Minutes of the Everleigh Parish Council Meeting – Monday 5 March 2012.


MARCH 2012

Minutes of the Everleigh Parish Council Meeting held at the Crown Hotel

on Monday 5 March 2012.


Chairman:   Cllr S Matton


Present:      Cllr D Bottomley Cllr C Haywood, Cllr T McQuaid and Cllr K Wheeler-Mallows


In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Parish Clerk), PC Bayliss and Wilts County Cllr C Howard.


1.                  Apologies:   Cllr A Bradford


2.                  Disclosure of Interest.  None declared


3.                  Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 9 January 2011.  The Minutes were signed by the Chairman as a true record.


4.                  Matters Arising.

4.1               None that do not appear on the agenda


5.                  General Public.  No questions asked.


6.                  Wilshire Constabulary.   PC Bayliss reported the crimes that had been reported since the last meeting the most significant of which were the dispersal of a possible rave, theft of a handbag from a car parked at a local beauty spot, a road rage incident.

The Chairman thanked PC Bayliss for attending the meeting.


7.      County Councillor.    Wilts Councillor C Howard provided a report a précis of which follows:

The Council’s Budget for 2012/13 was approved at a full meeting of the Council on 28th February, and the main points are: Council Tax payable to the Council remains unchanged, as does the amount payable to the Police Authority and to Wiltshire Fire and Rescue. This gives a total Band D charge for the year of £1,442.58.  The only minor increase is in the precept of some Parish Councils.

The amount of Council Tax payable is being held at last year’s level despite a decrease of £3.2 million in the Formula Grant from central government and despite the decrease the Council is increasing expenditure in the coming year on Care of old and vulnerable people by £9.7 million and Children’s services by £4.9 million.  Moreover, Highway maintenance from £18.3 million to £18.7million: much remains to be done, but the backlog of work is expected to be reduced by a further 10% this year.

The Chairman thanked Wilts Cllr Howard for his report and for his continuing support especially on highway matters.


8.                  Correspondence.  As received and if necessary held by the Clerk.

8.1                None that have not been circulated or distributed at the meeting..


9.                  Planning.         Having considered the following the Planning Applications as received from Wiltshire Council.

9.1                None received.


10.              Property.

10.1            BT Pole.  Cllr Goldsmith confirmed that remains BT’s schedule for replacement.

Action: Cllr Goldsmith

10.2            Children Playing Signs.   Signs all in place item now closed.

10.3            Play area netting.  Parts have yet to be ordered.

Action: Cllr Goldsmith

10.4            West view sign.  Cllr Wheeler-Mallows have carried out a temporary repair to the sign and Members agreed to ask Cllr Howard to take this matter up with Wilts County Highways.

Action: Cllr Wheeler-Mallows and Wilts Cllr Howard.

10.5            Grass Cutting.  Cllr Goldsmith reported that discussions with Jon Bowden continue and that the invoice should be finalised before 31 Mar 12.

Action:  Cllr Goldsmith


11.              Finance.

11.1              The Clerk presented a current liquidity statement and bank reconciliation as follows:

Balance at Lloyds TSB CA (statement date 1 Feb 12) £756.04

Balance at Lloyds BIAA (statement date 19 Aug 11) £51.72

Balance at Santander (statement date 1 Mar 12) £1944.30

Combined Balance £2752.06

Members noted the statement and reconciliation.

11.2               Authorise cheques for payment and those cheques issued since last meeting.

11.2.1   381.  Mr M Goldsmith (Premier Signs) £266.20.

11.2.2   382  Landmarc (playground rent) £40.00

Members RESOLVED to authorise the payment of the cheques.

11.3                Note all major receipts since last meeting.

11.3.2            Although the PC has received confirmation from Wilts Council that grants of £998.00 & £820.00 have been paid to the PC they have not as yet appeared in the bank account.  Members asked the Clerk to follow this matter up.

Action: Clerk (grants in bank account at 6 Mar 12)

Members noted the receipts


12                Village Events.

12.1            Olympic/Jubilee Events.    Cllr Bottomley lead the Members through the latest planning check list the main outcome of which was confirm the actions required and by whom, the detailed costs to dispense with the Hog Roast.

Action:  All Councillors

12.2             Woodland Trust Jubilee Tress. Cllr Hayward reported The PC has missed out on the first tranche but is in the running for the autumn tranche.

12.3             Curry Lunch.  Cllr McQuaid reported that all was in hand and the main effort now needs to be focused on advertising the event and ticket sales.

12.1            Youth Initiatives.  Now that the grant has been secured for Skateboard Springer for over 12’s – Members RESOLVED that Ordering and installation of Equipment could begin with Cllrs Matton and Goldsmith leading.


13                New Standards Framework.

The Clerk briefed the Members on the current situation with regard to the implementation of the revised Code of Conduct and Members agreed in principle to fall in line with the initial recommendations of Wilts Council.


14                Exchange of Information.

14.1            Tidworth Community Area Awards.  The Chairman reminded Members that nominations were due by 301 Mar 12

14.2             Footpaths on A342.    This clearing of the debris had been passed to the Highways Division for action which achieved a positive outcome.  Moreover, Wilts County has confirmed that the footpaths will be resurfaced in due course and the gullies cleared

14.3             Dogs barking in the Village.  The matter was passed to the appropriate division at Wiltshire Council which achieved an acceptable solution.

14.4            Wiltshire Strategy Policy.   Cllr Bottomley informed Members that he had reviewed the last policy draft and there was little change to the detail other than that Everleigh was now included in the list of small villages.  Members agreed   that no further action was required at this time.


15.       Date of Next Meeting:  The date of the next meeting was confirmed as the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.00pm on Thursday 10 May 2012 followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council to be held at the Crown Hotel.

Signed:                                                                                                                        date:


Name:                                                                                                 Chairman

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