Everleigh Parish Council – Annual Meeting Minutes 10th May 2010



Minutes of the Annual meeting of the Parish held

at the Crown Hotel on Monday 10th May 2010


Chairman: Cllr J Bradford (Chair).


Present: Cllr A Bradford, Cllr Matton and Cllr Wheeler-Mallows, Cllr D Bottomley, Cllr Goldsmith, Cllr Copp, Wilts County Cllr C Howard and PSgt M Freeman.


Apologies: None.


In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Parish Clerk).


1. Chairman’s Report. The Chairman reported 2009/10 was a very successful year again. We continue to have Parish Councillors on board who are willing to put in tremendous effort and time to ensure events are as successful as possible. The now annual summer BBQ took place in July, with The Crown hosting the event again. There were fewer people present than hoped for but those who attended enjoyed themselves. A second coffee morning was held in September and Jim Stoodley kindly gave a talk about his escapades as a youngster around Everleigh during the war. Again the Goa Balti hosted the event and provided the refreshments. November saw the return of the firework event. The fireworks were truly spectacular this year and the BBQ kept everyone warm! The playground was officially opened in August and a picture and story appeared in the local paper. The upkeep of the area is carried out periodically by a group of councillors and the grass is cut regularly by Councillor Denis Bottomley and one of the villagers. The next phase is under way and we have already received a £10000 grant toward it. Tony Bradford continues to head this project with the help of Councillors Sally Matton, Kim Wheeler Mallows and Denis Bottomley. We have also continued to hold litter picks; after the coffee morning, before the fireworks and again in April before the hedges and grass became too overgrown. Regular picks ensure the litter is kept to a minimum and these events are attracting a growing number of villagers willing to do their bit. The village bus shelter has been subject to repeated vandalism but Councillors Tony Bradford and Kim Wheeler-Mallows spent an afternoon in September making repairs and at the moment it remains in good condition. Councillor Denis Bottomley also continues to empty the bin at the shelter on a regular basis. Financially we remain in a good position and the precept remains unchanged this financial year. Councillors Hall and Howard continued to attend meetings regularly, but due to unification, Cllr Hall no longer has responsibility for Everleigh and Cllr Howard solely attends our meetings regularly to update and advise us. Phil Gill continues as Parish Clerk and ensures that all affairs are dealt with in a timely manner. Our jobs would undoubtedly be far more onerous without him. After several years as Chairman David Beaton stepped down due to ill health. The Parish Council and village benefited significantly under David’s leadership and I have been able to easily fit into the role, albeit that he is a hard act to follow. David recently won an award as recognition of his contribution to the community. Due to David’s resignation we had a vacancy and I welcome Mick Goldsmith on board. We were lucky enough to have two excellent applicants and hopefully Tracey McQuaid, who was unsuccessful, will consider applying again for any future vacancy. With new events on the horizon and the ongoing playground project, 2010/11 promises to be another demanding but rewarding year.


2. Finance Report. The Clerk reported that finances remain in a healthy condition with cash in all accounts at £3921.64 at year end. Although this is £1400 more than last year it includes £1000 earmarked for the next phase of the play area project. The exceptional £1140 payment made to secure grant money in FY 08/09 was recovered in this FY as forecast in the last report. The Precept remains at £3100 for FY 10/11. The accounts have been prepared by the Clerk, audited by the internal auditor and will be sent to Mazars the external auditor to meet the statutory deadline of 30 June 2010.  Income for FY09/10 was approximately £27,628 namely £22K in grants, £3100 Precept and a VAT refund of £2, 5 K in grants.
Outgoings were approximately £26264, with the largest amounts being the purchase and installation of new play equipment at £23K, insurance at approx £700 and village events costing £700. The balance of the spend was on grass cutting, Clerk’s salary, audit fees, and other such costs needed to run the PC. It is anticipated that in FY10/11 that further grants will be drawn down for the good and benefit of the Village.


3. Wiltshire County Council Report. Wilts Cllr C Howard reported that it is now just over a year since Wiltshire Council was formed from the four District Councils with Wiltshire County Council. During that time, much has been achieved but much remains to be done, including the ongoing problem of road repairs. The process of harmonising the Council’s services, rates of pay and ways of working across Wiltshire is well in hand and should be largely completed by the end of 2011. So far as I am concerned, my work as your Wiltshire Councillor has proved to be rewarding but demanding in time. I find that on average every month I am travelling well over 400 miles on Council business, attending eleven official meetings plus numerous other visits to investigate problems of all kinds which arise in my Divisional area which covers nine parishes. I am a member of the following Wiltshire Council committees: Eastern Area Planning, Wiltshire Pension Fund, Overview and Scrutiny, Management and Resources. I also represent your interests as a member of the Tidworth Community Area Board.


Wilts Cllr Howard then answered questions and the Chairman thanked him for his report and continuing support to the Parish.


4. Wiltshire Constabulary Report. PSgt M Freeman introduced himself and provided the following report: Over the last 12 months 9 crimes have been reported in Everleigh all of which have been thefts. The remainder of my report is drawn from the statistics for the Tidworth Community Area (TCA); the statistics for the TCA show that although crime has reduced by 12% we have maintained our detection rate of 31%. Moreover, dwelling burglaries have reduced by almost 30%. We are fully manned and my post will not be removed in the foreseeable future. Wellington Academy is to fund a part time PCSO to work with the staff and pupils, and the BLUES N ZUZ is still going strong. PS Freeman then asked for and answered questions. The Restorative Justice Programme is being rolled as part of the measures to help build confidence in your local police force.

Sgt Freeman then answered questions and the Chairman thanked PS M Freeman for his report and asked him to thank his colleagues for their dedication and support.


5. Questions. There being no other business the Chairman thanked all who attend and closed the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.35 pm.




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