A View from Everleigh – April 2014

Sally Matton (CD 850480) writes in the April Edition of The Courier Magazine

Sunshine, sunshine, everywhere! What a lovely view I have had the last few weeks as the earth dried up a bit in most places and the green shoots, blossom, daffodils and crocuses are out to remind us that spring has sprung. Lawns have had their first mow and I think we are all breathing a sigh of relief that the wet weather has moved on. Flood signs have mainly disappeared leaving behind some very damaged roads with potholes and edges badly eroded. Wiltshire Council have a dedicated team working to fix the worst parts – please let me know if you have a particular bad spot to report and we can make sure the Council know and that it gets repaired.


We have had some very promising news from BT Openreach on the provision of new equipment for Everleigh. A request has been made and signed off (this means money is going to be spent) for 3.9 km of ducting which will house new copper cabling from the exchange in Collingbourne Ducis to Everleigh with 200 pair capacity. This will allow the removal of the very antiquated concentrator from the cabinet in Everleigh (which is the source of most of our problems). This work is reported to be costing a ‘significant six-figure sum’.

The time frame is subject to current and planned contractor commitments and also highway issues which will involve Wiltshire Council and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation but we have been told approximately six months. Once installed, each house will be able to have its own phone line (not shared) and that means that those who want Broadband will be able to have it. This is a major move forward for our Village and it is hoped that after this investment has been made it will be easier and more cost effective to have fibre optic technology once Great Western Broadband have decided where and when they are going to spend money to bring otherwise non-commercially viable areas up to speed as regards superfast Broadband.

We all owe a huge thank you to Cllr Wheeler-Mallows who has, through sheer hard work and determination, orchestrated this move forward. In the meantime we will hopefully be more accepting of all the faults we endure on an almost weekly basis knowing that better equipment is on the way – do keep reporting faults though as your service is important and BT are under contract to provide you with a workable phone line.


As some of you will know, The Reverend Jo Reid was licensed on 13th March and is now the new Vicar for the Collingbournes and Everleigh. This is great news and I would like, on behalf of the Village, to welcome Jo to the area and hope she is very happy here. If anyone would like to represent Everleigh on the Parochial Church Council I would be very interested to hear from you. We have been unrepresented for quite some time now and the task is not an onerous one and it would ensure that we have a voice on all things church related. You will see a flyer to a Tea Party in the Church in this edition – please keep that date free and we are always grateful for cakes, plants, books and raffle prizes – do let me know if you can help.


Last month I said I would let you know the code to open the box for the defibrillator – it is C1234. If you would like to read the instructions or watch a DVD on how to use it please let me know and I will make sure you get a copy. The unit does talk you through using it and so is self explanatory but if you are like me you like to be doubly sure.

If you know anyone who makes crafts and would like a stall to sell them I am organising a Craft Tent at the DEVS this year and have a number of spaces to fill. Please pass on the word. There are also trade stands available for those who commercially sell their wares.

I will have more Parish Council news next month as we are meeting after I have written this. If you are itching to find out what was discussed at the March meeting then please check village notice boards for the minutes.


Lastly can I remind you that on 23rd April at the Wellington Academy at 6.30 pm The Tidworth Community Area Awards take place and all are welcome.

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