated on the Everleigh PC Community Grant Application at its next meeting on Mon 20 Sep 10.

Action:  Cllr Bradford & Working Group.

9.2 Following a verbal brief by the Chairman on the background of the requirement for a shelter and a discussion of a short options paper prepared by Cllr Bottomley the Members RESOLVED that the Play Area Working Group should meet in the very near future to investigate a Self Help Timber Shelter and to prepare a draft grant application for submission to the next meeting of TAB.  Cllr A Bradford agreed to lead on this item and will arrange the meeting as soon as is practicable. It was also agreed that Cllr McQuaid would take the lead on exploring donations from a variety of sources to support fundraising for the shelter phase of the Playground Project.

Action:  Cllr A Bradford & Working Group.

9.3             Cllr Goldsmith reported that the Dog Bin for the play area is out of stock.    Action: Cllr Goldsmith

9.4              Cllr Goldsmith reported that the BT telephone Box had been repaired and that the BT post outside Jenoline will be replaced in line with BT’s replacement schedule.

9.5              Cllr Goldsmith reported that the cut verges were looking very good.


10. Finance.

10.1                The Clerk presented a current liquidity statement and bank reconciliation as follows:

10.1.1             Balance at Lloyds TSB CA (statement date 2 July 10) £3618.97

10.1.2             Balance at Lloyds BIAA ( statement date 17 Apr 10) £51.72

10.1.3            Balance at Alliance and Leicester (statement date 4 August 10) £1941.79

10.1.4           Combined Balance £5612.48

Members noted the statement and reconciliation. The Clerk highlighted the fact that the External Auditor’s Fee was £260 more than anticipated and the £4,600 of combined balance is already earmarked to be spent.  He also highlighted that spending was more that that budgeted for and that the External Auditor may raise a comment on the level of spending in this FY.  Members noted the Clerk’s comments and RESOLVED that all future village events should be fund raising events with proceeds being used to support the Play Area Project.

10.2                      The members noted the minor comments made by the external auditor and RESOLVED to direct the Clerk to comply with the comments in future years and noted that the Statutory Notice of Electors Rights had been posted on 14 August 2010.

Action:  Clerk

10.3                     Authorise cheques for payment and those cheques issued since last meeting.

10.3.1       345 AB-FAB Loos Ltd – £82.25.

10.3.2       346 Castledown Radio – £100.

10.3.3       347 Mazars Audit Fees -£334.88

10.3.4       348 Mr P Gill – £221.98

Members RESOLVED to authorise the cheques

10.4                      Member agreed that they had reviewed the current budget at item 10.1.1 and would consider authorising the spending for the next phase of the Play Area project at the November meeting.

10.5                     Having considered making a donation to St Johns Ambulance

Members RESOLVED not to make a donation and that the Chairman was to write back to this effect.

Action: Chairman

10.6                     Note all receipts since last meeting.

10.6.1       A&L Interest £0.26p

Members noted the receipts


11. Road Safety.

11.1                     Speed Limit Review.  Following a verbal brief by Cllr Bottomley Wilts County Cllr C Howard advised that although the PC had made a good case to reduce the speed limit on the A342 in Everleigh from 50mph to 40mph, he felt that it was unlikely that the PC would be successful in making any further challenge to the outcome of the review. Members agreed that a better strategy be would be to focus on speeding rather than speed limits.  To this end Wilts Cllr Howard agreed to investigate having a mobile “Speed Indicator” deployed in the village and it was agreed that Cllr Bottomley would write to Wilts Council expressing the PC’s disappointment at the outcome of the Speed Limit Review.  Action:  Wilts County Cllr Howard & Cllr Bottomley

11.2                      50MPH Speed Limit in Lower Everleigh.  Given the preceding discussion it was agreed that no further action be taken on this item.

11.3                      Bus Pull In.   Having considered the matter of the creation of a bus pull in on the north side of the A342 at Lower Everleigh Wilts Cllr Howard agreed to raise the idea with the relevant officer at Wilts Council.  Action:  Wilts County Cllr Howard

11.4.          The matter of potholes on the C53 was raised to Wilts County Cllr Howard who agreed to take this up with the Wilts County Highways Department.  Action:  Wilts County Cllr Howard.

11.5.          Cllr Wheeler-Mallow reported that it was anticipated that majority of signs requested of Wilts Council at the last PC meeting will be in place by the end of October.

The Chairman thanked Wilts Cllr Howard for attending the meeting.





12. Village Events

12.1                      Picnic/Barbeque.   Cllr Matton reported that the event had been well attended and an unqualified success and she agreed to write to Mr J Hayden thanking him for supplying the electricity to the event.  Action:  Cllr Matton

12.2                      Fire Works.   Cllr Copp reported that everything was in hand but that he had yet to order the fireworks. Members reconfirmed that the cost of the fireworks was not to exceed £350 and that the event was now to be a fund raising event with proceeds going to support the Play Ground Project.  Members agreed to meet at 10.00am on the day to carry out a range of tasks. Action: Cllr Copp.

12.3                      Litter Pick.   The Members having noted the offer of the loan of litter picking equipment from Wilts County agreed that the Litter Pick should take place at 11.00am on Saturday 6 November starting from the Crown Car Park.   Cllr Matton agreed to lead on this event.   Action:   Cllr Matton

13. AOB for information only.

13.1                      Community 1St AGM.  Cllr T McQuaid agreed to attend. Action:  Cllr McQuaid

13.2                       Parish Improvement Grant Scheme (PIGS).  As this related to footpaths it was agreed that no further action was to be taken due as most footpaths and public rights of way are on MOD land and sign posted by the MOD.

13.3                       Wilts County Leisure Centre Questionnaire.   The Chair distributed copies for Cllrs to consider.

13.4                       Code of Conduct.  The Chairman informed Members that it is Central Government’s view that the Standards Board regime may no longer be necessary; however the current regime will remain in place until next November.


14. Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 7.00pm on Monday 1 November 2010 to be held at the Crown Hotel.


Signed:                                                                                      date:



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