Tidworth Area Board Report from Everleigh Parish Council

* Fire Cadets at Ludgershall. Under threat of closure due to finance. TAB is considering financial support.


* Wilts Police  – Crime down by 17% in the last FY. – Please click here to read  Police Update – July 2010 483.60 Kb 19/05/2010, 07:20


* NHS Report.  – Please click  NHS Report – July 2010 79.64 Kb 23/07/2010, 07:43


* Street Lighting Review. Chute + Station Rd have submitted scope for reductions (dimming). We submitted no change for Everleigh; accepted.


* Waste & Recycling Collection. Intent to introduce plastics and garden waste collection fortnightly free of charge, in addition to current collections, ie paper, bottles and cans. More details at www,wiltshire.gov.uk/waste at which you can also submit comments by Fri 20 Aug 10.


* TCAP Update.

– 26 Aug: Blue Light Day at the TLC.
– 27 Oct: Band Concert at the Tidworth Theatre

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