Everleigh Parish Council – Meeting Minutes 10th May 2010



Minutes of the Annual meeting of the Parish Council held

at the Crown Hotel on Monday 10 May 2010

Chairman: Cllr J Bradford


Present: Cllr A Bradford, Cllr S Matton, Cllr D Bottomley, Cllr M Goldsmith, Cllr J Copp and Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.


In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Parish Clerk).


1. Election of officers:

1.1. Chairman: Cllr J Bradford resigned as both Chair and as a Councillor after which Cllr Matton was nominated as Chairman.

Proposed by Cllr A Bradford, seconded by Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.

Cllr Matton was duly elected as Chairman and signed the Acceptance of Office. Mrs J Bradford then left the meeting

1.2. Vice Chairman: Cllr Bottomley put himself forward for election.

Proposed by Cllr S Matton, seconded by Cllr Copp.

Cllr Bottomley was duly elected.


2. Apologies: None received


3. Allocation of Jobs.

3.1. Planning Chair: Cllr Bottomley to be Chair of the Planning Committee.

Proposed by Cllr Wheeler Mallows seconded by Cllr A Bradford

3.2. Property Chair: Cllr Goldsmith to be Chair of the Property Committee.

Proposed by Cllr S Matton seconded by Cllr Wheeler-Mallows.

3.3. Play Ground Committee: Cllr A Bradford to be Chair.

Proposed by Cllr S Matton seconded by Goldsmith

3.4. Committees/Roles:

3.4.1 Planning. Cllrs Copp and Wheeler-Mallows were appointed to the Planning Committee.

3.4.2 Property. Cllrs A Bradford and r Wheeler- Mallows were appointed to the Property Committee.

3.4.3 Playground. Cllrs S Matton, Wheeler-Mallows & Copp were appointed to the playground committee.


4. Disclosure of Interest. None declared.


5. General Public. None present


6. Wiltshire Constabulary. Already given at Annual Parish Meeting.


7. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 8th March 2010. The minutes of the Parish council Meeting held on 8th March 2010 signed by the Chairman as a true record.


8. Matters Arsing.

8.1 Cllr Wheeler-Mallows reported that he it would appear that the MOD has no objection in principle to the PC purchasing the parcel of land at the end of the Street. However, the purchase is subject to further discussion. Furthermore it was agreed that Cllr Wheeler- Mallows should investigate the purchase of the land on which the play area sits.

8.2 Cllr Bottomley reported that he is still awaiting a response from Wiltshire County regarding his reply to the Wiltshire Council Speed Limit Review. Grass Cutting Plan see item 11.1


9. Correspondence. None received


10. Planning. No allocations received.


11. Property. Cllr A Bradford reported the following:

    1. Grass Cutting.

      1. Having reviewed the arrangements the Members

RESOLVED that Mr J Bowen continue cutting the verges at £30 per cut.

    1. Play Area.

      1. Cllr A Bradford reported that there was some wear and tear that required remedial action and that he was waiting quotes from the installers. Cllr Goldsmith intimated that he might be able to carry out the repairs.

      2. Cllr A Bradford reported that a grant application was being prepared ready to meet the deadline for the July meeting of the TAB.

      3. The Parish Steward Scheme is working well and any work for him should be reported to Cllr A Bradford.

      4. Cllr Goldsmith volunteered to contact BT regarding the damage to the Telephone Box.

Action: Cllr Goldsmith

      1. Cllr A Bradford confirmed that he will arrange the installation of a CCTV to cover the area of the telephone box and the bus shelter.

Action: Cllr A Bradford

The Members thank Cllr A Bradford for his hard work in applying for and obtaining grant monies fr the play ground regeneration and his ime as the chair of the Property Committee.


12. Finance.


    1. The Clerk presented a bank reconciliation and current liquidity statement as follows:

      1. Balance at Lloyds TSB CA (statement date 31 Marr 10) £1928.65

      2. Balance at Lloyds TSB BIAA (statement date 10 Apr 09) £51.72

      3. Balance at Alliance and Leicester (statement date 31 Mar 10) £1941.27

      4. Combined Balance £3921.64

Members noted the statements but had no comment at this time.

Having received and considered the Internal Auditor’s Report Members accept the report.

    1. Having reviewed the effectiveness of the internal audit in line with the guidance set out in the “Practitioners’ Guide” and the subsequent report the Members considered the internal audit to be effective and RESOLVED to accept the report at Section 4 of the Annual Report.

    2. Having considered the Accounts to 31st March 2010 Members RESOLVED to approve the Accounts.

    3. Having reviewed the risk assessment the risk assessment and insurance levels for FY10/11 and agreed that they were appropriate Member RESOLVED that they were appropriate.

    4. Having considered the Statement of Assurance for year ended 31st March 2010 Members RESOLVED to approve the statement.

    5. Having considered appointing an Internal Auditor for FY 10/11 Members RESOLVED to appoint Mr D Beaton.

    6. Authorise cheques for payment and those cheques issued since last meeting or presented for payment.

      1. 328 – Community First (General Insurance) – £677.01

      2. 329 – WALC & NALC Subscription – £72.98

      3. 330 – Clerk’s salary £266.72.

      4. 327 – Landmark (Play Area Rent) – £35.00

      5. 331 – Community First (Fire Works Insurance) – £114.00

      6. 332 – Mr A Bradford ( Maint & Litter Pick) – £44.15

Members RESOLVED to authorise the cheques

    1. Payments Received

      1. Precept- £3100.00

Members noted receipt of the Precept

    1. Having considered the purchase of Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) road signs Members RESOLVED to purchase the signs at a cost not to exceed £100.00

    2. In light of Cllr J Bradford’s resignation Members confirmed the new list of signatories for the Lloyds and Alliance & Leicester accounts as Cllr D Bottomley, Cllr S Matton and Cllr J Coop. Cllrs Copp and Matton are now to take the matter forward as a matter of urgency.

Action: Cllrs Matton & Copp


  1. Flood Warden. Cllr M Goldsmith reported that he had completed the Flooding Questionnaire and which Cllr Bottomley will present to the TAB. Members noted the questionnaire.

Action: Cllr Bottomley.


  1. Village Events.

    1. Picnic/Barbeque. Cllr Matton reported that she had received good feedback and that the planning for the event was well in hand. It was agreed that those attending should bring their own food and it was RESOLVED that costs of the event were not to exceed £500.00.

Action: Cllr Matton

    1. Fire Works. Cllr Copp reported that planning was well in hand and Cllr Copp noted that the insurance had been arranged and agreed to contact Mr D Beaton regarding the ordering of the fireworks.

Action: Cllr Copp.


  1. Litter. The Clerk reported that he had made a request to Wiltshire Council to have the areas outside of the Parish Boundaries litter picked; in particular the verges on the road leading from the village towards the recycling centre.


  1. Councillor Vacancy. The resignation of Cllr J Bradford created a vacancy on the Council. The members directed the Clerk to inform Wiltshire Council with a view to filling the vacancy by election or if necessary by cooption.


  1. AOB.

    1. A request for a dog bin in the vicinity of the play area was deferred to the next meeting.

Action: Cllr M Goldsmith


  1. Date of Next Meeting: was confirmed as 7.00 pm on Monday 5th July 2010 at The Crown Hotel.


Signed: date:





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