Everleigh Play Area


The development of the Everleigh play area is intended to provide a fit for purpose play area for children in the village of all ages.

This development will include a number of new items of play equipment suitable for use by children under 12 years of age. This equipment will supplement the existing equipment, some of which will be relocated as the installers develop a more fit for purpose layout for, what will be an enclosed dedicated under 12’s play area.

There will be seating provided and the area will be fenced off and landscaped to provide a secure, safe and pleasant environment for parents and children to enjoy the facilities provided.


The remaining area will contain the existing basket ball hoop, but with a hard standing area to better facilitate the use of the equipment. The remaining area is to be developed into a BMX track based on design layouts produced by children of the village. Designs were produced by children attending Blue’s & Two’s in the Crown Public House where parish councillors solicited suggestions for the development of the play area and asked the children what facilities they wanted to have provided in the village play area. Unanimously, the children voted for a BMX track to their own design in preference to football goals or skate boarding equipment.


Development plan

Funding has been obtained to develop the play area and purchase the necessary equipment to provide a fit for purpose play area for children in the village. With any projects involving provision of play equipment,

significant funding is required and this has taken sometime to secure, but sufficient funding is in place to enable a phased development to begin.


Phase one


  • Site preparation, levelling of play area and removal of existing play equipment where necessary
  • Repair of play area perimeter fencing, replacement and provision of access gates
  • Installation of dividing fencing around dedicated under 12’s play area Installation of new play equipment in under 12’s play area
  • Repositioning of existing play equipment where necessary
  • Installation of seating in under 12’s play area
  • Landscaping around new and repositioned play equipment


Phase two (completion subject to further funding)


  • Construction of BMX track including jumps, banking and obstacles in accordance with suggested designs
  • Hard standing installation for the basket ball hoop
  • Provision of shelter and seating in BMX track area
  • Landscaping BMX area




  • Perimeter fencing has been repaired and a new equipment access gate fitted
  • Missing access gate at the south end of the area has been replaced with a new self closing gate
  • A new 4ft timber dividing fence between the new under 12’s play area and the BMX track has been installed
  • Installation of new under 12’s play equipment to commence on 20th April with expected completion and hand over on the 27th April

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