Neighbourhood Bulletin – Recent Burglaries- Collingbourne Ducis

Recent Burglaries- Collingbourne Ducis

This weekend, there were two burglaries in nearby houses in Collingbourne Ducis, both whilst the owners were away.

The investigations are on going but I think it would be a good idea just to pass on some crime prevention advice and reassurance.
If you are at all worried about leaving your premises when going on holiday, please get in touch with either myself or Claire and we can arrange a free survey of your house and offer crime prevention ideas.
In addition we will also pay attention to your house if you send us a quick email with the times/dates of your absence including contact details of key holders whilst you are away(plus a contact number for yourself whilst away if possible). It must be stressed that these are isolated incidents and our area is one of the safest in the country and just by being vigilant, passing us registration numbers of strange vehicles,or calling in suspicious behaviour or uninvited callers, we can maintain this position. The last burglary in the area back in the summer has been detected and two offenders convicted at court last month.

There have been a couple of reported incident in the Tidworth and Burbage area of Irish males in white vans touting plasma TVs for discount prices.Do not buy them, they do not work!

Remember, if something is too good to true it is!!!!

PC Mark Randle 962
CBM Tidworth Rural
Phone:0845 4087000 extension 744 817/8

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