Want faster internet access ?

Digital inclusion-  your comments and help is needed !

Wiltshire Council are investing over the next four years in digital inclusion and superfast broadband to support residents and businesses throughout Wiltshire.

As residents of Everleigh are more than aware, not all parts of Wiltshire (and even the village!) have the same access to broadband due to the rural location and because it is not economical for commercial providers to supply this service in the area.

Wiltshire Council knows how important high-quality broadband access is to local people and businesses and will invest £16m over the next four years in this important area. This investment along with government grants and additional investment from the telecoms industry should generate total funds of £30m

By 2015 Wiltshire Council are aiming to provide access to superfast broadband technology for at least 85 per cent of premises, which they hope may rise to 95 per cent.
Superfast Broadband Survey

The views of Wiltshire residents and businesses on broadband services are currently being sought through two surveys, one for residential and one for businesses.

Please take the time to look at the Wiltshire Council website and take the survey that is relevant to you – the only way to help change things is to do your part !

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