Comments : An alternative viewpoint

Following a conversation I was unfortunately dragged into I would  just like to clarify the following points :


a) This website is a resource for the village of Everleigh, for those people who choose to use it.

b) Anyone who would like to promote their cause/message/event/news that has releveance to the village is more than welcome to submit information.  Wherever possible I try to gather news and information from local sources that I think would be of interest.  If I do not know about it, I can not mention it !

c) This site is not being run for profit or for any orther aim, other than to provide information that is, I think,  useful to the audience who are looking for information on the village of  Everleigh, whether current or historic.  If you think that your information is not being promoted, please get in touch

d) If you would like to be involved in publishing news and events, please contact me.


Thank you.


Webmaster : Everleigh Village Website


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