Neighbourhood Bulletin – Lottery Scam

Following on from my last bulletin which ended “If something is too good to be true, it is” this also applies if you get a letter telling you you have won some foreign lottery or other especially if you haven’t bought a ticket for such a draw.The alarm bells should also start to ring when you are then asked to send a large sum of money via untraceable Western Union Money gram or similar to cover admin charges,however if you do send money further demands for customs clearance fees/currency transfer costs and as many other upfront fees as they can squeeze out of you until the penny finally drops that you will never receive the vast millions promised. Won’t happen to you? I hope not, but one poor Ducis resident is now out of pocket to the tune of £21,000 with no hope of retrieving a single penny!

So if a letter offering untold wealth plops onto your mat, forward it to me for collation and shredding!!!

PC Mark Randle 962
CBM Tidworth Rural
Phone:0845 4087000 extension 744 817/8

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